Sept. 15, 1999

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Information Regarding the INE Conference: August 27-28, 1999, SLC, UT

INE: Institute for New Energy

New Addition: Email from Hal Fox on August 17:

One of the first new-energy developments that is clearly over unity and can be used as a fuel will be presented at the INE Symposium! Independent verification is now being provided.

Latest Program Schedule Information: August 24, 1999.

Abstracts added on Sept. 15, 1999.


August 27-28, 1999
Room 255A, Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

Sponsored by Institute for New Energy and co-sponsored by the
Journal of New Energy, Hal Fox, editor, and by Trenergy, Inc. (developer
of methods to stabilize radioactive materials).
Phone 801-466-8680,  http://www.padrak.com/ine/

This Symposium is also being cosponsored by:
Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.
Phone/Fax: 530-546-5612,  http://www.altenergy.org

Friday, August 27, 1999

 8:00 a.m.  Registration and Meeting Guests

 9:00  Welcome by Dr. Patrick Bailey, President, Institute for New Energy

 9:10  Tom Valone - "Breakthroughs in ZPE and Remaining New Energy Problems"

Abstract:  Recently, a lot of media attention has been paid to the sea of 
energy that pervades all of space.  It just happens to be the biggest sea of 
energy that is known to exist and we're floating  inside it.  Not only is it 
big but its energy is estimated to exceed nuclear energy densities, so even 
a small piece of it is worth its weight in gold.  What is it?  Many people 
are not sure what "zero point energy" (ZPE) is.  Most agree that virtual 
particle fluctuation contributes to it and van der Waals forces don't 
explain everything.  Does it offer a source of unlimited, free energy for 
homes, cars and space travel?  Depending on who we talk to, ZPE can do 
everything and ZPE can do nothing useful.  How can the energy be converted 
to a usable form?  What are the basic explanations of ZPE and the new 
discoveries, which have hit Physical Review Letters, Science, Scientific 
American, and the New York Times? Why is ZPE implicated in the latest 
confirmation of "cosmological antigravity"?  Can the Casimir effect be a 
source of energy?  This paper gives a review of the latest  developments as 
well as an introduction to the topic.

 9:45  Prof. Ruggero M. Santilli -  "New Energies and Fuels"

10:45  Break

11:00  Leon Toups, Pres. TTL, Inc. -
       "MagneGas   Excess Over Chemical Fuel Value"

11:30  Dr. Lawrence B. Crowell -
       "The New Maxwell Electromagnetic Equations."

12:30 - 2:00  Lunch

 2:00   Mark McLaughlin -
        "Goals and Objectives of Alternative Energy Institute"

 2:15  Professor Domina Spencer -
       "Criteria for Electrodynamics in the next Millennium"

Abstract:  Whatever formulation of electrodynamics is adopted in the next 
millennium must satisfy four criteria: 
1. Mathematical criteria: the mathematical formulation must be valid in all 
curvilinear coordinate
systems and it must be expressed in terms of holors rather than being 
limited to tensors.
2. Postulational criteria: it must be based on a postulate on the velocity 
of light  and on either an equation for the force between moving charges or 
expressions for the divergence and curl of field vectors. 
3. Gaussian criteria: the equation for the force between moving charges must 
be a function of relative velocity and must take into account the finiteness 
of the velocity of light.
4.Experimental verification: it must be possible to predict all known 
experimental results from the formulation of electrodynamics.

 2:45  Prof. Panos T. Pappas -
       "Na-K Nuclear Transmutation Inside the Living Cell"

Abstract:  In this paper, we prove under controlled experiments with human 
subjects that potassium may increase in the presence of excess sodium. This 
suggests a sodium-potassium cold nuclear transmutation process in Human 
Biology in the presence of oxygen and electrical excitation.  This nuclear 
phenomenon is the most important process to sustain the living cell and its 
physiology. The complete physiology of the sodium and potassium of the cell 
and in extension of the sodium-potassium physiology of the human body is 
understood and explained without "not understood artifact" mechanisms and 
contradictions of the so called sodium-potassium pump of the cell. 

This fusion is the basis of understanding several other mechanisms and 
similar cold nuclear fusion and transmutations in Biology and Medicine. The 
exact reverse cold nuclear phenomenon also takes place in the living cell, 
leading to a triggered nuclear exothermic fission of K to Na and O that 
keeps the heart beating and the muscles moving and producing work.

