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By Harold Aspden

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 11, September 1999, p. 4-5.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Harold Aspden, 1999

The "neno" is the acronym for an elusive particle which surprises us by feeding energy into our experiments as if from nowhere.

When New Zealander Dr. Robert Adams claimed he had built a magnetic motor that could deliver power in excess of input, I questioned his method of measurement but had my own reasons based on experiment for being supportive. I suggested to him that he should run his machine in a calorimeter housing to get a measure of total energy output in heat form over a test period. This he has done and he now affirms at least a 50% excess for his test machine.

However, there is nothing new in discovering a breach of the law of energy conservation. In the early part of this century, in 1914, a violation of the conservation law was reported in a German periodical and this was later confirmed by other researchers who measured the heat generated in a calorimeter. They discovered that the heat generated was less (not more) than expected on the basis of the energy conservation principle and duly reported this in the prestigious U.K. periodical, the Proceedings of the Royal Society, in 1927. Then, some six years later, in 1934, the puzzle was solved by imagining there to be a ghost-like particle which could be created and serve to carry the surplus energy off into outer space. The mystery particle has no mass and no electric charge but yet it has energy and an associated quantum of angular momentum.

Standard physics accepts this breach of the law of conservation of energy, because it thrives on the magical properties of exotic particle forms and presumably because it is easier to comprehend ideas which have little technical impact (loss of energy) than a counter-claim, of real technological impact, which says that there can be circumstances giving a gain of energy. So those who make those counter-claims tend to attract ridicule. Such is the state of a sleeping scientific world contented by dreams of virtual particles and pacified by the Einstein lullaby E = Mc^2.

So, | say to pioneers such as Robert Adams, Ken Shoulders, Paulo Cornea and Whanged Lamberto, combine in spirit and point the finger at the elusive ghost-like particle which I have named the "neno." By adopting this tactic you can justify a breach of the energy conservation law, simply by following the example of the 1934 precedent set by Fermi by his neutrino hypothesis in explaining Chadwick's discovery of the violation from testing the beta-ray spectrum, as later confirmed by the calorimeter experiments of Ellis and Wooster.

Incidentally, the "neno" came first to mind as the 'New Energy News Operator' but physicists are more likely to accept it if it stands for 'negative energy neutrino operator,' given that by producing it one creates a deficit energy state in the underlying quantum world of so-called empty space and, Hey Presto, Fermi's brainchild, the neutrino, comes along to bring spin and also that energy from nowhere.

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Sept., 1999.