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A Privately Organized Meeting
College Station, Texas
June 19, 1995


January 1996 Vol. 1, No. 1

Notice: This meeting was organized by J. O'M. Bockris and G. H. Lin as scientists and searchers of truth. This meeting was not advertised in any of the technical journals. Participation in the meeting was by invitation. Although the meeting was held in a conference room at Texas A&M, College Station, Texas on June 19, 1995, the meeting was not a part of college-supported activities. No public press was invited nor present.

These proceedings have been prepared from contributions of papers prepared for this meeting. We are grateful to Dr. Guang H. Lin for his help in arranging for the details of the conference, the pictures of participants, and for getting the papers submitted for publication.


On March 23, 1989, Pons and Fleischmann made a public announcement (at the request of the administration of the University of Utah) of the discovery of cold nuclear fusion. In July, 1989 this editor began the publication of Fusion Facts, a monthly newsletter which has reported monthly on the national and international progress of cold nuclear fusion. New discoveries made during the past six years have led to an expanded interest in low-energy nuclear reactions both in cold fusion cells and in other experiments. Over six hundred cold fusion papers (of the 2500 papers reviewed) have reported on measuring nuclear byproducts from cold fusion experiments. In addition to cold fusion, there have been other experimental findings, often not explained by traditional scientific models, of low-energy nuclear reactions. In the opinion of this editor, progress in science is made by discovery, by the pursuit of anomalies, and not by the dogmatic acceptance of previous models. Many of the participants in the conference have been actively involved in either cold fusion theory or experiments. Having participated in the international exchange of information on cold fusion and having seen the growth of a new science from pathologic skepticism to the verge of commercialization, it is a pleasure to volunteer to publish the proceedings of this historic conference.


The publisher wishes to thank those responsible for this conference, especially Dr. J. O'M. Bockris and Guang H. Lin for the invitations and the meeting arrangements. All participants are congratulated for their experimental, theoretical, and informational contributions. Robyn Harris, Dineh Torres and Dee Winter have been diligent in effectively using their time (between preparing and publishing two monthly newsletters) to produce this document. We especially acknowledge and congratulate all of those true scientists and experimenters who have been responsible for forging ahead with investigations of new anomalies when assured by lesser lights that what they were trying to do was scientifically impossible. This is the same professional category of pioneers to which Faraday, the Wright Brothers, the Curies, Goddard, Steinmetz, Tesla, Kervran, and (more recently) Pons and Fleischmann belong. More important than the winners of Nobel prizes, amidst the acclaims of their peers, are those, who against the "better judgement" of their peers, persevere in the discoveries of new truths and change both scientific knowledge and the way in which we more abundantly live, work, and play.

Note: Some editorial privilege was invoked in making changes to papers that had been translated from foreign languages. Any lack of clarity can be attributed to the lack of suitable knowledge of the editor/publishers.

Hal Fox, Salt Lake City, Utah, January, 1996

Proceedings Copyright 1995 Fusion Information Center. Authors.


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January 1996 Vol. 1, No. 1

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The Journal of New Energy (JNE) is devoted to publishing professional papers with experimental results that may not conform to the currently-accepted scientific models. The topics to be covered in this journal include cold nuclear fusion, low-energy nuclear reactions, high density charge cluster technology (including some plasma circuits where enhanced energy is produced), high- efficiency motors or generators, solid-state circuits that appear to provide anomalous amounts of output energy, and other new energy devices. Papers with experimental data are preferred over theoretical papers. Standard alternative energy topics such as hydrogen fuel, wind power, solar power, tidal power, and geothermal power are not solicited.

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About the Editor

Hal Fox was the director of the first research laboratory at the University of Utah Research Park. Hal is also co-founder (with several U.S. cold fusion scientists) of ENECO, Inc., a Utah corporation dedicated to the commercialization of cold fusion.

Hal Fox is the leading founder of the Fusion Information Center which publishes both Fusion Facts, a monthly technical newsletter designed to keep subscribers informed of the latest developments in cold fusion, and New Energy News, a monthly newsletter for members of the Institute for New Energy and other world-wide subscribers.

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Printed in the U.S.A.


College Station, Texas
June 19, 1995


January 1996 Vol. 1, No. 1

Proceedings Contents:


J. O'M. Bockris (Texas A&M Univ.), R.T. Bush (Cal-Polytech), G.H. Lin (Texas A&M Univ.), and R.A. Monti Instituto TESRE):
Do Nuclear Reactions Take Place Under Chemical Stimulation? [p. 5]

Chairman J. O'M. Bockris

T. Passell (EPRI):
Overview Of EPRI Program In Deuterided Metals. [p. 9]

T. Ohmori (University of Hokkaido), M. Enyo (Hakodate National College of Technology):
Iron Formation in Gold and Palladium Cathodes. [p15]

A. B. Karabout, Y. Kucherov, B. Savvatimova (Scientific Industrial Association):
Possible Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms at Glow Discharge Experiment. [p. 20]

S. Miguet, I. Dash (Portland State University):
Microanalysis of Palladium after Electrolysis in Heavy Water. [p. 23]

R. Bush (Cal Polytec):
Electrolytically Stimulated Cold Nuclear Synthesis of Strontium from Rubidium. [p. 28]

R. Notoya (Hokkaido University):
Low Temperature Nuclear Change of Alkali Metallic Ions Caused by Electrolysis. [p. 39]

G. Rabzi (Ukrainian International Academy of Original Ideas):
Mechanism of Low Temperature Transmutation. [p. 46]

A. Fabrikant, M. Meyerovich (Ukrainain International Academy of Original Ideas); Presented by Dr. Georgiy S. Rabzi:
Some Results of Experimental Investigations in Low-Temperature Metals Transmutations. [p. 56]

Chairman Guang H. Lin

Y. Kim (Purdue University):
Formulation of Low-energy Nuclear Interaction Based on Optical Theorem. [p. 61]

R. Bush (Cal Polytech): The Electron Catalyzed Fusion Model (ECFM) Reconsidered with special emphasis Upon the Production of Tritium and Neutrons. [p. 63]

R. Brightsen (Clustron Sciences Corporation):
Application of the Neutron Cluster Model to Experimental Results. Presented by: R. Davis [p. 68]

R. Brightsen (Clustron Sciences Corporation):
Correspondence of the Nucleon Cluster Model with the Classical Periodic Table of Elements. [p.75]

Chairman Guang H. Lin

T. Mizuno, T. Akimoto, K. Azumi, M. Kitaichi, K. Kurokawa (Hokkaido University):
Excess Heat Evolution and Analysis of Elements for Solid State Electrolyte in Deuterium Atmosphere During Applied Electric Field. [p. 79]

R. Kovac (Mountain States Mine and Smelter):
Plasma Shaping: An Atomic Transmutation
Concept. [p. 87]

T. Grotz (University of Science and Philosophy):
Low-temperature Nuclear Changes Using Magnetic Fields and Dual Polarity Control. [p. 104]

T. Claytor, D. Jackson, D. Tuggle (Los Alamos National Lab):
Tritium Production from a Low Voltage Deuterium Discharge on Palladium and Other Metals. [p. 111]

R. Monti (Burns Development Ltd.):
Variations of the Half-Lives of Radioactive Elements and Associated Cold Fusion and Cold Fission Reactions. [p. 119]


M. Swanz (Jet Technology):
Potential for Positional Variation in Flow Calorimetric Systems [p. 126]

Index [p. 131]

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