"The Lost Unified Theory, The Ring Model of the Electron of 1915."
Abstract:  The ring model of electron was suggested by Parson in 1915, and 
contemporary is studied by Lucas, Bergman, Wesley Bostick, Pappas, and 
others. Obviously, It consists a better, however, unexplored model than the 
model of Quantum Mechanics. It explains more completely the atomic spectra, 
including the new experimental verified radiation in the range of 80 - 650 
A, (Labov, 1990) for hydrogen and helium which is not explained or predicted 
by classical Quantum Mechanics.

 3:30  Break

 3:45  Dr. Dan Sewell Ward -
       "Inertial Field Theory, A Radical Change of Pace"

Abstract:   Inertial Field Technologies are those innovations which assume 
-- and thereafter physically demonstrate -- the reality of an "Inertial 
field". This inertial field can be shown to couple with the gravitational 
field in much the same manner as the magnetic field couples with the 
electric, and in fact, it can be shown that Maxwell's Equations -- which 
succinctly describe the duality of electromagnetism -- can be modified to 
describe a gravity-inertial coupling duality as well.  This establishment of 
a fundamental inertial field has enormous theoretical and profoundly 
practical implications.

Inertial Field Technologies (IFT) are based initially on work done in the 
early 1960s by pioneers in the field, such as William O. Davis, G. Harry 
Stine, and others.  The very significant research by these investigators 
has, inexplicably, never been pursued by mainstream scientific research.  
However, in the last several years considerable strides, extending the early 
work, have been made both experimentally and theoretically by the author and 
his associates in the field of IFT and the results have been remarkable.  Of 
particular interest is the possibility that a vast array of physical 
phenomena -- everything from sonoluminescence to superconductivity to basic 
principles of physics (including Mach's Principle, Heisenberg's Uncertainty 
Principle, Bell's Theorem / EPR Paradox, and so forth)   can be incorporated 
into a single "SuperNewtonian Mechanics".  These theories and implications 
for applications of the technology to the Quantum Genesis Inertial Field 
Electrical Generator are briefly touched upon in this paper.

Of particular importance is the ability of Inertial Field Theory to direct 
researchers simultaneously toward over-unity energy systems and propulsions 
systems which do not require reaction mass.  The latter is significant in 
that it transcends so-called "anti-gravity" systems in that a gravity field 
(such as the earth) may not be required in order to achieve significant 
propulsive thrust.  In terms of an energy system, there is no fuel of any 
kind to burn, transform, and otherwise modify -- and thus there is no waste 
product.  Instead, by the "simple" expedient of tweaking the rest of the 
universe in a clever way, unlimited amounts of energy may be obtained.   The 
fundamental and really interesting aspect in Inertial Field Theory is 
achieving a "radical change of pace", a condition which is discussed in this 
paper in some detail. 

 4:30  Tom Bearden's Paper -
       "On the Use of Time-Domain Energy in Nuclear Reactions"

Abstract:  Recent work by advanced theoreticians of the Alpha Foundation's 
Institute of Advanced Study has dramatically applied and extended 
fundamental work by E.T. Whittaker shortly after the turn of the century.  
The AIAS work has shown a primal importance in physics for time-like EM 
entities more fundamental than EM fields and not covered by the present 
Maxwell-Heaviside theory.  In fact, these uncovered time-like entities 
create EM fields, potentials, and waves when the entities interact with 
mass.  In this paper we hypothesize some novel time-domain interactions with 
ions in electrolyte solutions in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) 
experiments. An engineerable mechanism previously proposed by the present 
author for the propagation of a mass through time is briefly presented. An 
argument is introduced for considering time as a special form of highly 
dense energy compressed by at least c-squared, and the nature of the photon 
interaction is extended.  Polarization transduction mechanisms previously 
proposed by the author are reiterated.  In the photon interaction, we 
postulate an interaction with mass of the time-energy component transported 
by the photon in addition to the known interaction by its transported 
spatial-energy component.  With transduction, this produces "anomalous" 
energy and requires extension of the conservation of energy law to include 
net sum of spatial energy, mass-energy, and time-energy. 

