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Academy for New Energy (ANE)
A division of the International Association for New Science. [Had been disbanded March 1998.] [Sept. 1999.]

Accelerated Decay Energy Converter (ADEC)
Gerardo International, Inc. A system for making use of stimulated radioactive decay toward the direct extraction of electrical energy. ... ADEC does not change the mechanism of spontaneous radioactive decay, it changes the probability of which atoms will undergo decay and when the decay will occur. As atoms exhibit no statistical memory, the event of a neighboring atom's spontaneous decay in no way influence the likelihood or unlikelihood of decay of a selected atom. As the extraction of power from the nuclear material is accelerated, the material's natural emissive lifetime will be exhausted in direct relation.

Access Russia, Inc.
A major access to Russian information. Includes: Russian journals; Major Russian information suppliers; Russian Information; new Russian CD-ROM databases; Russian Politics and Social Sciences; Russian Agriculture; Russian Legislation and Law; Russian Science and Technology; Russian Industry; and more.

An electronic, refereed journal of research and education in negentropy, entropy and self-organizing phenomena. "Against the conception of science as a system of dogma". This "is in the form of a peer reviewed e-journal on thermodynamics, entropy, negentropy, self-organizing phenomena and related fields." "We have already published three papers in our current issue. In one of them it is proved that certain couplings of reversible Carnot's cycles lead to supra-Carnot efficiencies." [Aug. 2000.]

Advanced Propulsion Physics (by Berkant Goeksel, at the Berlin University of Tec
I am student at Berlin University of Technology. My research interests are aircraft/airship design, electro-aerodynamics, bio-electrodynamics, modern turbine engines and advanced propulsion physics, and new methods to boost combustion efficiency. These technologies could lead to new and alternative energy sources.

Aether Science: Home Page of Harold Aspden
Physics that denies the existence of the aether offers no insight into the energy source from which the universe was created. It offers no destiny for spent energy radiated into outer space. It offers no regeneration mechanism for recycling energy. It offers instead a mere illusion of something called 'four-space', which provides no guidance whatsoever as we confront our needs for energy in a pollution-free environment. The only way forward is by back-tracking to see where science has strayed and then finding the answers in the new physics of Aether Science.

Air Force Association
This page is owned and operated by the Air Force Association. Includes: About AFA, Air Force Magazine, AFA Library, Search the Site, Aerospace Education Foundation, Air Force Memorial Foundation, and Other Web Sites.

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.
Helping create a new energy future through education, political action and assistance. A non-profit organization dedicated to answering these vital questions and promoting solutions. Our focus is to help ensure a smooth transition from dependence on dangerous and polluting forms of energy to a more vital, healthier world. [Mar. 1999.]

Alternative Plans
The Home Of Information For: Constructors - Experimenters - Inventors - Handypeople. A Catalogue source to assist people to invent, experiment, construct and research many fields in the alternative sphere. It provides a 56 page A4 bound publication providing over 250 books, plans & information packs. [June 1999.]

American Nuclear Society
The official website of the American Nuclear Society, a professional international technical society. Contains considerable and very useful information on nuclear power, nuclear radiation, nuclear waste, nuclear reactor safety, and related topics. Highly recommended!

American Pure Fusion, Inc.
A Research and Development Company Offering Fullerene Fusion Fuel and Fullerene Fusion Engines. Their Mission is to demonstrate the unique potential of the Fullerene Molecule in providing a means for cheap, clean, and abundant fusion energy for the twenty-first century. Their approach to cold fusion is mathematical and therefore more elegant than the older materials based approach. Fullerene Fusion Technology is based on engineering that combines unique material structures so that when induced by the energy, of a highly specialized and localized incident pulse period sequence, transmute their atomic geometry through a vortexing medium in predictable ways and give up abundant fusion energy. Includes: How the Technology Works; Fullerene Fusion Engine Illustration; Investors and the Environment; Research and Development Budget; A Challenging Future, You Can Help; A Brief History and The Consortium of People; and Your Comments.

Antigravity News And Space Drive Technology
The new website of this new bimonthly newsletter. Contains a Table of Contents of all issues, and other relevant information. Also contains a List of Reports and Videos For Sale on the Antigravity Website. [Dec. 1998.]

Anti-sceptic Society
A great in-your-face website in Australia. Includes: Australian Broadcasting Commission takes a critical look at the Cincinnati Group LENT-1 transmutation device; Attempt to prepare alleged orbitally re-arranged monatomic element from metallic gold by method described in patent application of David Hudson; Simple reproducible cold fusion experiment?; Browns gas generator; and many interesting links. [July 1998.]

Atomic Gravity Field Structure: Nuclei And Particles Revealed (by L. F. Morgan)
www.angelfire.com/wi/HolisticScience/BIGUNITY.html, and
As a gravity field, the atom is very dynamic and, of course, life giving to all that is made of and thinks with atoms. The atom's chemistry in sharing orbiting electrons and its causal nucleus of particles have provoked a detailed theoretical model. Though the model is still recognized by experts such as Richard Feynman to be incomplete, it technically explains a huge amount of scientific knowledge accumulated about its dynamics as fundamental building block of visible matter. [Feb. 1999.]

Auto Invest, Ltd.
Fuel Saving and Pollution Reducing Devices and Information. Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 50%, and Emissions by over 90%! We develop our own and sells from other manufacturers a number of devices and an oil which when installed individually or combined together can save you a lot of money by reducing your fuel consumption, while radically reducing emissions and increasing the operating life of your engine. These can be installed by yourself, or through authorised agents.

Bearden, Thomas - Authored Files
The Files in this area are produced by T. E. Bearden. The Directories include: The Final Secret of Free Energy with Comment; Additional Info on the Secret of Free Energy; Mass as an electromagnetic effect Added July 2 1995; On a Testable Unification of EM, GR and QM 1991; Patent regarding final purpose of superconductivity Added July 2 1995; Practical Overunity Electrical Device; Progress Report on Poynting Current New! Added Feb 3 1996; and Redefinition_of_Energy_Ansatz; Old_and_PostScript_versions. Files include: Background for Pursuing Scalar Electromagnetics Feb 92; Bearden Gives Up On Phase Conjugation; Norings Foreword To Additional Info...; Progress Report on the Sweet Vacuum Triode, Jan 29 1992; Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap Vacuum Energy 1991. Interviews include: Interview with Tom Bearden appeared in a magazine called "Megabrain Report", dated 4-Feb-1991. Links inlcude: Link to VirtualTimes regarding The Master Principle of Overunity and the Japanese; Overunity Engines: A New Pearl Harbor?; and Link to three unique articles.

Bearden, Thomas - Virtual Times - Authored Files
The Virtual Times: Articles by Tom Bearden. Includes: Chasing the Wild Dragon; The Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines: A New Pearl Harbor ?; Update on the Takahashi Engine; Technical Background on Regauging a System to Provide Free Excess Energy. Tom Bearden is a Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired). President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc. MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. BS Mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University. Graduate of Command & General Staff College, U.S. Army. Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course, U.S. Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering). Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses. Tom is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology, mind/matter interaction, EM bioeffects, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychotronics, Tesla technology, and unified field theory concepts. He is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics, and has worked with several inventors involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes.

Bedini, John - Collection of Free Energy Machines
Welcome to John Bedini's home page on energy and other items. Right now he is gathering all of his materials together on free energy machines. So please come back soon. IF YOU CHOOSE TO BUILD THESE ITEMS YOU BUILD THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Includes: Foreward page of my book "BEDINI'S FREE ENERGY GENERATOR"; Foreward page of the book by "Eike Mueller" on the "Kromrey Converter and Tesla Switch"; Motor diagrams and lab notes; The Tesla Switch; The First Permanent Magnetic Motor (1269 A.D.); Ideas and Motors; and List of other links.

Beyond the Cutting Edge
Free Energy and Propulsion: providing links to Research, Development and Information pertaining to free energy, propulsion, and high technology in general. Inlcludes: Free Energy Links, Propulsion Links, High Technology Links, and the Hutchison Effect At John Hutchison's Web Page.

Big U Roundabout Coils - Robbie Rowntree
Experimental Research; Self Powered; Magnetic Motor; Electric Gen; Anti Gravity Drive: THE GIFT I understand the true nature of magnetism gravity and electrons its MOMENTUM and the exchange of MOMENTUM , the force everything possess ,you around the earth , earth around the sun the sun around the galaxy the galaxies around the cosmos nothing which exists in this dimension lacks this force . This layout is I believe the only possible way so you will understand from were it comes.

BlackLight Power, Inc.
"BlackLight Power, Inc. believes it has developed a new method (the BlackLight Process) for generating thermal energy for heating and electrical power generation, and a vast class of new compositions of matter. BLP's electrolytic cells have produced 30-1000% excess power or greater for extended periods of time; some have been in operation for more than 1 year. The prototype cells created by BLP produce thermal energy immediately, continuously and consistently. Hydrogen atoms react with a catalyst to release significant amounts of energy (between chemical and nuclear), to form a lower-energy hydrogen product that is very valuable and non-polluting. High-power-density, high-temperature, hydrogen gas cells produce heat of orders of magnitude greater than that of the combustion of hydrogen and at temperatures (1200 °F to 2200 °F) and power densities equal to those of many electric power plants (approximately). [Mar. 1999.]

Blue Energy Canada Ltd.: The Blue Energy Company
Davis Turbine Tidal Power Technology. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Peace Dividend promised the world? One "Peace Dividend" was actually built and tested in the 1980's, but its public debut and the enormous benefits to humanity have been thwarted by a utility monopoly caught in a conflict of interest. Blue Energy can return power to the people. Support Tidal Power Development Now!

Borderland Science Research Foundation
The Borderland Science WWW Site! Catalog, Ordering Information; Current Journal Information; The Borderlands Archives; The Museum; Other Interesting Web Sites/Archives. FTP Site: northcoast.com/pub/bsrf.

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Their new website address.

Borderlands of Science (in German)
Andreas Hecht lives in Coswig, near Dresden, in Germany. He is interested in (anti-) gravity and F/E technologies and devices. He also maintain a few webpages containing information on some devices, his own projects and related subjects (links, organisations etc.). The pages are still under construction and available only in the German language at this time.

Boron-11 Energy Conversion Device (BBC News 11/23/97)
A new type of nuclear fusion reactor holds out the possibility of unlimited, cheap, clean energy that does not involve the production of hazardous radioactive waste or the burning of fossil fuels. "The ingredients are hydrogen and boron,a particular isotope of boron called boron 11. Fusion new nuclei, releasing energy in the process.

Boundaries of Science Web Ring Home Page
For web sites that have content that explores the boundaries of science. This means that the scientific method is believed in and practiced but that the applications are more imaginative than just what we were taught in school. We won't have a fit if you mention Cold Fusion or Aether or Faster than Light or New Theories, but we do expect well thought out ideas and that you should back your claims with scientifically testable predictions or actual test results. Various websites are listed with active links! See their descriptive link at the bottom of the INE Main Page.

Breaking the Law of Gravity [Eugene Podkletnov]
Wired Magazine, Issue 6.03 - March 1998: In 1996, Russian émigré scientist Eugene Podkletnov was about to publish a peer-reviewed article in the respected British Journal of Physics-D - proving, he claimed, that gravity could be negated. Then a London newspaper publicized his conclusions, and the skeptics had a field day. Podkletnov withdrew the article. His university evicted him. He retreated from the public eye. Now, as Charles Platt discovers, Eugene Podkletnov is back and unrepentant. [See also: www.wired.com/wired/archive/6.03/antigravity_pr.html]

Brown, T. Townsend, Home Page, Dedicated To
This site is dedicated to Thomas Townsend Brown, an American physicist whose work was greatly under-acknowledged by the general scientific community. Townsend Brown was a leader in developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. Townsend Brown advanced from theory to application in the development of apparatus which he believed created temporary, localized gravitational anomalies (i.e. gravitational fields). The intent of this site is to provide a qualified clearing house for articles, pictures, patent proposals, and similar items, concerning Townsend Brown, which have traditionally not been made readily available to the general public. It is not meant to include all of Townsend Brown's work, but rather a representative cross-section of his life's work. Our store has many items for purchase including the Project Winterhaven and Xerxes documents as well as invention specifications which, until now, have not been available to the general public. Please check out our Questions & Answers section.

Brown, Yull: The Home Page of Prof. Yull Brown
Contains lots of interesting articles on the topic of Brown's Gas. Includes: Welcome & Contents page; Experiment & Pictures as observed; Introduction to Brown's Gas; Words from Prof. Yull Brown; The Big Debate - Should we tell?; The Cheap Nuclear Bomb; Support Material 1 - Other Experiments; Things to Check with Brown's Gas Interesting Questions Raised;...; Advanced Transmutation - 1; Building Industries and Careers out of Brown's Gas - 1 brown28.htm 7/17/96 Flame of the Brown's Gas;...; Energy and Group Wealth Creation; Other Related Sites and many other files.

Carroll, Sean: Homepage: Theories on Gravity
Sean Carroll's Homepage. My research interests include cosmology, gravitation and field theory. For details you can look at some papers. Among his current projects is one on the collapse of cosmological textures, being done in collaboration with Andrew Sornborger and Ted Pyne. We have produced some plots of energy densities and quadrupole moments, as well as some pretty flashy movies. I've also been working on using triangles to quantize 2-dimensional Euclidean gravity, with Miguel Ortiz and Wati Taylor. The first three papers are now in the public domain: Paper One deals with some general formalism, while Paper Two applies it all to the Ising model coupled to gravity (or the "c=1/2 string", as we cognoscenti say). The recent and exciting Paper Three considers the Ising model with a boundary magnetic field, and computes the magnetization on the boundary and in the bulk. A paper with Ted Pyne on gravitational perturbations of the microwave background is now finished. He is at the Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT.

Cayce, Edgar, on the No Fuel Motor!, by Mike White
READING 4665-1: 2. EC: Yes, we have the body and enquiring mind of [4666], also the associations and those conditions surrounding the perfection of motor which will develop power in its own action. As has been given, the idea and the plans as have been worked out in part along those lines that pull more of the power as produced in compression in drum, with the leads made in these forms that gather vibrations from the air as is forced through drum, are, as we find, the better application of the created energy. In the cams [as] have been used too much slack or play is allowed in their rotation. This is in the drum's head action that these must be shortened in play. ... 6. (Q) Would it operate perpetually if perfected? (A) Not perpetually, but once started could be kept in motion by created energy of its own source. Other has to have some source of impellation.

Cayce, Edgar, on the No Fuel Motor2, by Mike White
READING 195-54 M 45: 1. GC: You will have before you the body and enquiring mind of [195], present in this room. You will have the statement of law of relativity, also the explanation of the theory and its application as applied to [4666] Motor; also a copy of reading given by Edgar Cayce concerning [4666] Motor, [given September 24, 1928, 4665-13], all of which entity holds in his hand. You will answer the questions I will ask relative to law of relativity of force, its application, the interpretation of reading 4665-13 and the application of law on [4666] Motor.

