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Courtesy of Stefan Marinov, Editor

From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 1996, pp. 8-9.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


Stefan Marinov is a scientist with a purpose. The purpose is to correct many of the errors being taught by tradition-bound academia. Marinov is multi-lingual, therefore, you will find original articles published in both German and English with quotes in Italian, Russian, Greek, or whatever language is appropriate. For example, in this June 1996 issue, Marinov's editorial begins with quotes in German, Italian, Russian, and English. The translation of the Russian quote is: "If you find no difficulties on your path through life, you have lost your way."

The contents for this vol 5, no. 18 include the following:

Editorial by Stefan Marinov lauding the international conference, "Descartes and Scientific Thought" to be held in Perugia, Italy, September 4-7, 1996. No mention is made of the language of the conference but probably will be Italian with English translation. Contact person for "Europe" is our friend Josef Hasslberger, Rampa Brancaleone 25, I-00165 Roma, Italy. Tel +396 637-4160, Fax 637-2196. Marinov notes: "...where the contemporary state of science is critically examined and where unlimited freedom is given for presenting falsifications of existing theories and for presenting new theories and experiments."

"Last Experimental Steps Before Running the Double Magnet SIBERIAN COLIU Machine as a Perpetuum Mobile", by Stefan Marinov. This is Stefan's report on his latest perpetual motion device.

"Marinov Vector and Scalar Magnetic Intensities Generated by an Infinitely Long Ring SIBERIAN COLIU Magnet", by Stefan Marinov. This article shows the calculations that have lead Marinov to be quite sure that a perpetual motion machine can be constructed.

"Easy Experiment for Establishing the Existence of Magnetic Kind of Energy in Gravitation," by Stefan Marinov. Here is the abstract: "After presenting the fundamentals of my gravitational and electric theories based on the concepts of absolute space-time, I reconsidered a previously proposed experiment. By making a more detailed technical analysis, I show that with the help of such an experiment one can easily establish the existence of a gravitational analogue to magnetic energy and measure the absolute velocity of the Earth." Marinov concludes this interesting concept with: "They [his proposed cosmic speedometers] will be used not only in cosmonautics but, if coupled with respective computers which will take into account Earth's absolute, orbital and axial motion, also as reliable speedometers on ships and planes giving the vehicle's velocity with respect to the Earth's surface."

"Has Osamu Ide Observed a Violation of the Energy Conservation Law?" by Stefan Marinov. The abstract is: "After presenting shortly the recent electromagnetic motor of Osamu Ide, I show that it is a repetition of the historic Edwin Gray's pulsed capacitor discharge electric engine. Similarly as Gray, Ide has observed a violation of the energy conservation law, due to the appearance of induced forth electric tension. I show that forth electric tension is induced in every electromagnetic generator and motor when the phase difference between tension and current is near to 90 degrees, and I report on simple experiments where induced forth tensions lead to a patent violation of the energy conservation law." Marinov loves to discuss experiments that demonstrate violations of scientific laws.

The last several pages of this issue contain reprints of a series of letters between Marinov and several editors of scientific journals. These letters demonstrate the obstinacy of many journal editors who refuse to publish articles contrary to accepted scientific dogma.

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