August 23, 2000

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Institute for New Energy Subjects Index - Table of Contents

SUBJECTS INDEX - Table of Contents.

146 Entries.

From the Institute for New Energy Web Site at: www.padrak.com/ine/

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. (AEI)
Aether (the Vacuum of Space)
Alchemy (Nuclear Element and/or Isotope Transmutation)
American Physical Society
Bessler, Johann
Big Bang (Theory)
Binding Forces (Regions of Varying)
Blacklight Power
Borderland Science Research Foundation
Brown, Townsend
Brown's Gas
Carburetors, High Mileage
Clarke, Arthur C.
Cold Fusion
Conference on Free Energy
Commercial Sources
Congress: How to Email and Contact
Disintegration of Materials
DOE: Department of Energy, US
Doppler Effect
Ecklin, John
Einstein, Albert
Electric Propulsion
Energy - Oil, Gas, Comparisons, Crisis
Energy Grid, The
Energy, Ki - From the Human Body
Energy, New
Engines, Higher Efficiency
Energy Machines
Energy, Subtle (and Human Aura)
Environmental News Network - ENN
Fabulous Facts
Faraday, Michael
Flying Saucers
Flywheels and Their Effects
Forces, Reactionless
Free Energy
Fuel Cells
Fuels - Synthetic
Funding - New Projects
Future Technology Intelligence Report
GEET: Global Environmental Energy Technology
Gifts, INE
GIT Device
Gleeson, Stanley
HAARP: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Hot Fusion
IANS: International Association for New Science
ICCF: International Conferences on Cold Fusion
IECEC: Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
INE: Institute for New Energy
Insert Gasses
Infinite Energy Magazine
Information Sources
Information Transfer (Politics)
ISNE: International Symposium on New Energy
ITS: International Tesla Society
Journal of New Energy
Keely, John W.
Koenig, Earl
Lee, Dennis: Better World Technologies
LENT Experiments: Low-Energy Nuclear Transformations
Levitron: The Anti-Gravity Top (Toy)
Light (Properties of)
Lorentz Transformation
Marches, Demonstrations, etc.
Marinov, Stefan
Mark, Steven
METHERNITA (Switzerland)
Meyer, Stanley
Moray, T. Henry
National Philosophy Alliance
NEN: New Energy News
New Ideas in Natural Sciences Conference (June 1996, St.
Nexus Magazine
New Energy News
Newman, Joseph - the Newman Motor, etc.
Nuclear Waste
Oil - Supply and Demand
Orgonne Energy
PACE: Planetary Association for Clean Energy
Park, Dr. Robert (A "Professor" at MIT)
Patents, Information
Patents, Actual
Patterson Power Cell (TM)
Perpetual Motion Machines (That Work!)
Philadelphia Experiment
Physics, Advanced!
Products, INE
Project Earth
Propulsion, Advanced
Radiation and Monitoring
Radioactive Decay Processes
Reich, Dr. Wilhelm
Related Scientific and Other Areas
Relativity Theories, Lorentz Transformations, etc.
Russell, Walter - His Work
Sacred Geometry
Schauberger, Victor
Secrecy Order
Skeptics: Sources and Views
Smith Coil (Measures Changing Binding Forces)
Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
Sound Energy
Space Energy
Steven's Device
Supression / Support of New Energy Technologies
Swiss M-L Converter (Testatika Device)
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Syntroleum (Synthetic Petroleum)
Tesla, Nikola
Theories: Field Theory and Unified Field Theory, etc.
Tidal Power
Torsion Fields
Transmutation of Elements and Isotopes
Trenergy, Inc.
UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects, "Flying Saucers", etc.)
User's Groups
Vortex Mechanics
Waste, Radioactive
Wave Theory
Web Sites: Advanced Energy and Related
White Powder of Gold ("Manna", perhaps)
Zenergy (now Zpower, Mar. 8, 1999) Corporation
Zero-Point Energy

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