Cayce, Edgar, Readings Index, by Mike White
Mystical Stepping Stones and Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce. Includes: Books, Enlightenment, Astrology, Millennium; Egypt, Atlantis, Mysteries, Pole-Shift, Magick; Cures, UFO, Occult, Sphinx, Prehistory, OBE; Prophecy, Aliens, Psychics, Axis, Great Pyramid; Wisdom, Mystics, Earth Changes, Elementals; and Cancer, Maya, Lemuria, Records, Initiation.

Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry
Department of Physics, Penn State University. This is a hypertext-based information browsing system. With it you can access most information freely available over the internet. It is a very important tool for research. Be careful, it's addictive. Below you will find a series of items of common use among gravity-type people. Click once on the underlined item you are interested in to get more information. If something takes horribly long click on the rotating earth symbol to abort.

CETI: Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETI) is a Dallas-based company (now in Sarasota, FL) that was formed in 1995 to further the research process related to the discovery of an new source of hydrogen energy. The company's patented technology uses ordinary water as fuel, highly specialized metal coated microspheres, and an electrolytic cell, called the Patterson Power Cell ®, which has demonstrated the ability to produce commercially viable levels of heat with complete reliability. The company has named the excess heat producing phenomenon the "CETI Reaction," until a more complete scientific understanding exists. Preliminary research reveals that the company's power generation device is environmentally safe, producing no harmful by-products. The flow system has been under development for more than five years, and incorporates advanced polymer chemistry and thin-film electro-plating methods. CETI currently has several U.S. patents that cover the entire technology. In addition, CETI has the rights to other related technologies in the field. All of the company's research is privately funded. Also see the technical paper by Dennis Ravens of CETI, dated May 1, 1995, that states how this cell is really a "cold fusion" cell device.

Clean Energy Technologies - Press Release Page: Patterson Power Cell™ Research
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETI) proudly announces the launch of the Patterson Power Cell™ Research Kit code-named RIFEX™ (Reaction In a Film Excited compleX). For the first time, researchers in this emerging field will have the opportunity to examine and conduct research on CETI’s Patterson Power Cell™ which has received several U.S. Patents and has been acclaimed as the first device to reliably demonstrate chemically assisted nuclear reactions. CETI believes this device will provide new direction in the area of nuclear physics, yielding new reaction pathways that will open the door to a technological revolution as never before imagined.

Challenge, The, from Zenergy
$100,000 for the "Demonstration of a Free Energy Machine". "Here is our open offer to any individual or company that can demonstrate a working free-energy machine. Therefore, we offer to pay any individual or corporation $100,000 who can demonstrate a working machine as per the terms [on this web site page]. We also offer a commission of $5,000 to anyone who can convince the individual or corporation into taking this challenge." The "Terms of the Zenergy Machine Challenge" are included.

Cincinnati Group: Combining Revelation and Science
In a stunning upset of the fundamental dogmas of high-energy nuclear physics, a small group of inspired inventors acting in the tradition of the Wright Brothers of nearby Dayton OH, has achieved reliable, multiply-confirmed, replicable-upon-demand, low-energy, bulk-process, high-speed, dirt-cheap, modern alchemy. For example, in less than an hour, one-tenth gram of radioactive thorium has been transmuted into nine-hundredths gram of titanium plus one-hundredth gram of copper. After two years of partial public disclosures, these latter-day Prometheans have finally achieved multiple third-party confirmations by numerous established measurement techniques and cross-checking procedures to rule out irrefutably all possibility of contamination or other experimental error, and are now calling for the public to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the Department of Energy (DOE), to pay attention to their unprecedented technological breakthrough, which seems providentially to have arrived at the height of national concern over the expensive and dangerous problem posed by disposal of massive stockpiles of radioactive wastes produced both by the Department of Defense (DOD) atomic-weapons program and by the nation’s many civilian nuclear power-generating plants.

Clean Alternative Power (by Paul Sully, Inventor)
His invention is a "Power Generation Enhancing Device (perpetual motion)". The site includes links to: "Home; Make The Choice; How Does It Work?; Pictures & Movies; & Contacting Us." "It is to be understood that while a certain form of my invention is illustrated, it is not to be limited to the specific form or arrangement of parts herein described and shown." [Jan. 1999.]

Clustron Sciences Corporation
Clustron is the creator of the Nucleon Cluster Model of the atomic nucleus, which provides a new understanding of nuclear structure, nuclear phenomena, and the general nature of matter. Contains a directory of information about Clustron Sciences Corporation, its goals, history, founders and directors, and activities. Information for investors is also provided. Includes specific information about the Nucleon Cluster Model, including its scientific implications and practical applications, on the linked Nucleon Cluster Model Home Page. Also includes: Corporate Overview; Who's Who; Investment Publications; and the NCM Home Page. Based on this work, a new table entitled "Atomic and Nuclear Periodic Table of Elements and Isotopes" has been developed. An updated (as of 3-01-96) version of this table, which includes newly-discovered elements up to Z=112, is now available, completely color-coded, and measures 11 by 17 inches.

Cold Fusion And Zero Point Energy Transcripts
June 23, 1996, transcripts from 21st Century Radio's Hieronimus & Co., COLD FUSION AND ZERO POINT ENERGY, Radio Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, with Featured Guests: Dr. Eugene Mallove, Professor John O'M. Bockris, and Dr. Hal Puthoff. Transcribed by Jed Rothwell (Thanks Jed!!!).

Cold Fusion Electrical Generation
The emerging new industry is now cold fusion electrical generation. Cheap and space saving electricity anywhere you need it or for conversion from combustion engines to fossils free cold fusion. Pricing from $5,000 to $25,000 or more depending on extremely safe cold fusion fossils free energy need. Fossile Free Fusion.

Cold Fusion Is Real, What If ? - Wired Magazine Article, Nov. 1998
"It is one of the very best general media accounts of cold fusion to date. Charles Platt is to be congratulated for his excellent treatment." - Eugene Mallove, Editor, Infinite Energy Magazine. [Mar. 1999.]

Cold Fusion Technology Homepage
News and articles from the frontier of new energy technology! Cold fusion is alive and well in respected laboratories across the world. See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold. Includes the Table of Contents for Cold Fusion Technology magazine for several issues! A good reference site for Dr. Eugene Mallove and Cold Fusion Technology Magazine!

Cold Fusion Technology Extract
Reference/News material from the *precursor* of the new Cold Fusion/New Energy Technology Magazine that will appear in April 1995. Includes cold fusion web site links and lots of additional detailed information. Editor: Eugene F. Mallove, Sc.D. Contributing Editors: Lawrence P.G. Forsley, Jed Rothwell, and Christopher Tinsley, Copyright 1995.

Cold Fusion Times
The journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials. Published Quarterly © 1995 - 1996 JET Technology. News and Developments from the world! Includes subjects of interest: Survey of scientific information [material science, physics]; Information for skeptics who were told that "Cold Fusion Does Not Exist"; Reference Information [papers, conference proceedings, books]; Search back-issues of the Cold Fusion Times by keyword table; Web pointers (WWW, URLs) and Search Engines; Time Line [history of the field including covers of Cold Fusion Times]; Virtual Reality Time Line [for browsers capable of VRML 1.0]; Access to the Cold Fusion Times' Delphi I survey; and Subscription Info.

Conference on the Fundamental Structure and Mechanisms of the Universe
Organised by The Alexandria Foundation. To be held in the Gold Rush Country, two hours outside of San Francisco in the Sierra Mountain Foothills, 30 May to 1st June 1997 (3 days). Subject: To investigate the fundamental mechanisms of physics and cosmology in a way that clarifies rather than mystifies. The conference will be a search for a common structure that will that will clearly explain the behaviour of electromagnetism and matter, forces, space, time, entropy, at a fundamental level, and remove the wave particle duality and should allow physics to move forward again.

Congressional Power Search
This page is designed to help you search the Contacting the Congress database for members of Congress. This is the same database used to maintain the site and it is updated instantaneously with the site. You can do searches combining state, political party, and/or name. (e.g. - To get a list of all democrats in Arizona, select Arizona from the list of stats, Democrat as the politcal party, then hit the search button).

Eric's Skeptic Page (by Eric Krieg)
"I'm so skeptical, I can hardly believe it! My biggest pursuit is truth. My biggest hobby is skepticism. The world's biggest problem is ignorance. I supply these pages to encourage others to sharpen their reasoning skills: including: Free Energy Claims, Wilhelm Reichs Orgonomy Claims, I offer a $5000 prize + expenses and finders fee for proof of free energy! and Free Energy FAQ, and lots more. [Apr. 1998.]

Dactyl Energy
Energy is Created by the Fractalization (breaking apart) of Space, this is done by the creation of Differential Magnetic Vortices. The Vortex creates a speeding up of Time (4 dim.) The speeding up of Time creates Free Energy (Tornado Effect). Kristjan R. de Vree, Ph.D. (h.c.i.p.) (The Fractal Mobius Theory). This pollution free motor (discussed) has applications everywhere. Traction, Transportation, Energy Generation, Airplanes, Households, Spacecraft, etc...

Dark Matter Missing Planets & New Comets (Book by Tom Van Flandern)
The book deals primarily with observational puzzles and anomalies that don't fit conventional models, many viable alternative models are described. This book is written for the science-interested layman almost entirely without math. The author is a senior professional astronomer with a doctorate from Yale University. Additional topics treated include: the possibility of faster-than-light travel in forward time; the speed of propagation of gravity; about gravitational shielding; the cause and nature of gravitation -- a complete model; new classical descriptions of quantum physics; a discussion of terrestrial and non-terrestrial pyramids; and an exposition of Scientific Method: how to tell good models from bad.

Don Smith Device, The: Free Energy at Last (ZPFilms)
"In 1996, Dr. Don Smith, with degrees in Chemistry and Physics, revealed one of the most important discoveries this century: a working prototype "Free Energy Device". This amazing frequency coil, harness’s the natural harmonic waves that are everywhere in the universe. Nikola Tesla was rumored to have done this as well as several others, Dr.Smith is willing to show you how he researched through hundreds of historical patents and re-discovered their mis-understood technology. See how the Earth resonates measurable Gamma frequencies that may be used to power the Globe, and if you have some engineering skill, you can even build one for yourself. Dr. Smith is giving the technology away...order this video and help get the word out!" [Jan. 1999.]

Earth Resonance
This site is dedicated to the honoring, exploring and understanding of Earth and its energetic connections to its life-forms and the whole cosmos. Includes links to: Interstellar Communications, Infinite Mind, Bidirectional Near-field Longitudinal Gravity Waves, Bioenergetics, Consciousness Techniques, Earth Resonance, Wave Theory of Gravity. [Mar. 1999.]

Ecklin (John) Stationary Armature "Free Energy Generator"
John Ecklin's SAG 6. Using a slightly different configuration of his patent #3,879,622, he's made both the magnets and the coil stationary. That being the case, you don't have the problem of using up most of your input power moving heavy masses of coils or magnets. What we have here then is what should have been invented to begin with - a method of changing the magnetic field of oppositely polarized magnets 1 and 3 in a simplified way, just by the use of diverters 27 and 29 to alternately reverse the magnetic field thru coil 6. Schematics are also provided. [Aug. 1999.]

Electrifying Times
The International Magazine of Electric Vehicles (EV's) Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV's), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV's), Battery and Advanced Battery Technology, Alternate Fuel Vehicles, Electric Car Races, Rallys, and Expositions. Includes a huge number of interesting links and files! [Mar. 1999.]

ElectroGravitation As A Unified Field Theory (A Free Book)
A free book by Jerry Bayles. Provides In-Depth Mathematical Proofs. Also, an UFO is back-engineered. Includes the summary: "Electrogravitational Action Explained". Also includes: 'Magic Numbers`, Saucer Sounds & Field Action, Adobe PDF Format Book Files, and UFO Info Links.

Electrostatics Society of America (ESA)
A nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of an improved understanding of the many phenomena related to electrostatics. The ESA provides a central forum for discussions between individuals interested in this diverse area of scientific study. The ESA offers meetings, newsletters, written conference proceedings, field trips, and this ESA Home Page as part of its endeavor to advance communications in the field of electrostatics.

Physics and speculative physics. Devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially the possible explanation of gravity/inertia by EM. Contributions to www.ibg.uu.se/pub/incoming via anonymous ftp. Includes a list of accessible documents, usually in ASCII.

EMF's: Electro-Magnetic Fields Health and Safety Page
Most homes and offices have hot spots with strong artificial electro-magnetic fields, where chronic exposure may cause mental or physical problems. Even the EPA names these fields as suspected carcinogens. The Tri-Field meter by Alphalab Inc. has three separate sensors for magnetic fields, electric fields and radio/microwaves. It can help you detect defective equipment, determine safer distances for operating equipment and test better shields around your equipment. Includes references: THE EMF BOOK ("What you should know about electromagnetic fields, by Mark A. Pinksy; "Leak links power lines to cancer" New Scientist - Edward, Rob - October 7, 1995, p. 4.; and "New warnings on EMF/cancer link" Spectrum - Jan-Feb, 1996 - No. 46, p. 12. Also includes links to other related websites.

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc
"A materials-based high technology company located in Troy, Michigan. ECD has pioneered the development and commercialization of product applications and advanced manufacturing processes primarily in the fields of Energy and Information." Includes information on their "Ovonic NiMH Batteries". See their "What's New" page. [Jan. 1999.]

Energy, Entropy Page, by A. Trupp
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Josef Loschmidt's death: Is Loschmidt's greatest discovery still waiting for its discovery? In 1868 J.C. Maxwell proved that a perpetual motion machine of the second kind would become possible, if the equilibrium temperature in a vertical column of gas subject to gravity were a function of height. However, Maxwell had claimed that the temperature had to be the same at all points of the column. So did Boltzmann. Their opponent was Loschmidt: who claimed that the equilibrium temperature declined with height, and that a perpetual motion machine of the second kind operating by means of such column was compatible with the second law of thermodynamics (and hence with the entropy theorem). Thus he was convinced he had detected a never ending source of usable energy for mankind.

Electrostatic Pendulum Experiment Which Pumps Energy From The Ether - By Cornill
An excellant review of the T. T. Brown Effect: "The violation of Newton's third principle implies consequences that can be tested experimentally, namely a charged capacitor at rest in the Earth reference frame can set itself in motion and accelerate its center of mass without external help." Includes lots of math, equations, and a review his experimental work and positive results, as well of those of Stan Deyo's and Michel Rambaut's experiments, and a review of the Trouton-Noble experiment.

ESCRIBE: The Mailing List Archive (For Science/Keely)
Lists a whole bunch of emails ands websites pertaining to the devices of John Keely, free energy devices, and related topics. [July 1998.]

Evert Fluid Tech: Tornado-Energy (Prof. Alfred Evert, Germany
An English page on Tornado Energy, including references to Viktor Schauberger, vortex energy, and implosion mechanics. Contains sections on: Problems, Inventions, Books, Details, News, and Links. [Apr. 1998.]

Exotic Research Online - Home of 21st Century (Steve Elswick)
This quarterly magazine is loaded with 21st Century technology, advanced energy concepts, alternative medicine, and health supplements. Check out this area for listings of articles in backissues of the Report, as well as articles from past issues. [Feb. 1998.]

