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A review of the latest Double Issue

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 6, Oct. 1997, pp. 13-15.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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A review of the latest Double Issue

Volume 3, nos 13 & 14 of Infinite Energy has the cover headline "TRANSMUTING ELEMENTS." This issue provides about 20 pages of information on the Cincinnati's Group latest developments in transmuting naturally radioactive thorium into stable elements. In addition, a report on the nuclear reactions obtained with the latest work of James Patterson is presented.

Here are the highlights of this issue of Infinite Energy:

Dr. Daniel Cevicchio of Greenwich Venture Partners to head up the New Energy Technologies Investment Fund slated to begin in 1997. See page 10. The fund is scheduled to raise a minimum of $10 million with $1 million already pledged. We hope that one of the first funding efforts is the founding of a New Energy Mutual Fund so that small investors can participate.

"Radioactive Amelioration Summary," pages 14-15. This article reviews the results of radioactive amelioration where naturally radioactive uranium and thorium were processed by James Patterson in his patented cell with about half of these elements being transmuted. The short article does not state the time required for this reduction in radioactivity.

Eugene Mallove, "The Cincinnati Group Discloses Its Radioactivity Remediation Protocol... and begins to Sell LENT-1 (Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation) Kits," page 16.

"Protocol for Thorium Activity Remediation, Data and Diagrams, courtesy The Cincinnati Group," page 17.

Robert W. Bass, "Low-Energy Bulk-Process Alchemy, One-tenth Gram of Thorium Becomes Titanium and Copper," pages 18-19.

Robert Liversage, "Third-Party Verification of Cincinnati Group's Thorium Transmutation Process," pages 20-29. This article provides extensive data based on before and after materials from the LENT-1 reactor.

Robert T. Bush, "Cold Fusion / Cold Fission to Account for Radiation Remediation," page 30. This article presents an outline of a model to explain the observed transmutation results of the LENT-1 reactor.

Robert W. Bass, "Eagleton's Theory of the CG's LENT Process," pages 31- 32. A brief view of several patents-pending on nuclear remediation. [Editor's Note: For further experimental results from the LENT-1 Kit, see the report in this issue by Hal Fox on page 1.]

Jed Rothwell, "Cold Fusion and The Future, Part 2 - A Look at Economics and Society," pages 33-43. An article exploring the economics and social results of the development of new energy sources. "Energy is the biggest industry on earth."

John W. Moreland, "An Update on the Continuing Research into T.H. Moray and Other Free Energy Devices, with Conclusions," pages 46-51.

Paul M. Brown, "An Alternative Interpretation of Mass-Gain at Near Light Velocities," pages 52-53. Paul Brown is the developer of a nuclear battery (patent 4,835,433).

Christopher Tinsley and Jed Rothwell, "Testing the Ragland Triode Cell," pages 55-58. Possible improvement on the Pons-Fleischmann Cell but no excess heat on this experiment.

Christopher Tinsley, "Smiting the Wild SMOT... The Things We Get Up To..." pages 59-61. A report on experiments with the Simple Magnetic Over-unity Toy.

John Humphrys & Martin Fleischmann, "On the Ropes: Martin Fleischmann Interviewed by John Humphrys," pages 66-69.

Ira Flatow, "Talk of the Nation," pages 70-76. A report of an interview by Ira Flatow with T. Kenneth Fowler and Eugene F. Mallove on cold fusion issues.

Lenora Anderson, "Champion of Aether Energy: The Robert Adams Story," pages 77-80. Background information about Robert Adams.

Robert W. Bass and P. T. Pappas, "Dr. Stefan Marinov - A Suicide," pages 83-84. Two tributes to Stefan Marinov who was a frustrated seeker of truth and a burr under the saddle of conventional physics.

Stephen Kaplan, "The Launching of The Catalyst Institute," page 85-86. A report on a meeting of science and environmental activists hosted by Linda McClain in Los Angles in June 1997.

Peter Graneau, "The Amazing Discovery of Cold Fog Explosions... Extracting Intermolecular Bond Energy From Water," pages 92-95. When a small amount of energy stored in a capacitor is discharged into a small amount of water a strong explosion can result with anomalous results. Graneau appeals to energy stored in water as a source of the excess energy observed. [This editor proposes that the creation of charge clusters may account for the excess energy.]

Moray B. King, "Charge Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions," pages 96-102. A scholarly look at the new charge-cluster technology and its role in explaining many observed experimental results from cold fusion to transmutation.

Joseph L. McKibben, "Catalytic Behavior of One (or Two) Subquarks Bound to Their Nuclear Host," pages 103-105.

Graham Toquer, "Neutrino Power," pages 106-111. A discussion that cold fusion power could be neutrino power.

Remi Cornwall, "Work in Constant Energy Systems," pages 112-120. A hypothesis that macroscopic perpetual motion may be possible.

A.A. Nassikas, "The Hypothesis and the Equations of the Unified Matter Field," pages 120-124. A discussion of the hypothesis that any spacetime is matter.

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Oct. 29, 1997.