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From Don Kelly

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 1, May 1997, p. 18.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

As we continually review the progress in the new energy field we are always amazed to see the relatively large number of ongoing projects which go on, year after year, without any tangible results or promising end products.

It can only be concluded that these various new energy projects are not based on sound theory and the proper analysis of all the prior art, or these projects lack a suitable and cost-effective reduction to practice.

At a time when new energy is needed more than ever before, what we see is a stagnation in overall R&D, with a few notable exceptions coming from the small independent laboratories.

The various cold fusion projects are one area which now appears to be attractive, especially with the near-demise of the hot fusion efforts. Now that the funding for the hot fusion project at Princeton University Labs has been nearly cut in half, we are witnessing the folding of the H/F tents in the U.S., which is about time!

It is most unfortunate to note that there is some in-fighting now going on in cold fusion, between the various competitors, and it can only be hoped that this will all clear up very shortly!

We have witnessed a number of past N/E projects which have been based on flawed or unworkable theory, such as the "man from Mississippi," the "man from New Jersey," the "two guys from Texas, and the conman from California," and some others who get lost in the backwash of N/E history!

The irony in this present situation in the new energy field is that there are a considerable number of past projects which have somehow been overlooked or "trashed" by researchers over the years. It is difficult to understand why certain past projects have not been restudied and re-started due to their major degree of credibility. The outstanding prior art of Viktor Schauberger, T. Henry Moray, Hans Coler, Peter Mendershot, and the Swiss M-L Converter group are now certainly top candidates for a thorough review, analysis and reconsideration, at this time.

Why is it that we tend to dwell on questionable physical theory and new projects, when so much of the meritorious groundwork has already ready been put in place in the N/E field ?

Re-visited N/E projects that are generally based on any one of these past N/E projects would have a very good chance for success as a future energy source to meet our growing demand for abundant energy.

We also need to be weaned away from the idea that we can expect funding support from the various Federal agencies, since we now know that there has been a covert no-no to such funding in the post 1980's period! The only funding options open to us are through private U.S. investors, and some overseas groups who seem to be catching on to the positive realities of this new energy field, at this time!

We must all now understand that just writing to our Congressmen about the need for N/E is never going to make it happen for us, since these "foggy-bottom" public servants are besieged with more pressing social needs, from far larger constituencies!

There is now a growing need for the redress of grievances against the scientific establishment, in certain specific areas of advanced technologies, as now handled by NASA, the DOE, and some other Federal agencies.

One specific area of gross incompetence, and therefore the dereliction of mandate, is NASA's failure to grasp the significance of the following:

1) Gyroscopic/magnetic anti-gravity principles, which can lead to space vehicles which do not use reactive/rocket principles and flight vehicles. (How long must we endure the past firecracker/ rocketry mode of flight and space propulsion?)

2) In the area of new energy, the DOE's failure to grasp the true significance of the growing number of valid cold fusion projects, can now support the charge of culpable dereliction of the DOE's basic mandate!

The only way that we can expect to bring about the needed changes in the true realities into today's applied physics, is to hammer, hammer, and keep hammering on the Chairmen and members of the Senate and House Committees and subcommittees which have oversight on the Federal agencies who now stand in culpable dereliction of their mandates.

At some point in time, these various Congressional committees and sub-committees will have to conclude that it will be easier to make the required changes in the offending agencies, than to continue to endure what they will be receiving from us outsiders!

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May 11, 1997.