Explore Publications (and Explore Magazine)
Devoted to putting in front of the discriminating public, quality reliable information from the cutting edge of Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics. Explore Magazine is published for the Medical Profession, Scientists, and other serious researchers who are interested in these areas. This site gives a glimpse into the magazine's contents on an ongoing basis. Topics include:; Darkfield; Microscopy; Overunity; Pleomorphism; Catastrophism; Biology; Enderlein Biology; Harmonic Healing; Past Issues; Current Issue; Sample Articles; Health Flash; and more information on Subscriptions.

Explore Publications Site; Unofficial Mirror
Contains: A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Noninvasive, Nonpharmaceutical, In Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects (Revision September 26, 1995); Experimental In Vivo Blood Virus, Microbe, Fungi, and Parasite Elimination Device (text and electronic schematic) (March 1995); Expanded Instructions for Experimental / Theoretical HIV Blood Neutralization, Hypothetical Protocols for Experimental Sessions (Revision Dec. 18, 1995); Suggestions for Acquiring and Using an Inductively Coupled Magnetic Pulse Generator for Theoretical Lymph and Tissue HIV Neutralization (Revision December 18, 1995); GRAY'S ANATOMY - Link: Map of Blood Vessels in Extremities for Optimum Electrode Access; Locations of Principle Lymph Sites - Link; and Related Sites - Links.

FarStar Home Page (3-D Pictures)
Includes a "theoretical fundamental basis for the occurrence of new energy sources not directly related to the control of thermodynamic forces", under the topic of "Perfect Eclipses - Energy Forms Without Inertia"; and includes a collection of astronomical 3-D images in stereo pairs. including: Mars Civilization in 3-D, Relics on the Moon, Mars Civilization, Andromeda Galaxy, Virtual Stereo, Cosmic Galleria, Vortexing Galaxy, Jupiter Red Spot, Demonstrations, Spiral Galaxies, and additional pictures and scientific information.

Finsrud's PMM (Perpetual Motion Machine)
This is a very short summary on the PMM of Mr. Reidar Finsrud in Skaarer, Norway. Mr. Finsrud is a painter and makes sculptures, an artist. He started the design of his PMM, or as he says, his 'moving sculpture' or 'sculpture' twelve (12) years ago...The whole machine is placed inside a glass mount, to prevent visitors who view the machine in the gallery from touching it. All the parts and the internal workings of the device are clearly visible in a video made by the Norwegian channel 2 (TV 2). This is well below Dr. Hal Puthoffs' '1 Watt Challenge'. BUT, the total ENERGY that the device has already produced is Etot = P * t , taking t = 1 month, Etot = 0.16 * 2 592 000 s = 414 720 Joules. This is a VERY large amount of energy. There will be more info available in the near future. We will try to get the exact design description from the inventor. I have a rather poor VHS copy of the program as it was broadcast on Nowegian TV Channel 2. With a little help I could convert it to the American video standard. From : KeelyNet BBS DataLine : (214) 324-3501.

Finsrud (Another Page) (In Stefan Hartmann's Overunity Page)
A collection of information on the Finsrud "sculpture" in Norway, that includes five (5) pictures and two (2) news articles. Also contains summary information from the Keelynet Finsrud web site (above).

First American Scientific Corporation
The exclusive licensee of Kinetic Disintegration Technology (KDT), a revolutionary technology that employs standing sound waves and kinetic energy to render a wide variety of industrial and recyclable material into powders as fine as - 400 mesh. (A grain of sand is approximately 80 mesh). First American has developed and deployed this technology in the Kinetic Disintegrating System (KDS), a compact, low maintenance, and cost effective machine that is used to process bio-sludge from municipal waste treatment facilities, drywall and fiberglass insulation from construction and renovation sites, rubber from waste tires, and agricultural soil amendments. Development of these and other applications are ongoing and new systems are coming on stream rapidly in environmental solution technologies and other new technologies.

Freedom & Technology Forum (Never Pay an Energy Bill Again!!!)
Bringing revolutionary technologies directly to you, eliminating the "suppression freeze". Discover our offer of FREE ELECTRICITY. The following are AVAILABLE NOW: Enviro Cold, Sonic bloom, Power Controller, Fun Scientific Toys that demonstrate remarkable physics principles, and more. [Sept. 1999.]

Free-Energy Discussion Listserver
Created and maintained by Bill Beaty. Incluses: Freenrg-L page, How to subscribe, This month's archive (700K), WEIRD SCIENCE, main website here, SCIENCE HOBBYIST. [July 1998.]

Free Energy Email List, by Eric Krieg
You have requested a subscription to the list free_energy. The description of this list is: This is an update list on the topic of Free Energy. It is skeptical in orientation and covers stuff like: over unity, Tesla engines, Dennis Lee, Joe Newman, zero point energy, mono poles, conspiracy theory and even 100 mpg carburetors. This will be a low frequency email list - for any proposed submissions, send to eric@phact.org.

Free Energy Magnetic Motor Page, Jim's
Includes a lot of information on the ADAMS MOTOR. "This is a test model of the Adam's motor. It is a simple design using only north poles on a motor and precise timing. Adams found that pulsing the coil with one polarity generates power and the coil does not heat up as conventional motors do. Adams also stated that the motor would double in speed and use 1/2 the current when the timing was adjusted properly. The motor to the left is being used to test these statements.

Free Energy Page
This is a collection of documents, JPEG pictures, and MPEG movies about "free energy" or "over unity" machines, as discussed in the USENET group alt.sci.physics.new-theories, as assembled by William J. Eaton. Some "Free Energy" Devices included are: the Hyde machine, the Meyer water fuel cell, the Newman machine, the Searl Effect generator the VTA, the Testatika machine, the MRA device from the KEELYNET BBS, and High mileage Carburetors. Inlcudes FTP sites and WWW sites and documents with active links. [Moved here: July 1998.]

Free Energy Revolution!
The Free Energy Revolution is here to stay! "Free Energy"or also called: Over-unity energy. They are "Free Energy Devices" that have been invented that are free from the monthly gasoline bills, and electric bills. They are pollution free! Includes: "Free Energy Devices"; The Nu World of Energy; Cold fusion; Hydrogen Carburetors; Cheap Clean Burning Gas; Superconductivity; Hi-tech Hydrogen-Oxygen generator; Magnetic motors; "Magnatron Engine"; The Wankel Motor; Zero Point Energy; Magnetic Motors; Anti gravity device; and more.

Welcome to the world of Forteanism! If you don't know about Charles Fort or Forteanism, read the FAQ! If you're looking for Internet resources dealing with Forteanism, read on. Includes a Free Energy Sourceguide, UFO References from the Library of Congress, UFO resources in cyberspace, Fortean Organizations, and more.

Fusion Energy Theory that Uses a Catalyst (NEW)
In 1984 a microbiologist saw a vision in which the simple technique of how fusion works was revealed (by the Holy Spirit). This came in answer to 20 years of prayer. This page documents that research and the results. The goal is to replace all polluting energy production plants with these "cold fusion" devices.

Fusion Power Report
Be prepared to meet the challenges you face head-on with Fusion Power Report - every month. You'll stay on top of the problems and solutions in fusion research and development as they are shared around the world. Get first-hand news about budget issues from the U.S. Department of Energy, theoretical and technological advances, spinoff technologies, and contract opportunities.

Future Science (FS), by James Hartman
Future Science - Prime focus deals with Basic Electric, or EM propulsion systems. With some more advanced concepts like accustic levitation to speculative electrogravitation. How they might find common ground in future aerospace technology. Minors I include range from New Energy to Over-looked Sciences in many fields. For the most part the data has been collected via Independent Research and Testing with little funding. I now look forward to expanding this research through this web site. [Apr. 1998.]

Futurescience Website
Free Energy: International Home Of Future Technology Development; And Theory Center: International Home Of Future Thinking Development. [Mar. 1999.]

Futuristics: Research & Education
Information on: The Planetary Grid; EarthStar globe; Western North America; Eastern North America; Other power points maps; Geophysics, Gravity and Magnetism; Relation to Calendars, including Mayan; Bio-regional mapping and more...

Gann Patterns, by Granville Cooley (Discoverer of Gann's Magic Square)
After spending years of running numbers through my calculator I have discovered a number of PATTERNS which answer many of the questions in the Gann material. Some of you may know me from my work "Exploring the Numbers of Gann" which I put out on "shareware disks." I have written 10 books which now carry the series title "The PATTERNS of Gann." I am putting out my books on computer disks: "The Cycle of Mars", "The Great Cycle", "The Book With No Name", "On the Square", "The Cycle of Venus", "The Triangular Numbers", "The Cycle of Mercury", "The Single Digit Numbering System", "Gann and Fibonacci", and "The Cubes and the Hexagon". Special offers are also listed.

George, Russ: Home Page on Cold Fusion Topics (E-Quest Sciences)
"I am very attracted to a new class of aneutronic nuclear processes that generate energy without dangerous penetrating radiation and wastes. Yes, such processes do exist. These new nuclear processes will begin to provide cheap and abundant energy for all mankind, rich and poor, before the end of the century. The fuel for this process is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe." Includes very interesting papers, and good links to EPRI/SRI and other "cold-fusion" topics.

German Association for Vacuum Field Energy (In German)
Deutsche Vereinigung für Schwerkraft-Feld-Energie e.V. Aus § 2 der Satzung: "Zweck des Vereins ist die Erforschung von Schwerkraft-Feld-Energie und deren Wandlung in nutzbare Elektroenergie." Dieses Ziel ist erweitert worden um die Suche nach Verfahren zur Konversion der Vakuum-Feld-Energie, die als die Grundlage aller anderen Energien erachtet wird. Contact in English: Wolfram Bahmann at wbahmann@gptec.com. [Aug. 1998.]

GIT Theory Exploration - by David E. Cowlishaw
The GIT works because matter "has" inertia. Conservation laws currently state that linear and angular momentum are conservative and, as such, are forever separate, and NOT able to be exchanged, one for the other. The current motion physics theory is wrong! The GIT conserves linear momentum in the centrifugal and tangential motions, and conserves angular momentum in the spin accelerations that also exchanges, or pairs off with the tangential forces (a larger radius reversing direction pair of half circle thrusts), so the GIT violates none of the known Newtonian laws. We just use motion geometry, and the partially linear, partially angular tangential forces to translate angular accelerations to linear ones!

Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET)
"Technology to save the EARTH". The GEET Fuel Processor. Includes: The Incredible GEET Device; Plasma Technology; From Theory to Production; Fighting for Acceptance; Reaching Out to the World; Paradigm Shift; Demonstration Schedule; More Articles; GEET Links; GEET Products; and more!

Glo-Regulator Proof Of Discovery (by Nu Energy Horizons, Inc)
"... My goal was to get continuous oscillations of the same type using HV to produce the arc. ... A very small area cathode and large area anode is the correct embodiment. This will suppress any arc discharge for a given voltage but allow ions to flow. The cathode will glow a beautiful blue color and the device will hiss smoothly but not crackle. I will refer to this device as the glow regulator. ... When in operation, there is not an electronic receiver in the house that does not go crazy at all frequencies. ... I think over-unity and self-sustaining will come with "R" material introduction and/or an electrostatic supply, given I can take the design to the maximum efficiency." [Nov. 23, 1998.]

Govardhan Hill Publishing: New Paradigms in Science
Govardhan Hill, Inc. (GHI) is a nonprofit educational institution which produces books and videos giving some insight into fundamental questions about human life. How has the universe come into being? How has human life originated? What is the nature of consciousness? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? These are some of the questions we discuss in light of modern scientific evidence and the ancient wisdom of India. Includes: What's New, Books, Videos, Feature, Links, Text-Only Catalog, and About...

Grand Unification (by John T. Nordberg)
This site pesents a new Grand Unification Theory for Physics that defines time to be equal to what is now called the speed of light, and describes elementary particles as balls of light. Includes: Time is the key!; The Picture Puzzle Analogy; A note to the professional scientists; The Goals of this Web Site; Highlights of information; and What problems does the Ball-of-Light Particle Model have? [Jan. 1999.]

Gravity is a PUSH!
Net Kinetic Energy Differential Guidance and Propulsion System for Satellites And Space Vehicles. United States Patent Number 5,377,936 (1995). Apparatus and methods of Gravity Guidance and Propulsion of Geosynchronous Satellites, other satellites and space vehicles using net kinetic energy PUSH of Gravity of the electromagnetic spectrum particles which continually irradiate the earth from space, based on the Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole (OCTM) Theory of Matter.

Gravity Production (by Peter Fred, Fredcraft Research)
Producing Gravity by making heat flow through a hollow aluminum hemisphere: "Ordered Freedom" heat-related gravity theory. It is based on the premise that the total amount of heat leaving a spherical body plays a more causal role than its mass in producing the gravitational force found in that body. A fundamental equation of the theory is given along with lots of other information. [Aug. 1999.]

Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster
Finally a device that works! Details the discovery, testing, theory, and current status of this device that can be duplicated by any skilled craftsperson! Includes: Worlds first confirmation of a working GIT to the inventor; First water test of a GIT!; First proven Friction wheel driven GIT!; My own next GIT constructions; Theory: How it works! (Tutorial Animations)and more!

HAARP: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
About the HAARP Program . A scientific research facility devoted to the study of the Earth's ionosphere is being built under the HAARP program at a location in Gakona, AK. The program is jointly managed by the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory. While not a "free-energy" device, it might provide the power to make some run - somewhere else.

HAARP - A Special Report
This link seems to be broken, and I have requested the new URL and the complete file.
From Cyberschool Magazine: Formed from an idea held by Nikola Tesla in 1900, scientists have since been working on the notion that high frequency energy could effect mental states, weather and communications. Indeed, that is what the HAARP project claims to be able to do. - Operating at an officially reported 1 Gigawatt, the installation could send energy into the atmosphere to artificially increase levels of ozone and nitrogen, only one of its capabilities. - Technical Paper 195, a document which states in its preamble that it does not exist, reveals that the U.S. military is seeking to up the power output of HAARP to 1 billion watts and then 100 billion watts. Government sources refuse to comment on Technical Paper 195 and its 600 pages of recommendations.

HAARP: Summary of the Book: Angels Don't Play this HAARP
Or their main page in Australia at: www.altnews.com.au/nexus/HAARP.html
Or my backup file of that file at: www.padrak.com/alt/HAARP3_BKUP.html
A MUST READ SUMMARY of this outstanding expose' on the HAARP Project. HAARP: Vandalism In The Sky? Personal research led to articles and the book "Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology", copyright 1995 by Dr Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, which is 230 pages of detailed information on this intrusive project. This article will only give highlights. Despite the amount of research (350 footnotes), at its heart it is a story about ordinary people who took on an extraordinary challenge. [You are being lied to!!!] The military knows how it intends to use this technology, and has made it clear in their documents. The military has deliberately misled the public through sophisticated word games, deceit and outright disinformation. Here is the full and truthful story... Published in Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, Number 1 (December '95-January '96). This is a Nexus Magazine web site link.

