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Figure 1:

From T. Matsumoto, ARTIFICIAL BALL LIGHTNING -- PHOTOGRAPHS OF COLD FUSION, January 17, 1995, presented at the Fifth International Conference on Cold Fusion, 1995, Monaco.

[Figure 1: Plasmoid Hopping and Skimming Marks]

A micrometer size ring plasmoid left these marks on a piece of nuclear emulsion that Matsumoto set near an electrical discharge device. He has produced many other traces like these. The plasmoid was produced by electrical discharge in a solution of ordinary water and potassium carbonate using a cadmium electrode, and traveled through water, glass, and air to reach the emulsions.

Traces like these produced by Matsumoto are very important phenomena. This trace is of a phenomena that is intermediate between ball lightning, whirlwinds, and plasmoids, and thus is evidence of an identity of all these phenomena. Such micrometer size plasmoids are obviously associated with the "cold fusion" phenomena, and are apparently a locus of the phenomena. It is some proof of my original idea that Matsumoto was producing plasmoids like ball lightning.

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Nov. 15, 1996.