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From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 8, March 1999, pp. 1-2.
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BLACKLIGHT POWER, INC. The FIRST Commercialization of a New-Energy Device!

In the January 1992 issue of Fusion Facts Dr. Randell L. Mills was named as a Fusion Scientist of the Year 1991. Here is a quote from the article: "On April 26, 1989, Dr. Mills had filed a patent for 'Energy/Matter Conversion Methods and Structures.' Dr. Mills states, '...we scaled it up greater than a factor of a thousand and we have right now a cell running that is a commercial demonstration of this technology. We're pushing right now ... we have a contract we're pursuing that will give us a one kilowatt -- a one thousand watt home heating unit within four months. We have the electrochemical power cell -- it is running. It has the capacity of putting out a thousand watts. And we are waiting for the heat exchanger unit to interface with that [power cell] and we will have a prototype of a home heating unit.'"

Dr. Mills related that he had begun the theoretical work leading to his discovery in 1988, working about a year before beginning the over 350 experiments looking for tritium and optimizing conditions. That was seven years ago. During the past seven years, Dr. Mills has developed his new-energy device to the current state where he has announced commercialization by the sale of licenses to energy companies that desire to enter the market with this new-energy technology.

We congratulate Dr. Mills for his excellent development work. He has progressed from a liquid electrolyte cell to a high-temperature-producing gaseous cell. In addition, he has convincing evidence that this cell is not based on nuclear reactions but on a new type of chemical reaction. Here is the way Dr. Mills describes his invention. (Quoted from

A fundamental new-energy source (the BlackLight process) has been derived theoretically and confirmed empirically by BlackLight Power Inc. (BLP). The process is not nuclear -- neither fission nor fusion, nor is it chemical in the usual sense, in that there is no molecular alteration. The BlackLightT.M. process, developed by Randell L. Mills, BlackLight's president, is a catalytically -induced transformation of hydrogen energy states to levels below the "ground state", as defined by generally-accepted atomic theory.

We congratulate Dr. Randell L. Mills for being the first to get a new-energy technology to market. For further information see the Website.

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June 2, 1999.