HAARP Joint Services Program Plans and Activities
HAARP (HF Active Auroral Research Program) Executive Summary (February 1990): As described in the accompanying report, the HF Active Auroral Ionospheric Research Program (HAARP) is especially attractive in that it will insure that research in an emerging, revolutionary, technology area will be focused towards identifying and exploiting techniques to greatly enhance C3 capabilities. The heart of the program will be the development of a unique high frequency (HF) ionospheric heating capability to conduct the pioneering experiments required under the program. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Navy Office of Naval Research.

HAARP: Request to Update Final Environmental Impact Statement
A May 8, 1996, Letter sent to the Trustees for Alaska, on behalf of itself, Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, Alaska Center for the Environment, Sierra Club, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Northern Alaska Environmental Center and National Wildlife Federation, formally requesting that the United States Air Force prepare a supplement to the July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) for the operation of the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). As you have correctly noted in various fora (including at the recent State of Alaska House of Representatives, State Affairs Committee HAARP Oversight Hearing), the Air Force has a continuing duty to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by preparing a supplemental EIS should certain conditions be met. (Continues with specific details exposing various outright lies in previous HAARP official documents ...) (see below...)

HAARP: Specific Project Goals Taken from the Major HAARP Patent with Comments
An email forwarded to us on September 12, 1996, that details data found in the major HAARP Patent by Bernard J. Eastlund, US Patent #4,686,605, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere", that explicitly shows that what the project is planned for IS NOT in any of the data released as yet by the program officials, and IT IS NOT in the July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement for HAARP (see above).

HAARP: The Alternative HAARP Site
Contains a repository of many HAARP web site links, including: The Array; The Location; Books; Official Links [Navy/USAF 1; Navy/USAF 2; ARL EISCAT(Norway)]; Other Opinions; Current Links [NEXUS; Barry Byrne; Earthlight; Hugh's Page; H.A.A.R.P.(.pdf); House of David; N. Disclosure; HAARP; HAARP Doc; Cincinnatus]; and Archives.

HAARP Game Home Page
This page contains Really Great HAARP Documentation, including: A letter received in response to a request for the Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop, called "Access Denied! Phillips Labs Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop; A LIST of HAARP Contractors and Associates, that attended that workshop; Technical Memorandum No. 195, Installment One, Table of Contents; ; Steering Committee; Oversight Agencies-The fox is guarding the henhouse; Stevens Document Text Version; Stevens May 20, 1996 Text Version; JPEG Version; Murkowski Document Text Version; JPEG Version; April 2, 1996 Alaska Teleconference Announcement; FCC Response; amd lots lots more!!!

HAARP: Letter received in response to a request for the Technical Memorandum No. 195, 1991 HAARP Workshop
May 1996, reply from Paul Kossey, Deputy Director, Ionospheric Physics Division, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 to an Alaska State Library request for the 600+ page "PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, 1991 HAARP Workshop". Two subjects this document discusses are past upper/lower atmospheric chemical release programs used with other ionospheric heaters such as HAARP (and intended for HAARP), and proposes light craft launch sites around the array perimeter. It also predicts 100 billion watt power levels for HAARP. Quote: "Because of the nature in which the subject memorandum was put together, and because of its narrow purpose to provide an informal, quick summary of the workshop's activities for the participants, it is not available for general (unlimited) distribution, regardless of the fact that it represents open, completely unclassified, material.""

HAARP: 1991 HAARP Workshop Attendees & Affiliates List
A List of HAARP Contractors and Associates, that attended the Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop. Includes complete names and mailing addresses.

HAARP: PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195
The HAARP Workshop on Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics, 30 April - 2 May 1991, Phillips Laboratory (AFSC), Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-5000. The first few pages of the "PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, 1991 HAARP Workshop" Proceedings (which is more than 600 pages). Includes: Title Page; Preface; Foreword; Contents; HAARP Workshop Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics; Workshop Agenda; and Attendence Roster With Complete Telephone Numbers.

Hamel, David, His Story
In this is an unbelievable story about the UFO, Paranormal, Extra-Terrestrial contact, Aliens, Teleportation, Alien Physics: these ET's would show David the principles of Free Energy, Perpetual Motion, Anti-Gravity, Alternate Realities, and Saucer Construction. During Davids 20 year of contact, David Hamel will also set straight Ancient Architecture and Early Religious distortions regarding the Bible, the Book of the Dead, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, the Pyramids, Stone hinge, and many other ET artifacts left behind during the first two evolution's of planet Earth.

HeartMath Institute of Subtle Energy Research
Subtle energy is used in this context as Einstein used it, that is, to describe a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment. This is similar to how electromagnetism was viewed only 250 years ago. The effects could be seen but not directly measured. Dr. William A. Tiller and his colleagues at Stanford University developed a subtle energy detector -- an ultra-sensitive Geiger counter-type device -- with which they demonstrated the existence of an energy field that is not in the electromagnetic spectrum. With this special detector, Dr. Tiller demonstrated that this subtle energy field responds to intentional human focus. To date, we have monitored electrophysiological changes in the body, associated with the progress of an individual's inner self-management, via skin-contact devices like ECG, EEG, etc.

Heresy: A Manual for Heretics, by Kevin Taylor
A discussion of several "laws of physics" from a somewhat different and interesting point of view. Includes discussions on: The Laws of Motion & The Law of Synergy, The Alchemy of Motion, The Law of Conservation of Motion, Inertia, Systemic Inertia, Gravity, Circuitry & Terminals, and Socio-Synergetics.

Highly Electro-Magnetic Hideout, The
Topics covered include: Lost Physics [Rediscovered/Improved]; Anti-Gravity - A Type of Silent Particle Thrust; Free Energy By Force Conversion; Dematerialization (Shrinking of Matter In Time and Space)/Light Speed Maneuvering; Types of UFOs; Instant DNA Healing? A Theory To Ponder; A Note On Cattle Mutilations; Lost Time? Lost Power?; Your #1 Source For The Absolute Latest In Anti-Gravity/UFO Research; and more! [Mar. 1999.]

HIMAC Internet Information Site
Home of the High Mileage Super Carburetor. Includes: HIMAC Research; HIMAC is a research-based company situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario; Headed by J. Bruce McBurney, HIMAC has established a mandate to raise public awareness on an important scientific finding that has been suppressed by hypocritical governments and greedy automobile manufacturers: the discovery of a super-high mileage carburetor system. Newly published book by J. Bruce McBurney. [Feb. 1998.]

Hot and Cold Runing Fusion
A very good summary of both hot and cold fusion technical articles, announcements, and press releases. Includes lots of information on both the PLASMAK "Hot Fusion" device and the Patterson Power Cell "Cold Fusion" device. New files are highlighted. Includes additional informatoin on "Vortex and Cavitation", "Cold Fusion Archives", "CircuitMaker", and "Electronics Workbench". Also contains some very good links in the "Libertarianism" areas.

Horizon Technology
Tomorrow's Technology Today - Technology Updates. Includes: Projects/Business Opportunities; Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator; A Rotary Hydrogen Engine; Magnetic Brake; Royal Rife; Muller Magnetic; The Laura Lee Show (A Talk Radio Show For The Intellectually Daring); Bill Beaty's Incredible Website; The Mad Scientist's Lair; Addable Search Databases; Comments we've received; and Links to the World.

Hovertech: the Anti-Gravity Lab
Welcome to the Anti-Gravity Lab, the  website about advanced levitation technology. Here you'll find the latest theories on anti-gravity, flying cars, hover cars, and even hoverboards! We also have plans for some high-tech flying devices you can build yourself!

Hutchison, John's, Web Page
"My interests are Exploration, Science and Technology with particular emphasis on gravitation and zero-point energy." Includes: The Hutchison Effect, Current Research Summary, What NEXUS Said About The Hutchison Effect, Free Energy, Propulsion, And High Technology, and Kombucha Tea.

Hydrogen Energy Center, The
Promoting hydrogen, renewable, and clean fuel technologies for a sustainable energy economy. "What if there were a form of energy that could solve our air pollution problems, would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, could solve our balance of payments woes, would eliminate oil spills, would create domestic jobs, and could be made from unlimited, renewable, and sustainable resources? Well, there is -- it's hydrogen!" Rick Smith, 1998. [Mar. 1999.]

Hyperdimensional Physics
A theory of energy conversion using 3-D platonic solids on a planetary scale, based up several observations, including Richard Hoagland's studies of photographs of the Cydonia region on Mars, and the so-called pyramids on Mars. Tetrahedronal physics is explained. The vertices of a tetrahydron inside a sphere will rest at 19.5 degrees North or South latitude at 120 degree intervals around the sphere. Rotating this sphere at a high rate of speed (may) cause something strange to occur. "You get an upwelling of energy from within the sphere seemingly coming from nowhere that produces different [visual] effects depending on what your sphere is made up of. Hoagland thinks that this energy is "stored" in a higher dimension than ours (mathematicians currently accept that there may be as much as 27 other higher dimensions) and that this energy "cascades" down and emerges into our dimension at the 19.5 degree latitude on rotating, spherical, liquid bodies - planets!! More examples of hyperdimensional physics can be found throughout our solar system and are detailed on the Planetary Anomalies page." Includes links to related subjects and areas.

Call for Papers and Information: The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) announces the 32nd Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference. The IECEC provides a forum to present and discuss engineering aspects of energy conversion, advanced energy conversion systems and devices, energy utilization and efficiency, environmental issues, and policy impacts on the research, development and implementation of energy systems. Papers dealing with all engineering aspects of the general topical areas listed below are welcome.

Inert Gases - Jon Fox (& Hilarion)
Jon Fox's Web Site on Inert Gasses (with data from Hilarion). By exposing compressed inert gases to magnetic and electric stimulation, biological effects have been observed. Some background and review of the subject is presented, and case histories described briefly. Also, see the Inert Gas Devices F.A.Q. He touches a little bit of the conventional science about inert gases and what we have known about them for many years. And then discusses how he came to work with these things and the interesting effects that they produce. He discusses some unconventional science about the aether, and the relationship between inert gases, the aether and the aetheric body. He discusses the engineering part: the physical construction of the devices, and how he's been using them. Also included: some interesting case studies and information on how inert gases have been working with people over the years. Also, brief responses to a few questions that have been asked are included.

Inertialess Drive Technologies (1995) Ltd
We are a company specializing initially in affordable, scalable power generation and energy storage products. Our products are based on a new fundamental technology, our globally patented Inertialess Drive Rotor, invented in New Zealand. The primary thrust of our business at this time lies in the manufacture and installation of domestic, commercial and remote power systems up to 50 megawatts. We manufacture and market a range of micro-hydro power generators called the Nomad, which are based on the new technology. Solar gas pressure based versions of the generator and several other new products will also be released in due course. We are also a supplier of rare earth NdFeB magnets and rare earth metals. We also offer a large variety of other products for import from China. In addition we provide magnetising and demagnetising services to the engineering and energy industries. We are also a private research and development contractor. Company Mission Statement: "The strength of the multitudes supports the individual for the betterment of all". [Jan. 1999.]

Infinite Energy Magazine: New Energy Technology
Cold fusion is the revolutionary new energy source announced by professors Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. Welcome to the best source of information on cold fusion in the world! See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold. You will be amazed at how much progress has been made in this exciting field. Take nothing for granted. Get the original sources of information. See for yourself!

Infinite Energy Magazine: Past Issue's Table of Contents
As a service to our subscribers and browsers on the World Wide Web we provide the following information about the contents of past issues of Infinite Energy Magazine. The Volume Details area provides a concise overview of the issues in each volume of Infinite Energy Magazine. The highlights for each issues are listed there. The Table of Contents area includes the ENTIRE table of contents for each issue, and is thus more useful when looking for a specific article, feature or column.

Infinite Energy Magazine: Frequently Asked Questions
Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page includes questions and answers pertaining to the subjects of Cold Fusion and New Energy Technologies. If you are new to this field you may find the following information particularly useful. We continue to review and modify this page to include responses to common questions from visitors. If you have a question, and the answer isn't there, ask us and we'll try to answer it.

Infinite Energy Online: Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology
Infinite Energy Magazine's New Wevsite. Includes: Frequently Asked Questions; The New Energy Investment Fund; Related Links; Interviews With Various Important Authors And Researchers; More Evidence Supports Bulk Transmutation; And Much, Much More!

Institute for New Energy
The INE is an official US non-profit technical and membership organization whose monthly newsletter "The New Energy News" reports the latest and up-to-date findings in international New Energy research. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society of the importance of alternative energy. The INE bridges the gap between the advanced and fringe scientific technologies being discovered today, and the old and existing scientific paradigms of yesterday. This site includes many outstanding "advanced energy related" papers, reports, summaries, announcements, and web site links that are not found elsewhere.

International Association for New Science (IANS)
The International Association for New Science, located in Ft. Colins, CO.

Internet Links (from SMUG)
Internet Links from the Stanford/Palo Alto, CA, Macintosh User's Group, voted by AOL in 1996 as the best mid-sized Mac User Group Web Site. Includes sections on: Bay Area; Directories & Search Engines; Government (Federal); Macintosh and Software; News & Information; Street Maps; and World Wide Web Information & Help.

Internet Pilot to Physics
The premiere web site for placing and reading about physics and related conferences! Contains: The Physics Calendar; Physics Around the World:; Physics Forum:; The Virtual Laboratory: and Physics On-Line. Allows users to post conference announcements through the web site! Register for free!

Internet Marketplace for Scientists
The Internatioanl marketplace for Scientists sponsored by the Internet Pilot to Physics (above). Lists things for sale. You can submit items for sale. Entries are automatically removed once per month, and you can resubmit your ad. Register for free!

(From) Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors by the DOE, the Book
This is an electronic copy of the Book From Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors , prepared for the U.S.Department of Energy s Inventions and Innovation Division by Mohawk Research Corporation, Rockville, MD 20854. This version contains only text, the illustrations and figures are not included. The book is available from the Department of Energy. Please call (202) 586-1478 to receive a free copy as well as information on DOE's Inventions and Innovations Programs. [Nov. 1998.]

Jeong, Eue Jin: Web Site and Papers
Eue Jin Jeong's home page and papers. Includes the full paper "Extracting Vacuum Energy From The Homogeneous Isotropic Universe", which suggests that the travel faster than the speed of light is possible by modifying the local space time in the front and back of the ship. Includes discussion of the Patent "Unlimited Energy Production By Dipole Gravity", U.S. Patent File Number 08/519450, PTO Filing Date: Aug. 25 1995, and the manuscript "Gravitational Dipole Moment", and the manuscript "Anomalous Center of Mass Shift: Gravitational Dipole Moment" [at xxx.lanl.gov/ps/gr-qc/9604044].

Jorcarna Propulsion - The Most Advanced Propulsion System Ever To Be Shown
For the first time my JORCARNA Propulsion system will be shown openly to the world on the internet.What you are about to read will change the way we think and understand about science and the world today. "But what if action and re-action was directed on to the same one face of the box, and all action forces was in the same direction ? - then propulsion can be made possible and we can re-think this law, all be it we still have action and re-action but channelled in the same direction, when this is understood then we will truly have a propulsion system of the future with this new way of thinking..." [Apr. 2004.]

The Jorcarna Sister Site
The Jorcarna Sister Site Is Here To Explain In More Detail A New Way Of Thinking In Physics Today "Learning Is No Substitute For Understanding" [Apr. 2004.]