Some interactions of time-energy with ions in an electrolyte solution are 
proposed. Mechanisms are given for proton, proton-proton, deuteron, and 
proton-deuteron clustering, as well as why the Coulomb barrier is reversed 
and why the normal nuclear force region is weakened and additionally 
involved.  Exact equations are given for the production of tritium and alpha 
particles by isobaric decay (quark flipping) in nucleons in quasi-nuclei and 
in the nucleons of deuteron-deuteron clustering.  It is pointed out that the 
new time-domain processes are not low energy reactions at all, although low 
spatial energy carriers are utilized.  Instead, the reactions are extremely 
high energy reactions, more energetic than presently utilized in colliding 

We propose the use of such time-domain interactions as a new form of high 
energy physics utilized with low energy carriers and local wave polarization 
transduction. The work is still primarily conceptual in nature and requires 
further theoretical investigation.  However it meets the requirement of 
consistency with all the phenomena found in hundreds of "low energy" nuclear 
interactions, and also fits severe instrument anomalies in similar 
electrolyte experiments at China Lake. Since consistency is a necessary 
though not sufficient requirement for model validation, we urge theoretical 
physicists to examine these concepts more extensively and more rigorously.

 5:00  Moray King  -  "Transforming the Planet"

Abstract:  A review of some of the best "free energy" inventions of the past 
25 years, viewed with the hypothesis of charged clusters as the energy 
intermediary to the zero-point energy,  yield sufficient insight to 
construct a free-running energy demonstration device. The review includes 
Papp's noble gas engine,  Gray's pulsed capacitor discharge motor, Graneau's 
electric discharge water explosions,  Correa's pulsed abnormal glow 
discharge plasma tubes, Brown's nuclear battery, Hyde's electric generator, 
Sweet's conditioned barium ferrite,  light water "cold fusion" experiments,  
and Shoulder's charge cluster research. Combining their research yields a 

 5:30  Don Reed  -
       "Torsion Field Research and Implications for New Physics and
        Energy Technologies"

Abstract:  An overview of torsion field research is given, with emphasis on 
work done in the former Soviet Union.  Connections are made to various other 
research into anomalous energies as well as key esoteric sources.  An 
outline is given for transformation of current physics paradigms and energy 
technology in light of this new knowledge.

Saturday, August 28, 1999

 8:00  Jin-Fox -  "Particle Accelerator Using High-Density Charge Clusters"

Abstract:  Conventional ion accelerators use high voltages to accelerate 
ions (especially protons) to high energies and use these ions to impact 
target materials.  Currently, some officials propose to increase the funding 
of such particle accelerators to provide means by which high-level 
radioactive materials can be stabilized.  This paper discusses the role of 
high-density charge clusters and their ability to carry positive ions as the 
basis for a greatly-improved particle accelerator for the on-site 
stabilization of high-level radioactive wastes, such as spent fuel pellets 
from nuclear power plants.

 8:20  Dr. Edward G. Price -
       "Reaching New Power Density and Efficiency in Magnetic Materials"

Abstract:  Soft magnetic materials are essential components in many devices 
and are indispensable in modern engineering and electronic systems.  The 
wide rage applications, the steadily rising demand on the quality of 
components, devices and systems and ever-increasing specialization call for 
a careful selection  from the materials available in order to achieve the 
optimum solution.

A relatively new family of nanocrystalline materials possess a combination 
of outstanding characteristics, which is offered by no other soft magnetic 
material.  This presentation will review the coming together of electricity 
and magnetics, leading to the development of exciting new possibilities 
among available materials, and thus give a designer much more latitude in 
selection of the best material of the application.  Many specific 
applications will be discussed, but particularly the excellent property of 
permeability versus field strength for toroidal cores at various air gaps.

 8:50  Prof. D. Spencer -
       "Development of the Universal Time Postulate on the Velocity
        of Light"

Abstract:  The paper traces the story of how and why the universal time 
postulate was suggested by Moon and Spencer in 1956.  It is compared with 
the 1905 and 1907 postulates suggested by Einstein and the 1908 postulate of 
Ritz.  The experiments which have hitherto been analyzed are consistent with 
the universal time postulate in a Euclidean space. Both of the Einstein 
postulates are inconsistent with some of the experiments that have been 
analyzed. The Ritz postulate is incompatible with the astronomical data on 
the binary stars unless it is assumed that space is Riemannian rather than 


