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By Hal Fox, Editor

From: NEN, Vol. 3, No. 8, January 1996, pp. 1-2.

New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Three new energy technologies will provide the power generating systems for the 21st century.

Cold fusion, high-density charge clusters, and supermotors using supermagnets are the prime candidates to provide unlimited power for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. These three new technologies have one attribute in common: all three are unexplained by currently-accepted scientific models.

The first public announcement of the discovery of cold fusion was arranged by the University of Utah staff on March 23, 1989 where Professors Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons reluctantly appeared. After over six years of controversy and development, the leading contender for commercialization is the light-water, lithium electrolyte, nickel/palladium catalyst, Patterson Power Cell (TM) (PPC). Late in 1995, the first million-dollar license for commercialization of the PPC has been negotiated with a U.S. Fortune 500 company.

High-density charge cluster (HDCC) technology has been under development by the world's greatest inventor since the 1980s. The possibility of power generation by this technology became publicly accessible when U .S. Patent 5,018,180 was issued in 1991. This is the first U.S. patent (that I know about) in which it is explained that the device obtains its energy from the vacuum field zero-point energy source. Space energy is one of the energy sources of the future and is characterized by an essentially unlimited source of power [1].

Supermotors using supermagnets are capable of providing two to four times as much power output as input power. The latest development, the Takahashi supermagnet supermotor (SMSM) has been delivered to highly-qualified scientists and engineers in the U.K. for independent verification [2]. This motor, installed in an electric vehicle, has the capability of climbing hills where its full power is demanded, or traveling on level roadways and charging the batteries when its load demand is lessened. This type of motor will be the transportation prime mover of the 21st century.


The first level of complaint, and immediate dismissal of HDCC and SMSM technologies, will come as, "That is against the Law of Conservation of Energy." In this case, it is not the law that is broken, it is the underlying, currently accepted scientific concept of an empty aether [3]. Immediately when one accepts the concept of an energetic aether, then the HDDC and SMSM devices are seen as energy transformers. Energy transformers are a perfectly acceptable concept.

We merely need to update the 1800s and early 1900s concept of an energetic aether and none of the rest of our cherished scientific models are disturbed.


A similar dismissal of strong criticism against cold fusion is easily handled. The hot fusioneers have made a fundamental error in judgment. Because they are so thoroughly skilled in gas plasma physics, where light-element fusion can and does occur, they have expected that any fusion in an electrochemical cell, on or near the surface of a metal lattice, must be similar to fusion in a gas plasma. The only way these scientists could have been more seriously in error would be to condemn the discovery of cold fusion, which some did! To compound the error, some so-called scientists turned their skills to political lobbying and worse. in their misguided attempt to prevent error from creeping into the august halls of government, these lobbyists used their skills to prevent government funds from being used for cold fusion research. They publicly condemned the successful scientists, wrote and funded books about "Bad Science," "Too Hot to Handle," and "Scientific Fiasco of the Century," and showed up at many cold fusion conferences to harvest chaff and discard grain. The greatest crime perpetrated against the inventors, engineers, and scientists working with cold fusion, was to instigate action to deny the rights bestowed by the Constitution of the Unites States upon its citizens - the rights to intellectual property.


This new year brings enormous opportunities for all of us. The artificial barrier to the protection of intellectual property in the U.S. Office of Patents will be removed. The first cold fusion products will be marketed. The concept of Energy Transformers tapping and transforming power from an energetic aether will be independently verified. The venture capitalists will discover enhanced energy devices and systems. Investors will soon have the opportunity to invest in the modem-day equivalents of growth companies like the historic examples of IBM, XEROX, and 3M.

On the academic front, there will be a few conversions, many retirements, and the paving of the way for a new generation of scientists to shift the paradigms that have stayed the progress of new energy development. Inventors, engineers, and scientists working on cold fusion (or new hydrogen energy), HDCC, or "over-unity" magnetic motors will no longer be the lunatic fringe but will become the respectable far-sighted developers of a wave of new energy devices and systems. The old peer-review system, which has historic roots in the Inquisition where the names of reviewers were kept secret, will be replaced by democratic processes. The new peer-review system will allow for an exchange of views among peers who will post their name and dates on reviewed papers. It will be recognized that where fundamental new discoveries are made, there are no peers.

Institutions such as the Institute for New Energy, the International Association for New Science, and especially the timely financial assistance of Bill and Lynda Beierwaltes (who funded the first two International Retreats and Symposia on New Energy) must be credited for some of the successes. These groups and many other groups and publications have kept the light of knowledge burning. All of you, from scientists to subscribers can take credit for helping institute the New Energy Age. It is not only you, but your children and your grandchildren who will enormously benefit. Therefore, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


[1 ] The Correa "Energy conversion system," patents (US 5,449,989, ect.) on plasma arcs are considered to be a part of this technology.

[2] "Accident in Lab Creates Super Motor," The Sunday Times, London, December 10, 1995. [see also page 8]

[3] This publication has adopted the English spelling, aether, and leaves ether to be used as an anesthetic.

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