Keely, John: Home Page - Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
It's a Musical Universe! By studying the physics of vibration we will be enabled to see beyond material matter (effects) and into the very nature of the causative Forces of Nature operating by immutable Universal Laws. Aspects and dynamics of sound and vibration have been well organized and developed as and in music. It has been predicted by Rudolph Steiner in 1913 that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations. Includes articles on: John Ernst Worrell Keely; Amplitude of Force; Brown's Gas; Chord-Settings of Life; Everybody For Keely; Expressing Confidence in Keely's Motor; Keely Confident of Success; Keely Motor Tested; Levitation or Gravity Control; More Articles; SVP OnLine Catalog; Sources; Other Great Information; and Other Cool Sites. By Dale Pond.

The Keely US WWW Mirror Site! Email: keelynet@ix.netcom.com. BBS: (214) 324-3501. Sponsored by Vanguard Sciences, PO BOX 870716, Mesquite, TX 75187, USA. The site uses currently aprx. 20MB. Areas of interest inlcude: Paranormal, Keely, UFO, Gravity, Energy, Diagrams, Public-Messages, Contacts, Ecology, Humor, PD, UnClass, Biology, etc.

Lightworks Audio and Video
Lightworks Audio and Video Home Website.

Krieg, Eric: History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
A good review of the theory of "Perpetual Motion" and "Free Energy" Machines. Much of the information comes from the interesting-sounding book: "Ponzai Schemes Invaders From Mars and Other Popular Delusions". [Of course, every real estate transaction, retail store, and multi-level-marketing business, such as so-called Social Security, is a "Ponzai scheme" ...PB]

Krieg, Eric: Open Offer [and Rewards] To Validate Claims Of Free Energy
"I offer to pay travel expenses and $1000 to anyone who can pass the following test: (once I feel more confident of my ability to detect fraud, I'll up the prize to $10000). I also offer a $1000 commision to anyone who talks an inventor into submitting a winning design to me. Includes the "Terms of the Eric Krieg Free Energy Machine Test". ("Note: as of Nov 14 1996, no takers - but that doesn't prove free energy impossible").

Lab Used - AKA: Boulder Recycles Scientific Instruments
A great listing of lots of scientific equipment that is available at low discount prices. Includes sections or pages by equipment type for lots of various types of equipment, at 1/3 or less of original price! [July 1998.]

LaFonte Moving Rotor-Coil Overunity Motor-Generator
The following are the series of LaFonte off-set rotor designs that later became the LaFonte-Watson Generator (LaFonte-Watson Effect). Greg Watson and myself are currently doing research and I will update this site as things develope in researching this effect. [July 1998.]

S. S. Lazarus: Greatest Genius of the Twentieth Century
Cold Fusion Revised, by Steve Lazarus, George Defoney, and Barry Barnhart: We claim we have demonstrated steady state conditions with balancing parameters suitable for real fractal physics energy synthesis. This leads the way for experimental design best seen in the aerosol susseptor microfusion fuel power-cell. Also includes: The Work of Albert Einstein in Relation to Cold Fusion, by Steve Lazarus: Recent theoretical work in the quest to explain cold fusion has been focused on the foundations laid down by Albert Einstein Special relativity and quantum mechanics were introduced by Einstein at the first part of this century. Cold fusion reactions taking place in metal lattices are new and different realm that seem to relate to the area of physics known as relativistic quantum mechanics.

Free Energy, Anti-Gravity & Quantum Physics: Leading Edge
A collection of papers and web sites in the advanced energy conversion field from the Leading Edge International Research Group. Updated monthly!

Leading Edge Research Group
Leading Edge Research provides information on current developments and trends which affect all those on, in, and around this planet. It investigates and reports on all factors which affect planetary social structure and evolution and promotes an increase in consciousness and awareness levels of the general population. The main philosophy of Leading Edge Research Group members worldwide, in all 50 states in the U.S. and 17 foreign countries, is that all life forms and states of consciousness should have the right and opportunity to have an existence which is endowed with the freedom to produce the maximum number of probable lines of reality in an evolving direction, through uncoerced choice, without repression of awareness or manipulation of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects.

Lee, Dennis: Better World Technologies [His Promotion]
America's Declaration Of Energy Independence Is On Its Way To You. The era of technology suppression is about to be put underfoot! Better World Technology, recipient of the Inventor's Hall of Fame "Most Advanced Energy Technology Award," announces the beginning of America's Energy Independence with a tour of 34 cities across America. Come Discover The Technologies That Will Usher In the Next Energy Re-evolution. Find out more about Better World Technologies. Includes links to other interesting web sites.

Lee, Dennis: An Examination of His Claims [Negative]
Eric Krieg's Page examining the amazing claims of Dennis Lee of Better World Technology -declaration of energy independence. For the sake of the world I wish he would succeed, but I'm concerned for his many investors if this will go the way of most similar claims I've studied. On September 23 1996, 3 friends and I went to hear him speak at the Philly Corestates Center. My investigation showed he spent somewhere around $100,000 to put on that show. I found the style intriguing - it caused me to think of shoppers home network, professional wrestling, Jim Bakker and Uri Gellor, Among the many things we think deserve further skepticism are: (16 listed). Dennis should be open to my offer to personally test his devices in the presence of main stream press people... I encourage anyone looking at any fantastic claims to first be aware of critical thinking . - this group of people act as public servants despite personal risk and with no hope of getting rich. Our single greatest rule is: EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE!

Lee, Dennis: His Amazing Claims: Tom Napier's Page [Negative]
Written by a knowledgable engineer: "Scientific illiteracy is alive and well in Philadelphia!" A critical and very negative review of Dennis Lee's presentation in Philadelpha, PA, on September 15, 1996. "The beauty of alternative technology, unlike some other 'alternatives,' is that you can be sure it won't work."

Levitron and Perpetuator: The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top
This site does not sell the Levitron any more, and explains why. Includes a good video of the top in action! "This top actually floats in mid-air! Scientists said it couldn't be done. NO Strings - NO Wires - NO Electricity." Has both the Regular and the newer Super Levitron. The new Perpetuator device keeps the Super Levitron going (almost) indefinitely, with AC current.

Levitron: The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top Home Page
A website that allows ordering the Levitron and the Perpetuator. See the descriptions as above. [Sept. 1998.]

Edward Lewis's Articles and Theories
A new web commercial site for Edward Lewis' articles and theories. [Apr. 1999.]

Link of the Week Reviews: Technology
Web Reviews by Computer Currents Publishing Corporation on the area of Technology. Links to the home page for the "Link of the Week" in other subject areas as well.

Los Alamos National Lab Physics E-Print Archive
General info: WWW server for automated e-print archives on xxx (we are aware that this, front page remains in need of update -- thank you for all your comments and concern). ROBOTS BEWARE: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted. Areas of interest include High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Theory, Supereconductivity, et. al. Also includes indexes to titles and authors.

Magnet, Project: A Division Of Sinclaire Technology Research
Focuses on the book "The Granite Man And The Butterfly" which chronicles the life of a simple man, David Hamel, who was given advanced information enabling him to build a spacecraft that would provide an abundant source of non-polluting energy. He said anyone can have the secret, build the machine and produce his own energy - something the oil cartels and multinational corporations wouldn't exactly appreciate. David Hamel has proven with his three prototypes, the theory of electro-gravitational energy. Further to that, the relationship between electricity and magnetism is definitely the answer to the energy crisis that exists today. Inlcudes: Project Magnet; Sinclaire Technology Research; Science; Anti Gravity; UFO Extraterestrial Technology; UFO Technology; Electro Magnetics; Flying Saucer Plasma Energy; Scalar Electro Magnetics; Electronic Disturbance Physics. Also includes Book and Tapes lists and how to order.

Magnets and Wires (The Basics of) For Free Energy Buffs (by Tom Napier)
A collection of descriptions of using magnets and wires to convery energy. Includes: Machines which use magnets; Machines which use magnets and wires; Generating voltages in wires; Completing the loop; Types of loops; and much more.

MPG Club: Research on High Mileage Carburetors, et. al.
Have you ever heard about 100 MPG carburetors? I bet you have. Are they real or just American folklore? As a member of The MPG Club you will receive: MPG Magazine; MPG Outlet On-Line; And access to money saving services like 10% discount gas cards and low cost per minute phone services, etc.

Mamoenergy: A Source Of Energy For The Future
Includes: "contributions to the regenerative energy generation, clean-energy production, social and technological topics. We have compiled for you a cross-section of our work-results including the energy concept THE MAMOENERGY. This new energy concept is our main field of activity and the basis for our new ecotechnological energy generation systems and for the patents (PATENT 1 and PATENT 2). With our examples we show how the urgently required structure change can take place in the energy industry. The Club of Rome already 26 years ago (1972) comments, over an entrance into the through a use of hydrogen characterized next century. We realized this bold vision and developed the necessary ecotechnological energy generation systems for this." [Nov. 1998.]

Man-Made Flying Saucers
Newly established repository of Flying Saucers data, in all its forms. Including (but not limited to) photos, patents, drawings, published reports & articles. Bookmark this site and join in as a "side-walk superintendant" during our construction phase! [Mar. 1999.]

The March for Peaceful Energy: Million Person Renewable Energy Rally
Postponed until 1999. Updated June 25, 1998: Dated March 3, 1998: I am organizing a multi-million person rally on the mall in Washington, D.C. The focus will be an anti-war rally which wants to make renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen power the main source of power in our country. We cannot expect immediate results, but if we can make a strong enough statement to the general public a rapid change will develop. Anybody interested in this idea please contact him directly at the above e-mail address (PlantSeedK@aol.com). Regards - Josef Hasslberger. [Aug. 1998.]

Mobius Strip Topology, Chain 3D (New Page)
UFO Propulsion - How To? Maybe so. The object shown in the center is the linear 3d Mobius Strip. The objects on each side are combinations of the linear and non-linear 3d Mobius strips. Until now I have kept the abstraction hidden in an artistic form. I leave exploring the intricate and complex properties of Euclidean to non-Euclidean topography to you. Bear in mind that if you do this you will be faced with a new concept of gravity itself. Specifically you will find that time, gravity, and motion are special manifestations of energy. The templates for construction are broken up into 3 gif files that you can print and use to make the patterns you will need for construction.

Moray, T. Henry: The Radiant Energy Device of
The Nu Energy Web Site with periodically updated information about T. H. Moray's Revolutionary Radiant Energy Generator as Mr. Perreault's Research progresses. T. H. Moray built a device capable of producing 50,000 watts of energy, if rebuilt, will be capable of answering the world’s needs with a non-polluting form of energy. We have many of Moray’s notes. It will be only a matter of time before we raise the research money to bring this work to its completion. Moray had completed his work. The evidence is overwhelming that he produced useful kilowatts of electrical power. The size of a Radiant-Energy unit will be capable of delivering 60 kilowatts and will be about 42 inch by 26 inch by 22 inch and weighing no more than 60 pounds. Includes: a Special Report: Bruce Perreault's Guide to Building a Radiant Energy Generator; Bruce Perreault's Guide to Building a Radiant Energy Generator; and other information.

NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
NASA is embarking on a new, small program called Breakthrough Propulsion Physics to seek the ultimate breakthroughs in space transportation: (1) Propelling a vehicle without propellant mass, (2) attaining the maximum transit speeds physically possible, and (3) creating new energy production methods to power such devices. Because such goals are beyond the accumulated scientific knowledge to date, further advances in science are sought, specifically advances that focus on propulsion issues. [Apr. 1998.]

Negative Mass Tachyons, The Physics of
This web page not only describes a model for negative mass tachyons, it also provides a derivation of the first and only theoretical tachyon model, to date, that agrees with experiment. There is no other tachyon model that even comes close to agreement with experiment This page also lists the authors publications on this model. This model is extremely simple. The data that is used to verify this model is well known from the standard physics literature. No source that is controversial, or possibly bogus, is used. This model is, in short, a reinterpretation of existing particle data that is accepted by and used by the physics community. A book describing this model, The Physics of Tachyons, has been written. By Ernst L. Wall, Istituto per la Ricercia de Base, Monteroduni, Italy.

Neodymium Supermagnets, Some Demonstrations For
Bill Beaty's Page: Supermagnets once were fantastically expensive. Tiny cobalt-samarium magnets were priced far higher than any educator could afford. But there currently is another type of magnet that is stronger than C-S magnets and costs far less. This is the Neodymium-Iron-Boron supermagnet. The NIB magnet, or neodymium magnet, is so strong that eye protection must be worn when working with them, because if they slam together, they can shatter and eject chips at dangerous velocities. Many new science demos become possible with NIB magnets because inductive braking effects and repulsion/levitation effects become so strong that they can be directly felt and observed. Includes: Magnet Races; Magnetic Braking; Feel The Drag Directly; Visible, Slow Fall; Hovering Fall; Invisible Gear Teeth; Electromagnetic Levitation Plate; and other neat experimental information!

Net Advance of Physics
A free electronic journal/encyclopaedia modeled somewhat on the old Handbuch der Physik: Review articles, tutorials, and lecture notes in physics and allied sciences from across the Internet to create an unparalleled information resource for scientists and graduate students. A reference tool as nearly up-to-the-minute as possible. Includes a long alphabetic index: General Physics; Astrophysics and Geophysics; Condensed Matter Physics; Electromagnetics; High Energy Physics; Mathematical and Theroretical Physics; Quantum Physics and Chemistry; History and Philosophy of Physics; etc.

"Net-Temps: A world of Jobs neatly Packaged". The people that visit our site can create a Free Desktop for their Job Hunt. [Aug. 2000.]

New Electrostatic Generator, US Patented (by Gabriel Lorente)
Lorente's Electrostatic Generator or Machine is a new device for high voltages. Awarded with the great Price of International Jury in the Eureka-Brussels Saloon of inventions (1.991). US patented (#4990813). Patent available for sale. This generator is particularly suitable for electrostatic demonstrations and experiments in the school. The prototypes made and tested provided voltages in the range of 30.000-50.000 Volts, with currents of a few microamperes.

New Energy Technology
Wolfram Bahmann's Home Page. An INE Board Member and an INE International Committee Member living in Mechernich, located near Bonn in Germany. He is a geoscientist interested in physics and open-minded scientific concepts leading to a New Energy Technology. His web page includes advanced energy related: NET Organisations, NET Magazines, NET Links, and other useful information.

Newman, Joseph: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
Information on the Joseph Newman devices, divided into four sections: (1) Special Report on the Energy Machine; (2) Presents extensive (and periodically updated) information about the revolutionary energy machine technology innovated by Joseph W. Newman; (3) Presents the political and economic position of Joseph W. Newman and The Truth & Action Party; (4) News, Updates, Feedback, and Links to related and/or interesting sites, ect...Includes a Statement from Joseph Newman regarding his pioneering energy device, [March 17,1996], and a collection of Documents, Articles, Mailings, Press Releases, etc. Includes how to order any information, books, or videos on the Newman devices.

Newman, Joseph: The Newman Page (In English from Germany)
Welcome to the Newman page! Includes: Lots of information and pictures about Joseph Newman's toy motor, and his first, second, and third motors and theories of why they work. Also includes many pictures! Includes links to a detailed German studywork where a student built three of Newman's motors. Includes lots of detailed pictures of the motors and machine parts and discussions of the results achieved. Impressive website!

