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By Pat Bailey, President of Institute for New Energy
and Hal Fox, Editor, New Energy News

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1997, Special Edition, p. 1.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


Power for the future: Magnetic motors that will run without input power, solid-state circuits that provide more power out than power input, mechanical perpetual motion machines, methods of tapping the ZPE, and nuclear reactions from charge clusters. These concepts have been recently presented in various media and conferences. Various inventions and theories abound. However, most of these concepts have yet to be demonstrated or replicated. A few of these devices have been actually demonstrated to work! Funding and backing for commercialization are limited, scarce, and almost non-existent as is funding for research or development in these areas. The need to stop polluting the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels is evident. However, there are promising devices and systems! Among these are the works of living inventors and scientists that do show promise to become the power for the future. This paper discusses these concepts and issues a challenge to YOU!


Fifty years ago, the newly paved lower road through Vineyard, Utah had its annual spring migration of toads. The small streams were abundant with frogs. Today you can scarcely find a toad or a frog in the farms and pastures bordering the Utah Lake. The demise of life forms sensitive to environmental changes is being reported now in many countries.

In 1979, the atmosphere in November in Beijing was full of smoke from homes and factories. Today in China over 20 new coal-burning power plants are in the planning or building stage and each will provide power production of ten to twenty megawatts and further pollute the atmosphere. Flying over Europe can be a lesson in how to pollute a continent. Missionaries assigned to Poland are cycled to only a one-or two-months stay in the worst cities due to health-degrading pollution. The Atlantic Ocean is dying and this death on land and sea continues to spread.

Pollution can come from industrial chemicals, agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, but most of all it comes from the burning of fossil fuels in power plants, factories, homes, and transportation vehicles. It is absolutely clear that we need clean and abundant energy - NOW!


The readers of NEN and other newsletters, and the attendees at various new-energy conferences, have all heard about a variety of pending and promising new-energy devices and systems. Some of the more promising devices discussed in NEN include: The Testatika machines of the Methernitha community in Switzerland, the Reed magnetic motor, the DePalma motor and N-Machines, the Searl generator, the Sinclaire generator, the Adams motor, the Pap engine, the GEET engine, the Hamel generator, the Newman motor, the RQM generator, the Davis tidal turbine, the Magnetic Resonance (MRA) Amplifier, Brown's nuclear battery, various cold fusion cells, the Zielinski discovery, the Aspden Effect, the Rowe Effect, Bearden's scalar energy fields, the Correa plasma system, Shoulders' EVs, the Neal-Gleeson Process, plasma-injected transmutation, etc. These are the exciting promises! Now - where are the delivered results and the actual devices that work repeatedly?

The devices that to date have really been publicly demonstrated and/or independently replicated are few. And they really do work! Here are some of the successes: the Correa plasma device, certain cold fusion cells, milli-watt versions of the MRA, the Neal-Gleeson Process, the Davis Tidal turbine, and the use of Shoulder's high-density charge clusters or plasma-injected transmutation.

The new-energy systems that we have expected to be commercialized and that have not yet been repeated, demonstrated or replicated are: the Swiss Testatika; commercial versions of the Pons-Fleischmann cold fusion reactors; commercial versions of over-unity magnetic motors; commercial versions of solid-state circuits; the Meyer water fuel cell; and Brown's nuclear battery. Many promising devices have been lost with the deaths of their inventors (e.g. Tesla, Moray, Henderschott, Papp, Russell, Sweet). Some devices are being held back until the inventor "gets enough money up-front" (e.g. Hyde, Mark). Several new devices in development were/are actively suppressed by the wanton destruction of the organization from greed or "outside" sources (e.g. Brown's nuclear battery, BECOCRAFAT in Germany, etc.). Other promising devices seem to become instantly "classified" during the normal U.S. Patent process and thus become "lost." If we want to actually develop and commercialize these devices, then clearly there is a better way to be doing it!


Many products have died, and are not currently under development, due to lack of supportive funding. Brown's nuclear battery must be included in this group. In addition, there is almost no funding for any cold fusion work within this country! Many promising approaches to cold fusion by various investigators in the U.S. have been hampered by the grossly unfair and inaccurate OLD report of the ERAB subcommittee on cold fusion and the subsequent arrangements within the U.S. government and its agencies to prevent patents from being issued and to prevent DOE funds from being granted to cold fusion projects.