"The Development of the New Gaussian Equation for the Force between Moving 

Abstract:  The paper traces the development of the new Gaussian  equation 
for the force between moving charges over nearly two centuries and the 
consideration of over a hundred possible equations.  The related new 
Gaussian form of the Maxwell equations is also presented.  Today it appears 
to be necessary to consider only three equations: the Weber equation, the 
classical equation associated with the Maxwell equations and the new 
Gaussian equation.  Three experiments have already been analyzed on a 
comparative basis: the Hering furnace, overhead welding and the unipolar 
generator.  In each case only the new Gaussian equation gives predictions 
that agree with experiment.  Many other experiments remain to be analyzed.  
These include charge clusters, high velocity accelerators and the many 
beautiful experiments of Peter and Neal Graneau.

 9:30  Break

 9:45  David Faust -
       "Corona Discharge Photography Insights into Study of Charge Clusters"

Abstract:  High-voltage discharge processes are currently in the spotlight 
of speculation for providing  insights into new energy concepts and 
transmutation phenomena.   Corona discharge photography investigations of 
the 1970s,  by investigators in the Soviet Union, Romania, England and the 
United States, are relevant to some of the current charge cluster 
observations made by Shoulders, Jin and Fox and the glow discharge work of 
Correa.  This presentation  places corona discharge studies, including the 
historically controversial  Kirlian Photography observations, into a 
historical perspective along with new information. Extensive references will 
be provided as well as introductions to some obscure corona discharge 
observations made by this investigator and others.  One such observation 
will be presented as a short video using a pair of low light level cameras 
to view a persistent, oscillating,  glow-discharge region induced between a 
machined aluminum rod and a  transparent glass plate forming a capacitor. 
The persistent discharge phenomena, within a portion of this "transparent 
capacitor" region, lasts for many minutes after being initiated by a single, 
fast rise time, high voltage pulse. This persistent discharge may represent 
an energy anomaly.

10:30  Ed Pangman  -  "The Process of Existence"

Abstract:  Times, as a sub-quantum physical moving isotropic medium, 
literally powers the universe.  Electrodynamic in nature, time will easily 
be harnessed as an energy source.  This can be accomplished with simple and 
basic textbook examples of applied electrostatics.  We will be able to use 
the very Process of Existence to power all energy using appliances and to 
run better modes of transportation for a cleaner, safer and a better 
preserved world.

First electric motors will become more efficient as their operation evolves 
to resemble that of a tank circuit which runs harmoniously between a 
capacitor and an inductor.  As this happens, all airplane engines and 
automobile engines will need but one moving part and only one battery and no 
fuels (instead of a whole trunk full of batteries or a tank full of fuel), 
as well as have unlimited range.

Almost simultaneously, solid state battery-like devices will be able to 
directly convert the physical flow of time into electricity.  Using special 
capacitors, unlike any in use today, we will be able to focus the flow of 
time energy and create biased space which can be used for energy production 
and motors with no moving parts.  Literally, warp drive or antigravity will 
be able to take us to the stars at superluminal velocities.  Communication 
will also become superluminal.

11:00 Oleg Gritskevich -  To be announced

11:30  Paul Rowe's Paper -  "The Rowe Effect and Transmutation"

Abstract:  Hal Fox published a paper of mine1 which attempted to demonstrate 
that hydrogen gas has been produced in and from vacuum.   It included direct 
quotes from many highly respected experimenters, along with results of my 
own experiments.  Hal named the transformation of vacuum into hydrogen:  
"the Rowe Effect"    In subsequent papers2-3-4, I have proposed that vacuum 
is not a void but a rather a highly concentrated matrix of protons and 
electrons and suggested that the matrix might be Bose-Einstein condensed 
hydrogen.   In this speech, I will attempt to show that presence of such a 
matrix is not as unlikely as it seems and that neutrons produced in or from 
such a matrix might cause transmutation while avoiding the Coulomb barrier.   
In the process, I will discuss physical phenomena that many scientists have 
forgotten that they can't explain.