Newman Machines: Finding The Main Overunity Effect (By Stefan Hartmann)
Just released: 18th of Nov. 1998: "I think we found now the MAIN EFFECT on which the Newman back current spikes are based on. It is a corona discharge effect when using big coils and a mechanical switch with an arc gap ! It only appears, when the arc gap makes a "hissing" sound ! SUMMARY: Just powering the coil via a spark gap produced these negative current pulses, so the real Newman effect is NOT the motor, but a big coil running on a "tuned hissing sound" spark gap ! This is related to the work of Correa and Tchernetskij, who have claimed, that their plasma glow discharge is also overunity." [Dec. 1998.]

Newman (Joe) Accused of Stealing Prototype (by Norm Biss)
"The following is a factual and true account of myself and the company I am employed by. It involves the manufacture of a full size prototype motor utilizing Joe Newman's theory. [-] In June, 1998, Joe Newman called the company I work for and asked for me. He wanted to know how interested I and / or my company would be in developing a prototype of his energy machine. I was immediately interested; however it was not my decision to make. After conferring with the owner of the company I work for, we decided to do it." and more...

Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?
A very good skeptical review: "For over 20 years Joe Newman (born, Joseph Westly Rogers) has been promising to demonstrate a device that produces more energy than it consumes. Many people have contributed time, materials and money to try to make this happen and many have concluded that Newman is dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts." [June 1999.]

New Science Links
Includes: Dr. Patrick Bailey - Institute for New Science; KeelyNet [Alternative Science about Gravity, UFO-Tech and Paranormal Issues (includes powerful search engine)]; Keely Net Mirror site; Keely Net Mirror of the mirror site; Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory; Tesla - Man of Science and father of out modern power system; Tesla Reference Page; Yahoo's Science:Alternative Page; Bearden - Col. Tom Bearden on ElectroGravitics; Searl - John R. Searl, antigravity and free energy.earl - John R. Searl, antigravity and free energy; Magic Squares and Searl; and Book ad for "Rediscovery of the Mind" by John R. Searl.

Nexus Magazine
The Nexus Magazine Home Page! Includes sections on: Behind the News; Health; Big Brother; UFOs; Unexplained; Future Science; Current Issue - Contents; Who, What, & Where Is Nexus Magazine; Are You Coming To The Nexus Conference 1996? Subscription Information; Back Issue List - Contents & Ordering Information; Advertising Rates; Books, Videos & Products Catalogue; Pointers To Other Web Sites Of Interest; The Nexus Visitors' Book; The Nexus Survey; Etc.

Nexus Magazine Home Page (Australia)
Welcome to NEXUS Magazine's Home Page. We are constantly uploading new articles, so check in regularly to see what is made available. Includes information on: current issues, back issues, conferences, catalogues, surveys, other web sites, and additional information.

Nexus Magazine Home Page (Head Office in Qld, AU)
An international bi-monthly alternative news magazine: for Information Anarchists everywhere! Covering the fields of - Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth's Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups. We are constantly uploading new articles, so check in regularly to see what is made available. Includes: Current Issue Contents, Back Issue List, Selected Articles, Nexus Survey, Ordering Information, Books, Videos & Products Catalogue, Other Web Sites Of Interest, and More! [Apr. 1998.]

Nomad Micro-Hydro Generator
The Nomad is a micro-hydro electricity generator. The Inertialess Drive Rotor, a semi-spherical permanent-magnet, acts as the turbine for the Nomad. This rotates when water pressure is applied through the central spherical chamber which houses it. The magnetic rotor is the only moving part and there are no bearings or brushes. The electricity is induced in the six coils arranged around the chamber, making the unit a three phase system. The primary application field at present is as a remote area power generating system where there is water available at a reasonable height and flow of two liters per second or more. The greater the head (height of water source downhill to the generator inlet pipe) the greater the force to drive the rotor inside, the greater the power output. [4 Inch Nomad; less than 1 kilowatt, depending on head; 200mm X 340mm; 14 kilograms; NZ $2,750 + GST; Ten Year International Guarantee]. [Jan. 1999.]

Nuclear Solutions - By Paul Brown and Co-Founders
At Last, A solution to the ever looming threat that nuclear waste poses to our environment and world. [Our] Technology allows for the on-site stabilization of radioactive waste. A safe, economical method to change long lived radioactive waste into benign and stable materials within a short period of time. [Sept. 1998.]

Nu Power Technologies
A Leader in the Search for clean, economical energy! Includes: General Overview; Our Technology; Announcements; Why Radiant Energy?; Products; and Nu Ground-Breaking Information Revealed At July 1999 Exotic Research Conference. [Sept. 1999.]

Nu World of Energy, Science & Technology
Includes files on: Moray's Radiant Energy Device; The Moray Valve Manuscript; Dr. Bogdan Maglich's "clean" nuclear reaction; Strange Machines skeptical FAQs; Cosmic Rays; Alpha Fission; and other information.

Omicron, Project: Serious Gravity Control Research
This is the place where the problem of Gravity Control Will Be Solved! PROJECT OMICRON is the ONLY serious gravity control research project on the entire INTERNET! It's the original. It's the one and only. Accept no substitutes!! The theories behind PROJECT OMICRON don't rely on vague theoretical fantasy, but instead concentrates on observed data and experiments THROUGHOUT What we are after is the CORRECT interpretation of how the universe works. We believe that mankind has a tendency to over-complicate and has even DIVERGED from the actual way the universe works. This has resulted in some overly complex, self-building mathematical models of the universe that are simply based on fantasy! This penchant for moving to the complex when data is missing has moved us down the wrong road! The fork in the road goes clear back to the 1800s!!

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, Inc.
Building upon the discoveries of the late natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D. This home page contains information on: About the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory and Greensprings Center; A Brief History of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries, and the Science of Orgonomy; Research Projects of James DeMeo and the O.B.R.L.; Educational Events Sponsored by O.B.R.L.; Selected Articles About Reich, Orgone Research, and Related Subjects; Bibliography on Wilhelm Reich and Others; Resources and Research Materials on Orgonomy; Books and Publications Available for Purchase; Special Announcements; and How to Get on the O.B.R.L. Mailing List, and their E-Mail List.

Overunity Homepage by Stefan Hartmann in Germany
Focussing on reporting only about devices and machines that seem to be OVER 100 % efficient, that means, they produce more energy, than it is put into the system. This is known as Overunity operation! The devices which are presented here work by converting Zero Point Energy to useful mechanical, electrical, heat or light output! This means you get free energy and you just have to buy the unit! Includes: "Latest News", "Overunity devices", and "Links to other alternative energy Web sites."

Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (P.A.C.E.)
Planetary Association for Clean Energy main website in Canada. [Feb. 2001.]

The Home of Primordial Energy - Bruce DePalma's (Deceased, Oct. 1997) Website
We designed this page to disseminate knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe - a sea of 'free energy' which permeates all. The N-1 Homopolar Generator (pictured above) - invented by Bruce DePalma - is an example of the type of device which is able to "plug in" to this Free Energy and eliminate the "need" for the continued use of fossil fuels and the consequent destruction of our only home - Earth. This device - and many others like it - have been proven to possess "over-unity" characteristics, ie: the power output is more than 100% of the input. It is our hope that in the near future Free Energy will enable mankind to progress from a state of dependence to one of abundance. [April 2003.]

PAP ION MAGNETIC INDUCTOR (by Dr. Panos T. Pappas, in Greece)
A new (March 1998) website by Dr. Pappas that includes several references and links on advanced health healing techniques as well as on advanced energy conversion and cold fusion technologies and results. World's unique and strongest pulsed electromagnetic field PMF: the PAP IMI device. developed since 1980 by Professor P. T. Pappas - world's leader in electromagnetism, geoelectricity, and related topics., the device with nuclear transmutational bioenergy. Also includes non-invasive electroinsertion in vivo for the first time world wide, that enhances metabolism, anabolism, drug delivery, transmembrane action, and cellular activity. [Jun. 1998.]

Patents: Title 35: Search (Cornell Law Library)
The Title 35 Law in full text from the Cornell Law Library. Includes: Part I - Patent And Trademark Office; Part II - Patentability Of Inventions And Grant Of Patents; Part III - Patents And Protection Of Patent Rights; And Part IV - Patent Cooperation Treaty. The full text.

Patents, U. S. Search: STO's Internet Patent Search System
This is the home page for Source Translation & Optimization's (STO) Internet Patent Search System, a way for people around the world to perform patent searches, and access information on the patenting process. Includes:
   * Determine patent class using Index to Classification
   * Retrieve patent titles using class/subclass code
   * Retrieve patent abstracts using patent number
   * Patent documents from the US PTO, UK PO, PCT, etc.
   * US Code Section 35 - federal patent laws
   * IPNS Internet Patent News Service
   * Archive of stories from the IPNS, etc.
   * Prior art searching services from STO
   * A shopping mall for patent services
   * Future plans and request for donations
     and more...

Patent Server: IBM
IBM lets you access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last ten years of images. The first entries date back to January 5, 1971. You can search, retrieve and study over two million patents. Includes examples, and Help, Search, and Legal information as well.

Patents and Trademarks: MicroPatent
Home of PatentImages and The Trademark Checker. Includes the "TrademarkWeb" and the "PatentWeb" major links to lots of other information.

Patent World
PatentWorld specializes in obtaining patents for inventions which break the limits of conventional science and technology! The bigger the step your invention takes into the unknown, the more obstacles are encountered in the process of obtaining patent protection. PatentWorld adapts sound principles of high-tech patenting to protecting YOUR breakthrough invention! Our founder uses his decades of experience as an internationally-recognized researcher, registered patent agent, and upper-level government functionary to synthesize approaches and procedures designed to minimize the difficulties encountered during the process of obtaining patent protection.

Patent: Johnson; Howard R., US Patent #4151431: Permanent Magnet Motor
The invention is directed to the method of utilizing the unpaired electron spins in ferro magnetic and other materials as a source of magnetic fields for producing power without any electron flow as occurs in normal conductors, and to permanent magnet motors for utilizing this method to produce a power source. In the practice of the invention the unpaired electron spins occurring within permanent magnets are utilized to produce a motive power source solely through the superconducting characteristics of a permanent magnet and the magnetic flux created by the magnets are controlled and concentrated to orient the magnetic forces generated in such a manner to do useful continuous work, such as the displacement of a rotor with respect to a stator. The timing and orientation of magnetic forces at the rotor and stator components produced by permanent magnets to produce a motor is accomplished with the proper geometrical relationship of these components.

PBS Ask the Scientists: New Energy Age (Hal Puthoff and Steven Weinberg)
Is free unlimited energy really a possibility? Find out from two physicists who have explored this intriguing topic: Hal Puthoff and Steven Weinberg. To send your question or comment, use the Ask a New Question button. Please check the list of discussion topics to see if your question has already been asked. All Q & A's are listed.

PEA Research
Leroy Pea's educational web site. The information on this web page is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. PEA Research is not responsible for any misuse of the information presented herein. Persons acquiring information from this web site MUST assume full responsibility for application of, operation of, and safety for their own person(s). Includes: Unlimited Health; Book Trading Post; Politics & State Citizen; Nichola Tesla; Gravity & Anti-Gravity; John E.W. Keeley; Biology; Energy; Ecology; UFO Reports; and Book Reviews & Indexes. [Sep. 1999.]

Perpetual Motion - An Ancient Mystery Solved?
You will have come here for anyone of number of reasons, but this site exists for only one - to discover the means by which Johann Bessler utilized the earth’s gravitational field in his so-called ‘perpetual motion machine’ in the year 1712 - and ultimately provide a solution to the energy crisis. The question mark at the end of the title indicates that the discovery process is all but done, there remains one small query to solve and then we shall have the solution - I hope! My book -’Perpetual Motion - An Ancient Mystery Solved?’ contains all the evidence which I have accumulated over a number of years. This book is now available through this site.

PhACT-FAQ on Heat Based Free Energy (by Tom Napier)
An FAQ page on free-energy and related topics. Includes: What is free energy?, If no fuel is used, where does this energy come from?, Can the heat energy in the air be extracted from it? (Yes!), and more. [Apr. 1998.]

Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z
A definitive work about the Philadelphia Experiment! Yet to be released, this book ("The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z") has been written to provide the reader with a complete overview of all acquired information to date on the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Currently there are more then 290 Pages (not including pictures) in 9"x6" format. The author has spent over eight years digging through books, making phone calls and meeting various people in an effort to compile the following information.

Physics Links; by Ron Gorgichuk
An interesting group of URL links on various physics topics, including: Have physical constants changed with time?; Astronomy Unbound - Physics concepts & Glossary of terms; Physics Animations; 3D graphics presentation on SR time dilation; Home page of Dr. Michio Kaku, author of the book Hyperspace; Visual Model of Multiple Vortices In Superconductor Flux Lattice; Superconductors and Gravity Shielding; Ron's home page; etc. [July 1998.]

Physics of the Third Millennium - Steven Rado's Website
SIMPLE, COMMON-SENSE PHYSICS, including: The Mechanical Comprehension of Nature; The Cosmos of The All-Pervading Aether; The Non-Mathematical Understanding of The Universe; Dissident Alternative To Theoretical Physics; and understanding: All-Pervading Aether, Magnetism, Electricity, Gravity, Relativity, Quantum Theory, The Photon, Matter-Waves, The Big Bang, and Nature. [March 1998.]

Plasmoids and Cold Fusion Information and Photos (by Edward Lewis)
This web site contains information about the phenomena of plasmoids and cold fusion. Cold fusion phenomena and the phenomena that is called plasmoids are the same phenomena. Articles contain many pictures of the markings and minerals produced by electrolysis and discharge devices. Such devices produce plasmoids that leave characteristic markings like that of ball lightning on various materials. Two of the pictures are by T. Matsumoto at Hokkaido University. The others were taken by me.

Plutonium Films, Inc.: Alternative And Free Energy Device Videotapes
Offering several videotapes for sale: Alternative & Free Energy Devices: Parts-I & II; The Fuel-Less Engine; Free Energy Motors; Stan Dayo Discussing Energy Subjects; Bruce Depalma - The "N" Machine; David Williams: Free Energy; The Truth About Antigravity; and Townsend Brown Electrostatics With Larry Davenport.

Podkletnov, Paper Summary on Superconductivity & Antigravity
A high-temperature YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-x} bulk ceramic superconductor with composite structure has revealed weak shielding properties against gravitational force while in a levitating state at temperatures below 70 K. Los Alamos Laboratory summary abstract.

Power Technology
Power Technology will, and has, developed, with already proven technology, a battery that will be substantially lighter than the conventional battery, have a quicker recharge rate, will be more cost effective and will be much more environmentally friendly. [They] will not only increase the surface area of the electroplates to increase the current but at the same time it will: (a) reduce the weight of the battery by 30 to 50% of existing batteries; (b) reduce the cost of the battery by employing a different metal or alloy; and (c) make the battery much more environmental friendly by changing the alloy and or changing the chemistry to create the current. [July 1998.]