Many projects have not secured funds due to the lack of scientific support. The current EM models now taught for electricity and magnetism do not allow for any over-unity device. The predominant belief that there is no energetic aether (nor any outside potential sources of additional energy) ensures that funds for tapping space energy will be hard to obtain (just as in Tesla's time). The currently-accepted scientific dogma that low-energy nuclear reactions cannot exist is the basis for decisions against funding this type of research. The end result is that many promising projects have been abandoned because the inventor could not obtain funds through government or industry or private sources.


There have existed intellectual giants who have developed devices that were so important to the developers that their secrets were not revealed. Some organizations and individual groups are dedicated to discovering the secrets of the past from ancient societies, to Tesla, Keeley, Coler, Sparky Sweet, and others. This search can make for fun research and interesting discoveries. However, if we spent a similar amount of money and effort on understanding today's geniuses as we do on the past giants (e.g. Tesla), we would likely have already solved the world's energy problems.


In the "cold fusion" area, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons are geniuses. They are also currently the only new-energy geniuses that have been adequately funded. Here is a partial (incomplete) list of genius-level work in the U.S. that should be adequately funded: Mitchell Swartz cold fusion work with light water and nickel; Randall Mills work with hydrogen gas and nickel; Bush and Eagleton's work on cold fusion and radioactive amelioration: Correa & Correa's work on plasmas; James Grigg's work with heat-producing pumps; Lambertson's solid-state work; Greg Hodowanec's work with mini-MRA type devices; the work of Ron Kovac et al., on plasma physics, Harold Aspden's work on high-efficiency motors; the Finsrud motor; the proven Davis tidal turbine; further investigation of the Rowe Effect; the Neal-Gleeson Process; Kenneth Shoulders' work with high-density charge clusters; plasma-injected transmutation effects; and low-energy transmutation of radioactive wastes. Some of these scientists and inventors are today's geniuses. Others may not be classified as geniuses but their work is ingenious and deserves active support. Also, the independent testers and organizations that are available to provide independent and accurate verification of the operation of a device also deserve active support (e.g. Emmerich, Grotz, Hathaway, Puthoff, Rosenthal, etc.).

There are several resources supporting new-energy research and today's geniuses. The INE, KeelyNet and other organizations have large and growing websites. Internationally, PACE offers a huge energy device database on CD. Other groups are also offering supportive services. USE THEM! Support each other! If you have any good information and you want to get it out to those who care about what you are doing, use these resources and ask for help! ASK! Some researchers will want to remain very secretive, that is their right - Great! - As long as the devices get developed and commercialized. Here is what all of us can do: For Researchers: Make your research known, make your needs know, and ask for support. For Funders: Make your interests known, ask about worthy inventors whom you can contact. For Incentives: Zenergy is offering $100,000.00 for the demonstration of a new "free energy" machine. For Supporters: Write articles and papers on what you think inventors and researchers need to do to get their ideas developed and commercialized. Tell them how to make their invention commercial. Use the websites and the publications! Greed is obviously not working. Cooperation, stock positions, and teamwork can work! Do it together!


Consider the number of people who subscribe to the following U.S. publications (listed alphabetically): ANE Newsletter, Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion Times, Electric Spacecraft Journal, Electrifying Times, Fusion Technology, Infinite Energy, New Energy News, Journal of New Energy, KeelyNet BBS, PACE's Clean Energy Review, and Space Energy Journal. To a large extent, these subscribers represent those who are the most informed and the most interested in resolving the world's energy problems.

Here is the challenge:

Each editor, each publication, and each subscriber is challenged to do the following:

1. Encourage the funding of new-energy technology by both government and private (such as rich individuals, organizations, educational or movie groups, non-profit donations from major companies and corporations, or even from venture capitalists).

2. Do something to expand the number of subscribers for each of these publications.

3. Form mutual fund groups dedicated to the funding of new-energy development.

4. Promote the allocation of grants by private charitable associations to support new-energy development. Write letters to government leaders urging them to support new energy development. Write letters to editors of publications that continue to treat new-energy devices as impossible.

5. Be pro-active (not reactive) and be accurate!

Join together to make things actually happen! NOW!

No one individual or organization can do everything. Everyone can do something! Together, we can do anything! Group actions are the most effective means to promote change. We should be aggressive, verbal warriors in support of worthy new technology and better life styles. The world is worth saving from further fossil-fuel pollution. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to leave this world a better place for our having been here. If we don't make the change, who will? The forefathers of this country pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to make this a better country. What will you pledge to make this a better world?




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May 25, 1997.