12:00  Lunch

 1:30  Swartz Paper -
       "Importance of Non-Dimensional Numbers in Cold Fusion"

Abstract:  We propose reexamination of the use of non-dimensional numbers as 
a method to improve the performance and reliability of cold fusion systems.  
In particular, we suggest the use of the peak power gain at the optimal 
operating point (OOP) to better characterize a material and its 
configuration in a cold fusion system.   OOPs are observed when cold fusion 
systems are analyzed by careful calorimetry [1-11] and thermal power 
spectroscopy [12-17].   As shown here, driving a cold fusion system at the 
optimal operating point may enable more accurate determinations of the 
activity of these materials and a better understanding of how activity 
changes during loading or at different locations along the input electrical 
power axis.  

 2:00  Dr. David Yurth -  "Variations on the Maharishi Model:
       An Integration of Consciousness and the Unified Field"

Abstract:  Proposes that all phenomena in the material world arise from a 
unified causal plane denominated as Consciousness.  Discusses numerous 
observable phenomena not accommodated by the current model of quantum 
mechanics, superstring theory, supersymmetry, spontaneously broken symmetry, 
conventional mathematical descriptions of the four primary fields and a 
variety of related dynamics arising from Einstein's Special and General 
theories of Relativity.  Proposes a holographic fractal-based "spin glass" 
model wich incorporates the attributes of a fifth primary field and the 
LaGrange points described in super string theory with the harmonic 
resonances of the ancient Hindu text known as the Rig Veda.

 2:30  Harold Aspden's Paper -  "The Aspden Effect"

Abstract:  In search for an abundant source of energy that will not add to 
the pollution of our planet the logical starting point is the three messages 
that Nature offers.  These are the delivery of energy involved in three 
natural phenomena (1) the creation of protons as the dominant component of 
matter, (2) the quantum of action which keeps electrons in atoms  in a state 
of perpetual motion and (3) the action which causes stars and planets to 
spin.  the influences which are at work in all three of these messages are 
now creeping into experiments aimed at new energy technology and it is due 
time that we recognized what Mother Nature is telling us.

 2:45  Toby Grotz  -  "Increased Efficiency Gas Discharge Lighting Circuit"

Abstract:  This paper presents the recent measurements of gas discharge 
lamps using switching circuits that provide better conversion of electrical 
energy to light.  This circuitry results in spectral amplitude shifting.  
Current research has centered around the use of a spectral amplitude 
switching circuit that nearly doubles the light output from mercury vapor 
lamps while doubling efficiency.

 3:15  Conference Wrap Up -  "New Energy Opportunities"

 3:45  Break

 4:00  INE Business Meeting -
       Conducted by Dr. Patrick Bailey, President, INE

Latest Information: July 28, 1999:

Date: 28 July 1999
From: Hal Fox 
Subject: INE '99 Symposium

Dear Members of INE and Energy Friends,


The INE-99 Symposium on New Energy will be held in the Salt Palace in downtown 
Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday and Saturday, August 27-28, 1999. We have 
extended until August 15, 1999 the reduced cost of $100. After August 15, 1999, 
the conference fee will be $150. This payment will also include a copy of the 
Journal of New Energy INE-99 Symposium Proceedings.

This Conference is being Cosponsored by: Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.
Phone/Fax: 530-546-5612, www.altenergy.org.

Dr. Patrick Bailey, president of the Institute for New Energy, will be the 
Conference Chairman.

THE INE WEBSITE (for all additional information; none yet!):

Please visit the INE Website for further information that will be posted as this 
conference agenda becomes completed: Web Page: www.padrak.com/ine/.


There are three special topics in this year's event that are important to the 
development of new energy sources: Hadronic Mechanics, New Maxwell 
Electromagnetic Equations, and several New Science Papers.

1. Hadronic Mechanics:

Prof. Ruggero Santilli will discuss his life's work on Hadronic Mechanics and 
how his theory explains the actions within the nuclei and how important this 
understanding is to some of the new energy developments. New energy experiments 

2. New Maxwell Electrodynamic Equations:

Tom Bearden and Prof. Lawrence B. Crowell (tentative) will introduce the New 
Maxwell Electromagnetic Equations that are expected to greatly extend the 
electromagnetic technologies into new fields of endeavor, especially new energy 
sources. Proof that space energy is available and can be tapped?