Project Earth
Project Earth was conceived of with the clear understanding that we are either conscious or unconscious participants in our existence. We do not exist in isolation. We are not separate from the totality of existence. The dynamic of Project Earth has always been based on the healing of the grotesque concept of personal and societal isolation through the reintegration of the human species. We reintegrate with one another when we communicate. Then the warning signals can pass throughout humanity. It is our conviction at Project Earth that without immediate and radical change on a level never undertaken in any prior epoch of history that the human race is in a potentially terminal phase of a long and tragic decline, hurtling towards disintegration like a wave that has broken against the rocks of collective, cultural and educational inertia. Humankind has the opportunity in this moment to transcend the errors of the past and participate in the healing of the damage that dominates our time. Humankind has the opportunity to join in prayer for the healing of our planet and ourselves. We should never underestimate the power of prayer or it's critical importance at this time. Practice Exponential Networking.

Quantadyne Corporation
Where We Take Fuel & Turn It Into Electricity With No Moving Parts!. Sponsored Exclusively By Bob Armstrong. Contains info on the PETA Power (TM) system, and: Our Welcome; Industry News; A New Technology; Can use hard fuels, liquid fuels, gaseous fuels, solar, geo-thermal, nuclear, and other energy sources; Far more efficient than current electrical generation systems; Homeowners can generate their own electrical power!; Market Size: Estimates from $100 billion to numbers so large they're incomprehensible for almost anyone who can't balance the family budget.; Who are we? Why hasn't anyone heard of us? How did they come up with such a fantastic and revolutionary technology? DISCLAIMER: This website is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied..."For the first time in scientific history, heat that has failed to be converted into electricity (at a thermoelectric event), can be recycled for identical processing through a sequential (thermoelectric) event. A PETA Power (TM) system does this by amplifying a 6 degree temperature difference (or greater) into a much larger temperature difference. - The PETA Thermoelectric system is a revolutionary breakthrough in energy processing and perhaps as significant as that it is, the PETA Power Technology is perhaps the most 'significant economic' new discovery to come along in twenty years. This technology when properly applied, has the potential to change the energy power structure as it's currently constituted. That makes PETA Power Technology the most cost-effective new energy technology devised to date."

Quantum Cavorite: Superconductors and Gravity Shielding, and the Podkletnov Exp
This website by Pete Skeggs serves as "a complete reference to all experiments, papers (off and on the Internet), popular reports about the shielding of gravity by superconductors, and other web sites that discuss these issues. Furthermore, no censoring of material will be done -- the site will contain both skeptical and supportive views, both negative and positive experimental results. This page also serves as a place to report the author's own experiments to reproduce the gravity shielding reported by John Schnurer." Includes full papers, lots of detailed information, pictures, video clips, and more! [June 1998.]

Quest of Overunity, by Jean-Louis Naudin
The main objective of this server is to share the results of my lab's experimentations in the domains of the search of Overunity and Electro-gravitation." Contains: How to build a G Strain Energy Absorber ( a Negative Energy Pump ); How to build an Electro-dynamic device : the ELG02; The "Bedini's Magnetic Gate"; The Hamel disc Experiments; Motive power generator devices (The Adams motor/generator construction and tests; and The Bedini's G-Field Generator, tests and report.); The Scalar Battery Charger tests; Advanced Research; Schematics diagrams library; The JLN Labs experiments pictures gallery; Others interesting Web links.

Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces: Surfing The Radiant Sea
A model of inertia is given where inertia is a result of unbalanced radiation absorption during acceleration. The unbalance is ascribed to a combination of the Doppler effect and the quantum nature of photons. With a systems model for the cause of remote forces, various experiments to achieve artificial interaction become self evident. A multitude of combinations of the electrostatic, magnetic and inertial forces may be tried, with the objective of shielding or focusing the radiation to modify the local effects of gravity and inertia upon an object.

Radioactive Object Near an Electrolysis Cell Promoted Radioactivity in the Cell (Evidence that a), by Edward Lewis
There is evidence that a certain electrolysis experiment showed both an increased level of radioactivity as measured by Geiger counters and short-term bursts of radioactivity in response to certain changes of conditions while the cell was near a radioactive object. [Mar. 1999.]

Rick Todish's Free Energy Page
Includes: Free-Energy Projects; A simple experiment to prove FREE ENERGY exists; What about back EMF?; Utilizing back EMF for more energy out; Build a simple Free Energy generator; Build a Hydrogen Generator; Antigravity Info; and more! [March 1998.]

Raum-Quanten-Motoren AG: RQM (Switzerland; in English)
Turning Point in Energy Generation by Space Quantum Manipulation. [From their linked news page:] In the morning (September 25, 1996) the RQM Experimental Installation was shown and demonstrated to the stockholders in the laboratory at Neuhaus (near Rapperswil). For the first time a stable energy picking-up with a factor of 2 at 225 Watts output was presented (see also Technical Information September 1996"). Further, not yet demonstrated RQM tests have shown factors of 5.89 and 7.52 respectively (see also block and power diagrams).

Rognerud, Nils: Free Fall of Elementary Particles - Paper
This paper is a review of the problem of the observable action of gravitational forces on charged particles, by Nils Rognerud. Discusses the induced electric fields and sometimes overlooked unique physical properties. Analyses several experiments, showing the reality of the induced electric fields. The current interpretation, based on the idea of only one electric field, is compared with alternate approaches. [March 1998.]

Rognerud, Nils: Free Fall of Elementary Particles II: Experimental Evidence to Confirm the Exist
Gravity Shielding through Superconductivity: Recent gravity shielding experiments at Tampere University in Finland may shed some light on the theories of electrogravity. Tests show a small drop in the weight of objects placed over a special cryogenic device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity - an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. We thought it might be a mistake, Dr Podkletnov said, but we have taken every precaution.  Yet the bizarre effects persisted. And other interesting information and web site links. [Apr. 1998.]

Rognerud, Nils: ElectroGravity, All You ever Wanted to Know About
Nature is our greatest teacher. Please enjoy reading about several “strange” physics experiments and other observations from nature. On the bottom of this page, you will also find several theories that attempt to explain the cause of these strange effects. Furthermore, you will also find a theory that attempts to explain gravity as a pseudo-force of normal electromagnetic fields. Enjoy! [Jan. 1999.]

Running Cars On Zero Point / Orgone Energy
The ability to run cars without fuel of any type has been done here in Australia. The person that discovered this information has been harassed and threatened by some idiots. What if we could increase the frequency and the energy of the incoming air without fuel. That would mean NO pollution in the end process. This is what the 'Wizard' has done. The device is simple in principle, but without the right knowledge of the materials required and the correct characteristics of each material it will not work. [Dec. 1998.]

Russell, Walter: University of Science and Philosophy
Walter Russell is known as the "Man Who Tapped the Secrets of The Universe," "The Modern Leonardo," and "The Most Versatile Man in America." He was a poet, painter, sculpture, author, musician, architect, aquestrian-athlete, and scientist. The great electrical genius Nikola Tesla told Dr. Russell, "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision." That thousand years has figuratively passed, and today his wholistic vision of universal processes is being understood and used by thousands in their daily lives for personal development, for business and personal relations, and by scientists to create a new non-polluting and sustainable technology. [May 1998.]

Russell, Walter: The Physics / Cosmology of Walter Russell (and Lao)
The Physics / Cosmology of Walter Russell (and Lao). Includes: Interesting Images and Ideas; The Periodic Table of Walter Russell (c.1926); The basis for structure of Atomic, Solar, and Stellar systems; The cube - the wave formula for octaves of matter and light is 9; Complete octave of carbon rings, as manifested in the wave; The electric universe is a harp of nine wave-strings; The connection between sound, light, and matter; Life/Death Cycle (vortex imagery); This Chart explains how matter is created from light; and other Russell-related links. [May 1998.]

Russell, Daniel: Homepage: Science Courses
Interesting full course information on Electromagnetism (PHYS-220, Physics II), Waves (PHYS-230, Physics III), Acouistics, and other science topics. Includes site on: Vibration and Waves - Demos and Animations - links to pages with graphs and movies illustrating some fundamental concepts concerning vibration and waves. Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at GMI Engineering & Management Institute in Flint, MI.

Sacred Geometry, by Randy Masters
A compilation of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Music information compiled by Randy Masters and his network of devoted students. New infomrationis continually being added. Includes very detailed information on: Geometry, Systems of Measurement, Wave Forms, 3-D Platonic Solids, and Spiritual Applications. This information is "Wei Khul"!

SATEC: Australia's own Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology!
Dedicated to the development of renewable energy systems for remote areas and third world countries. Our current work lies primarily in the research and development of a vertical axis wind turbine for power generation in low wind velocity regimes. Such a turbine would replace a current limitation in renewable energy systems, providing the economy of wind power with increased availability.

Saturna Technologies Inc.
We pursue work on development of controlled nuclear reactions in condensed matter and commercial eneergy applications that make use of these reactions. Most of the work involves energy reactions reproducibly observed in various solids saturated with hydrogen isotopes. These reactions have been demonstrated using experiments including those involving the use of  catalysis, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, glow discharge, and ultrasonic cavitation. Based in Palo Alto, CA, and Vancouver, B.C.

Science Links
PEA Research's Great List of website with URLs as the links. A great job and great service provided by Leroy Pea!

Searl, John R. R.: Direct International Science Consortium (DISC) - UK
The Professor John Roy Robert Searl Alternative Clean Energy Technology site. Professor Searl is the founder of this technology. Alternative energy technology is applicable in all areas of energy use. It is the world's pollution problems that are the target of Professor Searl's work. The D.I.S.C group was formed to carry out these projects. This site outlines work occurring now, and the future plans of the D.I.S.C. group. Includes: Overview; D.I.S.C. Inc. Worldwide Contact Information; S.E.G and Inverse-G-Vehicle commercial applications; Prof. John Searl - his life, work and research; Forthcoming events: seminars and workshops; Advanced bookings; Applications for investment and involvement; The NASA Challenge!; Space Challenge Lottery; Company Progress Report; A Letter To The People; Book and Video orders; and how to e-mail and contact Prof. Searl Directly!

Searl, John R. R.: The Searl Effect
John A. Thomas Jr.'s site on Prof. John R. R, Searl and the "Searl Overunity Generator and the Antigravity Effect." Incudes: Upcoming Events; Photo Archive; D.I.S.C.; Articles; Business Plan; Dreamers; Books, Videos, Etc.; Brief Bio.; NASA Challenge; Wanted; Contact Info.; Investors Wanted.

Searl, John R. R.: Direct International Science Consortium - Corp.
The corporation that will develop and market the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and the Inverse-G-Vehicle (IGV), and oversee the development of Prof. Searl's technology, managed by Prof. Searl and John A. Thomas Jr.. The primary objective of the company is to get Prof. Searl's technology to the world in the form of manufacturing and distribution of the SEG and the Inverse-G-Vehicle.

Searl, John R. R.: D.I.S.C. - Direct International Science Consortium - Mall
Introduction; Over View of D.I.S.C.; D.I.S.C. Inc. Worldwide Contact Information; S.E.G and Inverse-G-Vehicle commercial applications; Prof. John Searl - his life; his work; his research.; Forthcoming events: seminars, workshops and advanced bookings; Golden Opportunities for investors and involvement; The N.A.S.A Challenge; Company Progress Report; Space Challenge Lottery; A Letter To The People; Images & Photo Gallery; Sponsors Gallery; Book & Video Orders. Other sites & information: Mirror Site:DISC. U.K.; and Mirror Site:DISC. U.S.A. [http://www.servtech.com/public/jasontee/].

Searl Effect
A website dedicated to the rotating magnetic device promoted by Prof. John R. R. Searl. Includes: All Access; Members Only; Builders Only; Computer Illustrations; Photos; Text Files; and more.

Secrets Of New Energy Science (Harold Aspden: Southampton, Hampshire, Englan
"I believe that the 21st century will witness a revolution on the energy front as man contrives to survive and ultimately win through in the fight to stave off planetary pollution. These Web pages are my personal contribution to that effort." Includes: Keynote Address: The Repression of Inventions; Tutorial Notes: Ten Short Lessons on Energy Science; Lectures: The Aspden Lectures; Essays: Energy Science Essays; Questions: Energy Science Questions; Research Notes: Topical Comments on Energy Science; Feedback Notes: Responses to Reader's Comments; Bibliography: Patents and Papers by Dr. Harold Aspden; Publications: Books and Reports by Dr. Harold Aspden; and Update Information: Items added in last three months.

The Searl Effect Generator (Edwin van Ouwerkerk)
I have been doing research in the free energy and the laws of nature. I have been trying to unite the laws of physics (GUT,TOE) including mysticism, free energy, and other phenomena not included in the standard model used today. I will first start out with free energy. Here is my work on the Searl SEG.....

Self-Reliance And Survival Site
An ad for: The Self-Reliance Handbook: How to Survive Anything and Everything and Find Freedom in 21st Century AmericaHow to Find A Better Life and Freedom on Your Own--Without the "System". Do you know how to be energy self-reliant, getting energy directly from the sun and earth and independent sources, rather than the power companies--even if you live in an apartment? Etc.

Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
The primary goal of the SSE is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. A secondary goal is to promote improved understanding of those factors that unnecessarily limit the scope of scientific inquiry, such as sociological constraints, restrictive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, and the temptation to convert prevailing theory into prevailing dogma. Topics under investigation cover a wide spectrum. At one end are apparent anomalies in well established disciplines. At the other, we find paradoxical phenomena that belong to no established discipline and therefore may offer the greatest potential for scientific advance and the expansion of human knowledge. The Journal of Scientific Exploration is published quarterly by the Society for Scientific Exploration, P.O. Box 5848, Stanford, CA 94309-5848. Private subscription rate: US $50.00 per year (plus $15.00 postage outside USA). Institutional and Library subscription rate: US $100.00 per year. Periodical postage paid at Palo Alto, CA, and additional mailing offices. Email address: sims@jse.com. World Wide Web URL: http://www.scientificexploration.org. Telephone: 650-593-8581, FAX: 650-595-4466.

Spacetime Geometry (by Philip Lawson)
"This web page demonstates one aspect of my interest in spacetime geometry and its connection to my concept of time as a scalar (for a clock) and a vector in up to six dimensions for spacetime . The initial discussion concerns the most elementary connection between time as a scalar and its relationship to a two dimensional spacetime vector. I have found that the right angled triangle is the most basic cartesian vector unit and I have mentioned the trig functions. The primary purpose of this page is to show the connection between physics equations (circa 1908 ) and simple geometric figures. A later section contains information which I have generated to demonstrate an argument for a six dimensional spacetime in which both time and space are considered as vector quantities for the sake of symmetry and possible modern physics applications." [Jan. 1999.]

StarGazer: Free Energy; AntiGravity; Interference Patterns
An interesting website on free eenrgy and related topics from Matthew Redmond, in New Zealand. "I have started on page two of the science section which, again, I will "try" to update on weekends. Up and coming on part 2 is "Free Energy"; "AntiGravity"; Interference Patterns etc." [Aug. 1998.]

