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Dis-Information in the New Energy Field: Specifically on the Swiss M-L Converter (Testatika)

Letter from Don Kelly

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 4, Aug. 1998, pp. 17-18.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


Don Kelly (Space Energy Association, Clearwater, FL), "Dis-Information in the New Energy Field."

There are some ominous events happening in the new energy field at this time which must be counteracted before they begin to take hold and accepted by the public. Some recent releases on the Internet, and in some magazine articles show the description of some past new energy projects which have been distorted so that they bear little resemblance to the original project work.

Specifically, the release of the Swiss M-L Converter, or "Testatika" system, is certainly the most distorted version of this first class N/E system that we have yet seen. While most researchers agree that the "Testatika" is the most complex and labor-intensive N/E system yet devised, it is also the very best and preeminent system on the N/E scene today! It has earned this position as a true free energy generator by the self-running feature by the use of twin electrostatic discs, which are both motorized and function as high voltage E/S generators.

Very few researchers have yet recognized the true value in these twin, self-running discs, and that they are actually electrostatic simultaneous dynamos. These twin E/S disc arrangements are motorized, via the Poggendorff principle, and generate an E/S field in the usual way, represent a major component in new energy, with other probable major applications.

It has become a very strange planet that we live on today, when some very promising scientific principles lie fallow in our physics books, while many in the science establishment go along chasing the Hot Fusion fiasco.

The Swiss M-L Converter is also unique as being the only hybrid type of N/E system, (dynamic and solid-state) in which "free" high voltage is reduced to useful voltage and amperage levels. Although its non-inductive D.C. output may be seen as a drawback to some, it is quite easy to use an inverter at the output terminals to convert the system to A.C. operation.

A major distortion shown in the Internet release of 2/2/98, is the information that radioactive radium chloride can be used within multiple capacitors associated with the "Testatika", a claim which is totally absurd!

In all the information already received over the past fifteen years, from both inside and outside of "Methernitha" the commune group which has evolved the "Testatika, there was never any indication that any type of radioactive material was ever used, or even contemplated, for its operation! Such a belief and presentation of this major "Testatika' system has absolutely no merit, and is viewed as a blatant attempt to "put down", both this specific project work, and the new-energy field in general. It has now become clear that the "Testatika" functions quite well and continuously using high electrostatic voltage and the conversion of high E.S. down to useful output levels.

Another error in this Internet release of 2/2/98, is the depiction of the twin E/S discs and their motorization and generating functions, which discloses twin horseshoe magnets and their associated windings in close interacting proximity to the twin E/S discs. This information was taken from an early study (1984) in "Magnets" magazine of that approximate date.

These were the early days in the study of the Swiss M-L converter, ie: "Testatika", which were later to be shown to be incorrect. If "rogue" researchers choose to "lift" items from various sources, it should be "real" and that works!!

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Sep. 8, 1998.