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By C. Bamforth

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 12, Apr. 1998, p. 18.
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I'm interested in your transmutation kit. Can it produce precious metals, etc.? What precious metals and in what quantities? What voltage does it work on? Do you have written testimonies and phone numbers of people who have produced any sort of wealth out of this machine?

Yours sincerely, C. Bamforth

P.S. Have many of these machines been produced and are there any on the market second hand and, if so, where are these machines listed?


Dear Mr. Bamforth,

There is nothing more precious than knowledge. The Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation Reactor is a laboratory reactor. It is designed and sold to be used for the further study of the intensely interesting and valuable understanding that low-energy nuclear reactions are possible. The immediate goal is not to produce a wealth of scarce elements but to produce a wealth of information stemming from a variety of sources, hopefully, from buyers of the kits that will also share their information with the world.

To be specific in answering your questions: We believe that this technology has the capability of producing some scarce elements from some more plentiful elements. Hopefully, the technology will be developed to produce factory-sized quantities of selected scarce elements. The range of voltages currently used spans from 50 to 500 volts. Both standard 50- and 60-cycle alternating currents have been used. Some experiments have used pulsed d.c. Written testimonies are in the form of scientific papers being submitted and printed in technical journals or technical papers delivered or scheduled to be delivered, before technical or scientific groups. Only a half-dozen of these reactors have been built. None are available second hand. The cost for such kits is only $3,000 with a money-back guarantee.

Do not look at these machines as being able to make someone dollar rich. Look at these reactors as something that can make many people knowledge rich. The end result, with help from a lot of sincere people, will be a cleaner greener world; freedom from burning of fossil fuels; and abundant energy for our children and their children's children. What could be more valuable than that?

Hal Fox, Editor.

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May 31, 1998.