3. New Science Papers:

a. Dr. S-X Jin and Hal Fox will present the latest analytical work on how high-
density charge clusters can be used to stabilize high-level radioactive wastes 
with applications to new forms of energy development. One million times more 
effective than current technology.

b. Paul Rowe (tentative) discovered the "Rowe Effect" in which protons 
(hydrogen) are created from space energy by explosions and arcs.

c. Dr. Ed Price will report on a new super-strong magnetic material.

d. Bill Ramsay will report on gravity-wave fluctuations (torsion fields?).

e. Moray King will present the latest information on zero-point energy.

f. Sue Benford (tentative) has shown that Spontaneous Human Combustion is 
probably an internal human-body nuclear reaction.

g. Dr. Panos T. Pappas (tentative) shows that the excess potassium produced by 
humans (and other organisms) comes from a sodium-oxygen nuclear reaction within 
body cells.

h. Thomas Valone will outline some of the questions that must be answered for 
the field of new energy to properly expand and be academically acceptable.

i. Mark McLaughlin (Alternative Energy Institute), The goals and objectives of 

j. Prof. Xingliu Jiang from China (tentative) is expected to present a paper on 
his work with low-energy nuclear reactions.

k. David Faust will present a special report on the government-funded study of 
the Russian Kirlian photography. 

The above list is subject to modification and change. Latest changes will be 
posted on the INE Web Page at www.padrak.com/ine/.

Note: All of these important topics have a direct application to the 
understanding of new energy phenomena. New Energy progress will be more rapid 
and academic acceptance will be accelerated as we couple new scientific 
discoveries with new theories properly supported by provable mathematical 


The INE-99 Symposium has been selected (thanks to Tom Bearden) as the first 
audience to hear about the most important advance in electromagnetics in almost 
100 years. Thirty topics not explained by the Maxwell-Heaviside equations are 
explained by the new equations. Following the conference, a special issue (now 
in process) of the Journal of New Energy will be devoted to a series of over 30 
papers from Dr. Myron W. Evans and eighteen co-authors from eleven countries who 
have participated in the development of the New Maxwell Electromagnetic 
Equations. If you have any interest in being among the first to understand, use, 
and profit by the expected tremendous new advances in electromagnetics 
(including new-energy technologies), you won't want to miss this conference.


Abstracts of presentations to be made at the conference are due August 15, 1999. 
Papers to be published must be provided at the conference to be included in the 
Conference Proceedings. 

MOTELS (Call directly; make your reservations early):

Quality Inn City Center, 154 W 500 S
(801) 521-2930, Toll Free 800-521-9997
5 blocks from Salt Palace; shuttle service to Salt Palace, or within free bus 
zone; full American breakfast; 2 good restaurants, American & Mexican; swimming 
pool; self-regulated air cond.; Airport shuttle service
Corporate Rooms: $58 single, $62 double
Standard Rooms: $49 single, $52 double

Deseret Inn, 50 W 500 S, (801) 532-2900
3  blocks from Salt Palace; within free bus zone; no breakfast; few amenities, 
but clean; ask for best air conditioning Rooms: $29.95 single, $32.95 double

Some other hotels/motels downtown are:
Shilo Downtown Hotel, 206 S West Temple $109 Aug 26, $69 weekend rate Aug 27-28
(801) 521-9500 or Toll Free 800-222-2244 ***
Marriott Hotel, 75 S West Temple, $145 corporate rate, $155 standard rate
(801) 531-0800 or Toll Free 800-228-9290 ***
Doubletree Hotel, 255 S West Temple, $89, (801) 328-2000 or Toll Free 800-222-

Hampton Inn, 425 S 300 W, $69 (801) 741-1110 

Contact Hal Fox at: Voice 801-466-8680; Fax 801-466-8668;
mail: Trenergy, Inc. 3084 E. 3300 So., Salt Lake City, UT 84109.

Previous Information: June 4, 1999:


Please put this on the web site.



AUGUST 27 & 28, 1999
(Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah)

REGISTER BY JULY 15, 1999   US $100.00
REGISTER AT DOOR            US $150.00

3084 EAST 3300 SOUTH
PHONE: 801-466-8680
FAX:   801-466-8668
E-MAIL: halfox@slkc.uswest.net


Key speakers are now being selected to present timely information
on new energy related technologies.

Topics include:

Charge-Cluster Technology (EV-ology)
Power from Collapsing Hydrogen Atoms
Progress in Cold Fusion
Thin-Film LENR
and other energy-related papers.


Contact Robyn, above.

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