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From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 9, May 1999, pp. 9-10.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


The title is inspired by the mission statement of the Slovakia-based company called INTERENERGORESURS, a knowledge-intensive enterprise having as primary source of revenues licensing agreements for its really earth-shaking and new breakthrough technologies.

The high quality of the portfolio of licenses of the company is based on the collaboration with front-line scientists and inventors from Russia and Eastern Europe, places which temporarily are lacking funds but have plenty of resources of first class little gray cells. Beyond its 17- letters name, suggesting that it is focusing on "international energy resources", attested by the three "generations" of YUSMAR devices which are world leaders in energy saving, the company offers unique, genuine technological 'gems' as:

-- an INDUSTRIAL process for production of fullerenes, the very first worldwide- an opening toward thousands of high-tech applications;

-- a handy, on-the-site, process for "highly reactive hydrocarbon mixtures," a stuff with unmatched efficiency for oil spill removal;

-- a hyper-efficient filler for rubber and plastics;

-- innovative processes for esthetically and optically perfect high-temperature monocrystals and ceramics;

-- processes for the manufacture of rare-earth metals and for isotopes of osmium;

-- an invincible method for the protection of documents, banknotes, credit-cards etc. against counterfeiting by using the isotope osmium-187 as marker.

-- a device for waste-water treatment, YUSMAR-PP-BIO, highly efficient and with a broad range of applicability.

-- vortex type air coolers/heaters with the best working parameters and performances worldwide.

All this licenses are fully backed and supported by patents, know-how reports, international certifications and, last but not least by the prestige of the inventors.

And this is only the start. The company, which hopefully will get a short acronym and brand-name, IER, (shortness of name is a sign of greatness) was founded in November 1997 by Mikhail Pavlovskiy, entrepreneur from Ukraine who is the general manager of IER. His primary motivation and the raison d'etre of the company is ecological awareness and care, pollution being a chronical problem for our generation and especially troubling and acute for IER's geographical area.

In Pavlovskiy's vision, the primary task is to reduce significantly the consumption of fuels of all kind, solid, liquid gaseous; he dreams about a fuel-less Terra sometime in the 21st century.

His associate and close friend, coming from the Moldova Republic, Dr. Yuri S. Potapov is inventor emeritus of his country, member of the Russian and Ukrainian academies, owner of the US award "Torch of Birmingham", an Edison of our age. Potapov's YUSMAR machines generate heat and electric power from water. The newest devices are working completely autonomously. These claims can be verified at the sites, IER Company in Rimavska Subota and YUSMAR Company in Kishinev.

Other consultants/associates/supporters of the company are:

Ilya Varshavski, the renowned inventor of rocket engines, of hydrogen based engines with closed loops, founder of the scientific field called "energy- accumulating substances", president of the "Albert Einstein" International Academy for Energetics, leading member of the Russian Academy.

Henry Gelperin, member of the Russian Committee for Environmental Protection, member of the Russian Academy, of the International Academy for Nature and Society, the academies of cosmonautics, of noosphere etc., etc.;

D. F . Baziev, Ph. D., member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

Lev G. Sapogin, professor, founder of the "unitary quantum theory";

Peter Gluck, Ph. D., from the Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Technology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, professor of management of technology and of ecological energetics, pioneer of the consulting activity in his country.

This gives an image of the tacit knowledge supporting IER. As for the explicit knowledge, this can be evaluated on the basis of a collection of over 400 patents collected and owned by the company.

The company's strategy is based on the firm belief that all the citizen's of Earth are entitled to a clean environment and to energetical prosperity. Therefore IER is ready to start discussions about selling licenses and patent rights to all the interested parties. The company thinks that in this new world, communication beyond geography and collaboration beyond history is indeed possible.


The coordinates of the company:

97901 Rimavska Subota
ul. Fucikova, SLOVAKIA

Tel: 0042 1866 5631432
Tel/Fax : 0042 1866 5631144
Mobile : 0042 1903 8033222
Website in construction!

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June 2, 1999.