Mar. 10, 1999

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By Shelly Thomson and Steven Elswick

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***** Bulletin for The San Francisco Tesla Society members ******


First, a message from Shelley Thomson:

As our long-term members know, the San Francisco Tesla Society was originally formed as a chapter of the International Tesla Society, based in Colorado Springs. At about the time our group was formed, the ITS had a change of management which initiated a change in its character and objectives.

After a year we voted to disaffiliate. Our reasons were as follows:

1) local autonomy. The new ITS management wished to micromanage our group, and the membership objected. ITS insisted that we put it to a vote; this was done. The vote to disaffiliate was unanimous.

2) desire to see high-quality scientific presentations. Subsequent to the management change, the ITS exhibited what could be described as a lack of sophisticated judgment about the inventors and inventions which they chose to support.

3) general responsibility. The financial involvement of some ITS management in enterprises which the ITS chose to support was a matter of wide concern and caused the resignation of at least one ITS board member.

We have just been notified that the International Tesla Society is no more. This is sad news. Many of us had hoped that the ITS would return to its former high quality of performance.

It is now more important than ever that the San Francisco Tesla Society continue to support the memory and work of Nikola Tesla.

Shelley Thomson

President, San Francisco Tesla Society

The following is a letter from Steven R. Elswick:

Dear Fellow members of the International Tesla Society,

There have been a number of developments concerning the Society which many of you have not been properly informed of. This letter is to inform you of those developments.

First off, I‚d like to introduce myself to those who may have never heard of me. My name is Steve Elswick and I am a founder of the International Tesla Society as well as a life member. Over the years I served in various capacities as an Officer (Secretary-1989, President-1990, Vice- President-1991-1995) and Director of the Society (1984-1995). For most of the time I was actively involved with the Board of Directors, I was the Society‚s primary Editor of its publications (Proceedings - 1 986 &1988, Newsletter 1984-1988, ExtraOrdinary Science Magazine - 1989-1995). I also was involved in conducting all of the Society‚s Conferences (1984-1996) and for a time was the Conference Co-Ordinator (1988-1995). During those years, I put a lot of time and effort into making the Tesla Society the leading organization introducing new and emerging technologies in science, energy, and medicine. In late 1995, I left the Society for reasons I will not go into here. Many of you are aware that it has become impossible to contact the Society by phone, and those that have been to Colorado Springs may have noticed the Museum is no longer there. All members should be aware that they have not received a magazine in over a year (or two?). This is due to the fact that the Tesla Society no longer is a viable corporation.

Recently, I received word that the International Tesla Society is preparing to go to bankruptcy court. According to the former directors which I have contacted, the Board deposed its President in one meeting and then all of the directors resigned at the next meeting after turning its matters into the hands of a lawyer take the corporation to bankruptcy court. This would effectively dissolve the Society in my opinion.

This action places a lot of things in limbo at this point as I do not even know how much longer the USA-TESLA listserver sponsored by the Tesla Society will remain in existence. I have watched over the last two months to see if they would do right by their members and inform them of the tragedy that is unfolding. To date, I have not even seen a hint posted to the Tesla listserver or even on their webpages.

Although it is a sad day, the work started by the Society is being continued under the auspices of Exotic Research. Since I left the Society, I have been able to launch our magazine Exotic Research Report and had my first successful conference in Mesa Arizona. When I helped found the Tesla Society in 1984, I had a very specific goal in mind to build a credible platform for people to present new and creative ideas.

My goals have not changed only the means to accomplish them. For those interested in pursuing the dream, I am planning another conference in Seattle in March 1999 and putting together a new resource center which will effectively replace the Society‚s bookstore. Videotapes of our Mesa conference are available already and have been for some time. I encourage everyone to join Exotic Research to get the same quality of information that was available at the Society prior to my departure in 1995. If you wish to be kept abreast of developments as they unfold, get on my e- mail list. The sign-up function is on my webpage: www.exoticresearch.com

This is a posting list for messages from Exotic Research only. There will not be a constant deluge of messages for those on it - just information on events and items of interest to Exotic Researchers. If there is sufficient interest, I will look into starting an Exotic Research listserver sometime in the future - especially if the USA-TESLA listserver goes down.

Anyone desiring to discuss anything concerning this e-mail can contact me at: Exotic Research, PO Box 411, Stanfield, AZ 85272 or call me at (520) 424-3581. I prefer phone calls and am at this location almost 24/7.

For those that might object to this e-mail, let me state in advance I believe that everyone who is a member of the International Tesla Society should be a fully informed member. This letter is intended to inform those who supported the Society by becoming members of the tragedy that has occurred and for that, no apology is necessary so save the flames.

Feel free to pass this information on. Sincerely, and with deep regrets.

Steven R. Elswick

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