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By INE Staff

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 5, Sept. 1998, p. 4.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


By INE Staff


The publishers of New Energy News plan to have a fast announcement of any significant development in new energy. All Members of INE and all Professional Members in INE are asked to send us their email address. Please send to:

Hal Fox at:


We appreciate that many persons are taking advantage of the "no cost" in email to send many copies of information to their friends. The volume of our email is so large that we must institute the following policy:

We welcome information on new energy topics. Please address such topics directly to the email address above.

We welcome specific inquiries from readers and energy enthusiasts. We will try to honor your queries by sending you appropriate information either by email or ordinary mail.

We welcome technical contributions of a constructive informative nature. Letters concerned mainly with criticism or suggestions of "what went wrong in your experiment" are deemed to be of little value to NEN.

We welcome publishable articles, especially related to experimental evidence of new-energy research. Articles should be submitted by mail with easy to scan type and drawings. Any articles sent for consideration should NEVER be over 500K in total size if sent through the Email. Always send TEXT files, instead of files in a certain application. If you have figures, send them in separate files, numbered, in separate email from the text. They have a better chance of being useable that way. Send equations and figures by mail also, so we are sure to be able to reproduce them properly.

We welcome constructive comments about NEN and how we can improve each issue.

If you have any important message and can afford a stamp or a phone call, you will ensure daily consideration of your message. We will do our best with email but it is much more time consuming than handling a letter or a fax.

Dr. Pat Bailey continues to post selected, timely information on the INE web site. However, for complete, private, and the most timely information, you will receive it first by subscribing to New Energy News. When we can afford to do so, we will have a members-only accessible posting on some part of the growing world-wide communication system. Thank you for your understanding. Your comments invited.

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Oct. 25, 1998.