Strader Machine, The (by Brian Hulley)
"This page aims to be a repository of all information and indications concerning Rudolf Steiner's Strader Machine - a mysterious device which, by bringing technology into a completely human level, would help us overcome the current effects of materialistic world domination by greedy faceless corporations etc..." Very similar to Keely's devices based on "sympathetic vibrations. [Jan. 1999.]

Subtle Energy Medicine
Your Resource for Understanding, Selecting and Using Subtle Energy Technologies; including The MiraCoil by Sound Energy Research, Uni-Directional, and the Inert-Gas Device by Jon Fox.

Sumeria's Free Energy Page - by Neil Jensen
Very Useful Links Here! "By examining this and other evidence I have come to the conclusion that there is a corporate/government conspiracy to stifle discoveries not only in cold fusion but other emerging free or nearly free energy technologies as well - and there has been for a long time. The following links represent only a minute portion of the available evidence." [July 1998.]

Super Efficient Engine (By Don Keiser)
THIS ENGINE WILL: Double the fuel mileage on any engine. Reduce emissions by 1/2. 3. Increase power by at least 1/3. The environmental and economic implications are overwhelming. [Nov. 1998.]

Supergravity A Supersymmetry
Discussion on gravtity that contain: ;Gravitational Effects Are Equal To Acceleration Effects; Symmetry Versus Asymmetry; All Fermions Live In A Virtual Universe Of Bosons; Exploiting Translational Linear Motion From Rotation; The Conservation of Energy; Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Superunification; and A Unified Field Theory. [Aug. 1999.]

Swiss Association For Free Energy (In German)
SCHWEIZERISCHE ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT FÜR FREIE ENERGIE. Der Schlüssel zu unserer Web-Site liegt im pulsierenden Zentrum. Contact in English: Werner Rusterholz at rusterholz@safeswiss.org. [Aug. 1998.]

T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a "Private" Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their research in the exploration of, Areospace Technology, Gravity Research, Gravity Displacement,Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Time Control Techniqes, Quantum Physics , Unified Field Inertia Electrostatic Propulsion, To the exploration of examining possible methods of the absorption extraction techniques, to harness unlimited free energy sources, by utilizing a sophisticated combination of merging yesterdays technology, with today's modern high tech computer aided technological forces all under one roof.
Our members consists of a broad range of ordinary people from all walks of life, some of them are still in college, while others are college professors, scientists, physicists, computer technicians, or those who like to dabble in the electronics arena in their professions, to their garages basements at home. [Apr. 2004.]

Tesla Home Page - Inventions for Sale!
Electronic Toothbrush with Plaque Eliminator, MagnaTorque © Magnetic Brakes & Clutches, Low Cost Earth Quake Detector, Low Cost Ion Generator, and Links. [Sep. 1999.]

Tesla, Nikola, and Tesla Coils Page, (Weird Science)
A Definitive Home Page for Nikola Tesla! Part of the "Weird Science / Amateur Science" Pages. Includes: Tesla Discussion Groups; Tesla WWW links; Coiler's Pages; Coil Photos; Coil Plans, Instructions, Etc.; Homebrew Capacitors; Text Files & Other Info; Suppliers/Stores; Software; and lots of other great information. A real find!

Tesla, Nikola
The Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and scientist. Inventions include: a telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphase alternating-current system, induction motor, alternating-current power transmission, Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights, and MORE THAN 700 other patents. Includes: Inventions; Short Biography; Chicago World's Fair, 1893; Niagara Falls; Tesla On...; Others On Tesla; Anecdotes; Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.; Suggested Readings And Videos; Photo Album; Related WWW Links; and Acknowledgments.

Tesla, Nikola: The Genius of Nikola Tesla
"Somehow a great American citizen has been lost to our history. This man's name is Nikola Tesla. I am not sure how it happened, but I am trying to find out." Includes: The US Postage Stamp Picture; Information Files; Information from 256 Pages Obtained from the FBI (FOIA) files on Tesla: Enclosure I, Enclosure II; List of Tesla References from Richard Quick; Collection of Nikola Tesla Related Material; Connections for More Nikola Tesla Data; Related Web Site Links; and Information on the Tesla Memorial Society Inc.!

Tesla: Free Energy (by Oliver Nichelson)
In the 1880's, Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current system we use today. By the 1890's, he was working on a new type of electrical generator that would not "consume any fuel." Contains these full papers: Tesla's Fuelless Generator; Physics of the Fuelless Generator; and Tesla Wireless and the Tunguska Explosion. [Jan. 1999.]
Tesla Switch
John Bedini has demonstrated an inexpensive, cigar-box sized Tesla-type converter which he had recently built (for a conference). Throughout the demonstration, which lasted a full 24 hours during the symposium, a constant load was being drawn out of the system to do work. Nevertheless, the converter kept the nickel-cadmium batteries fully charged! The concept, which had been originated by Nikola Tesla, was given to John Bedini by Ronald Brandt, who was a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. Brandt is reputed to have a similar converter which he has used for years without loosing the battery charge. Bedini presented the schematic diagram showing how to build the solid-state device, and then released copies of the schematic diagram. Here it all is!

Testatika Free Energy Machine (Swiss M-L Converter)
A very good site on this alleged 3-5 kW from nothing device! The Testatika Free Energy Machine was developed by Mr. Paul Baumann in Switzerland, now with the METERNITHA group. It resembles a Wimshurst electrostatic machine. Other documents may refer to it as the "Swiss M-L converter" or "Thesta-Distatica." There are lots of good files in this site, including: Documents; Text descriptions; JPEG pictures; MPEG movies; and Viewing hints. [Moved Here: July 1998.]

= 3Z =
A Group of Russian, French and American Intellectuals and Inventors takes orders for resolving technological problems of any degree of difficulty using a variety of TRIZ and sells patented and not patented solutions. [Aug. 2000.]

Time Is Now: Free energy, earth changes, spiritual growth
"Are you aware that there are people who don't want you to be aware of your power? They want you to believe that this is just the way the world is and that you can't change anything. They trick you into creating your world the way they want it." Contains links on: Free Energy; Earth Changes; Spiritual Growth; Ufos; And More Interesting Stuff.

Top Secret Publishing (Reed Huish)
A small publishing company set up by Reed Huish to distribute documents on free energy projects and other financial advice. The funds from this company are used to support ongoing energy research.

TR-3B Triangular Anti-Gravity Craft, The (by Ed Fouche)
A very important speech given by Ed Fouche to the 1998 Summer Sessions at the International UFO Congress, describing the 200 foot across (600 foot operational model?) triangular UFO "anti-gravity" craft being built and tested in area S-4 (cf - Bob Lazar) inside Area 51 in Nevada. Use "FIND" to scan down for "TR-3B". Supposedly uses a heated mercury vortex to offset gravity "mass". Details included.

Transmutation Recipes For Making Gold
Three Separate Recipes are Given. Comments on transmutation are below the recipes; also links which provide the images and an htm file that will help with visualization of the atom as it truly is. These will be added to as material is transcribed. Relates to the "White Powder of Gold" as discussed and "promoted" by David Hudson of Phoenix, Arizona. [May 1998.]

Unitary Orbital Conception of Elementary Particles and Their Interactions In Con
An alternative approach to their structure discrepant from the Standard Model. By Dr. G. Sardin. Includes: Quantization of Elementary Particles, Orbital Structure of the Neutron, Positive Core and Negative Shell, Conceptual Fundamentals, Newgroups Loads, Links to Archive and Forum, and more.

User's Group, Macintosh: SMUG
Internet Links from the Stanford/Palo Alto, CA, Macintosh User's Group, voted by AOL in 1996 as the best mid-sized Mac User Group Web Site. Includes sections on: Bay Area; Directories & Search Engines; Government (Federal); Macintosh and Software; News & Information; Street Maps; and World Wide Web Information & Help.

User's Group, PC: Houston
Houston Area, TX, League of PC User's Web Site. Voted by AOL in 1996 as the best large-sized User Group Web Site.

Voice Stress Analysis Freeware, TVSA3.
This text is complete with links to referenced documents and web sites on the internet. Because it is intended for dissemination off of the internet as well as on, the convention of surrounding links with [ square brackets ] to denote them is used, with web addresses listed at the end. For convienience, both text and internet style "htm" copies of this document are included in TVSA3.zip. Load the htm into your browser for best viewing. Includes: 1. About Voice Stress Analysis; 2. The Final Revolution; 3. Download TVSA3.zip; 4. TVSA3 Operating Instructions.; 5. About The Bug in Version One.; 6. Version Differences.

Vortex World
Includes: A short (personal) presentation of Viktor Schauberger; A short presentation of the Malmö group; Water treatment, our work and other's, reports, ideas and theories; The Repulsin (or the UFO) some ideas and our preliminary work; Energy production by wind/air and water, ideas of the Malmö group; and more!

Watson's, Greg, Home Page in Australia (Papers of Interest)
Includes sections on: My DNMEC New Energy Research, Greg Watson Consulting, Links, Papers & Patents. The Papers Section includes papers by: Leon Dragone, Hal Puthoff, Osamu Ide, S. Rauch & L. Johnsone, Tim Vaughan, Zack Widup, Wesley Gary, D. Bauer, and Gaston Burridge.

Wave Theory of The Field
A new site by Walter E. R. Cassani. Contains a lot of organized information on " a new, unitary Wave Theory, for justification of masses and fields". Includes, in hipertext form, a new Unified Theory, ( THE WAVE THEORY OF THE FIELD ) that realize the Einstein's dream, and constitute a real theorical explication of Cold Fusion, a new wave explication of a different Quantum Gravity, and the unification of the four interactions and connect really General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, and conduct at many other physical unifications. Includes sections on: Abstract, Introduction, Perturbations of Schild's discrete space-time, Wave Hypothesis of the mass field, Wave momentum, Energy and it's variation, The Relative Symmetry Principle, Wave interpretation of General Relativity, Wave description of the Compton-effect, Wave model of Electron and Proton, Wave creation of pairs, Wave interpretation of the Lorentz force, The Inertia wave nature, The Wave nature of gravity, Terminal Velocities for masses, The Fifth Interaction, The wave nature of electric charge, The vectorial description of the particle, The Principle of Relative Isotropy, Statistical possibility for creation of single particles, Mass defect and wave nuclear force, The Neutron wave model, Beta decay in wave model, The Muon and Pion wave model, The wave atom, The fine structure constant, Light as wave's variation, Conclusions, and Reference.

Weird Science, Anomalous Physics, and Tesla Society
Includes information on: Science, Hobbyist, Cool Science, Amateur Science, Science Demos Articles, Experiments, Exhibits, W E I R D S C I E N C E - Energy, Gravity, "Crazy" Inventions, Science Education Resource WWW Links, Science Museums, Home Schooling Links, Tesla Coils, Weird Fun (Link Collection), etc..

Wireless Engineering Incorporated
Toby Grotz's Web Site - Featuring: Instrumentation & Process Control Design, Project Management, Raw Water Systems, Cooling Tower Level Controls, Allen Bradley PLCs, Field Service and Startup, New Energy Research, Institute for New Energy, Zero Point Energy Transducers, and Space Power Generators.

World of Forteanism
Resources in the world of Forteanism: ET Modem Home! UFO resources in cyberspace; One Measures the Net; Beginning Anywhere A Fortean's Guide to the net; UFO References from the Library of Congress; The Alt.Misc.Forteana (Fortean) FAQ; Fortean Organizations; Voynich Manuscript Bibliography All about the mysterious manuscript; Free Energy Sourceguide. [Paranoia is the awareness someone is against you; pronoia is the suspicion someone is helping you; metanoia is the suspicion that even most paranoids may have a limited scope of vision.] Also see Fortean Times on Line [at alpha.mic.dundee.ac.uk/ft/ft/html].

World Energy Grid: Home Page of Bruce Cathie
Harmonics and the Unified Field: This site gives information on Grid energy,gravity, light, the electromagnetic forces, and the unified field theory. Bruce Cathie's latest book "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" is available with complete diagrams and formulae. The book is a powerful culmination of all Bruce's' research to date and summarises all his previous publications. All the calculations have been computerised and checked by scientists. We recommend that this book be purchased in combination with the World Energy Grid Software. This program calculates all the values for research purposes.

World Muse
Millennium Twain's Home Page: "Consulting Revolutioneer, jack-of-all-trades, AntiPhysicist" from Plasmatronics Inc.

World Spacedrives Development Association
World Archives for Space Drives (i.e. non-rocket space propulsion systems); info exchange between inventors, researchers, journalists, and all other interested parties.

Zpower Corporation: Home of the Energy Revolution
Formerly "Zenergy". Zpower Corporation was founded to commercially develop, and market globally a range of revolutionary energy technologies, with the aim of providing a foundation for the peace, health and prosperity of all people and for a sustainable world that supports all life. Zenergy's capabilities include a wide range of services, including intellectual property protection, development finance, corporate structures, tax planning, licensing, marketing and forming strategic partnerships for manufacture and sales. Zenergy's plans include a well proven, very high leverage route for rapid deployment of technology worldwide. Includes several pages of very interesting and useful information, including: Corporate Overview; What is Free Energy?; Articles about Free Energy; Programs for Inventors; Investment Opportunities; Links to other Energy Sites; Zenergy Personnel; Contact Information; and more. [June 1999.]

Zero Point Energy and the New Physics
Z.A.P. is in possession of the insight or the mentation required to exploit this science owing to our grasp of the unifying principle. This site is dedicated to (the difficult task indeed of) encouraging the orientations necessary to understanding the nature of these new applications in the absence of a fully developed theory of the science of Zero Point Physics (AKA: Vacuum Energy Physics, Scalar Physics, Unified Field Theory or Overunity Theory.) The public awareness of the range and significance of the impressive new applications in electromagnetics is about to develop explosively. ... The turning point to understanding the reality behind the actuality of various effects generated by certain motors or instruments of motility having no moving parts, etc., rests with Einstein's descriptions of the "Zero Point".

Zero-Point Field, Home Page by Bernhard Haisch
Contains lots of information on Dr. Haisch's theoretical research into the Zero-Point Field. Also several hard-to find papers, some yet to be linked, including: Inertia: Does Empty Space Put Up The Resistance?; Unbearable Lightness; Beyond E=Mc2; A Quantum Broom Sweeps Clean; Inertia As A Zero-Point-Field Lorentz Force; Vacuum Zero-Point-Field Pressure Instability In Astrophysical Plasmas And The Formation Of Cosmic Voids; Physics Of The Zero-Point-Field: Implications For Scientific Papers Inertia, Gravitation And Mass; Quantum And Classical Statistics Of The Electromagnetic Zero-Point-Field; The Relevance Of The Electromagnetic Zero-Point Field To Astrophysics; Astrophysical Journal, in preparation; Commentary by Prof. Paul Davies; and Lockheed Martin Press Release. Also contains links to other astrophysics and Zero-Point Field web sites.

Znidarsic, Yusmar: Home Page
Yusmar Znidarsic's home page, containing interesting information on the testing of Yury and Siemon Potapov's "Sound Of The Yusmar 9/96" device, from the Soviet Union. Although an overall energy gain of 1.00 was achieved, they recognize the tremendous potential of this technology, and feel that they can improve on the basic technology and turn around these early unfortunate early results. Other related information is also presented.

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