Jan. 28, 1999

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by Joseph Stark

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Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 14:59:10 -0600
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From: Joseph Stark 
Subject: Recommendation to Remove File
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The file named KOENIG.html is quite preposterous and should be removed from 
your website. It's presence serves only to waste the time of serious 
researchers before they can spot the fallacy on which it is based. It is 
also unfortunate that the inventor was awarded patent 4,806,834 for what is 
an entirely frivolous and meritless invention. Its only possible merit is 
that it allows a designer to use a particular wire gauge if he rewires a 
solenoid using parallel windings in lieu of using a heavier wire gauge. This 
marginal amount of flexibility is slight and of no concern for the subject 
of free energy.

The claims of novelty and efficiency are overstated, if nonexistent, and the 
bifilar coil does not represent any departure of performance than what is 
predicted by Ampere's Law, or more generally, Maxwell's fourth equation, at 
least as presented by the inventor.

For a toroidal solenoid, from Ampere's Law, the magnetic field strength B 
inside is:

B = mu N I / l

where mu is permeability, N the no. of turns, I the current and l the 

The following is excerpted from the KOENIG.html file: 

We have tested this design using two identical Guardian 11 HD INT 12VDC 
solenoids. One solenoid was re wound using mirror image symmetry and the 
same wire that came on the solenoid. The performance of the solenoid using 
the mirror image symmetry is outstanding, far beyond the solenoid using 
conventional windings.

                       Resistance (ohms)
                              Inductance (mH)
                                        Current (Amps @ 5VDC)
                                                Gauss @ 5VDC
                                                         Force (gms)

Mirror Image Symmetry   2.0     1.08    2.45    121.2    340
Standard Winding        7.3     4.28    0.68     58.5    169

The results shown above indicate that four times more current can be used to 
generate a magnetic field with mirror image symmetry winding techniques.


Note that identical results could have been obtained simply by using a wire 
of twice the cross section and half the length, ie., half the no. of turns. 
This coil would also have a resistance of 1/4, an inductance of 1/4 (because 
inductance is proportional to N^2), a current from the same voltage source 
of 4 times, and a field strength of 2 times. Note also that this new coil 
takes 4 times as much power (V *I). This is less, not more, "efficient" at 
producing twice the field. This coil would also have occupied the same 
volume. Thus absolutely no new novel effect is apparent, and the claims are 

Choice of wire gauge, no. of turns and current is a matter of tradeoff by 
the designer, often a function of the amount of heating or copper loss he 
can tolerate. Any B field can be obtained while the copper loss or input 
current can be made vanishingly small by going to a heavier wire gauge or 
more turns.

In summary, I urge that the file be removed because it tends to taint your 
website with amateurism, invites ridicule, or otherwise discourages serious 
participation by competent researchers. I hope I have made the case that the 
file is neither provocative nor interesting, and in all respects represents 
merely a misleading interpretation of conventional theory.

J. Stark

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