June 4, 1999

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Entries last verified or changed are denoted by the date in square brackets: [Date.]

A list of commercial companies (listed alphabetically) that are expressing interest in commercializing cold fusion or other enhanced energy devices.

This list last been compiled from the 'Commercial Column' in all past issues of New Energy News and also from other sources.

American Pure Fusion Engineering and Supply
Information and troubleshooting for the fusion research and development industry. Developing "Fullerene Fusion Fuel (TM)." Salem, Oregon. The President, Warren Cooley, can be reached at 1-800-789-7109 or 503-585-6746. Email Coolwar@aol.com. [June 4, 1999.]

CAI, Inc.
CAI has acquired the rights to devel;op and produce a new-type of thermal power based on the controlled production of clean nuclear reactions from micro-minature tokamaks (provided by nature). Contact through FIC, Voice 801-583-6232, Fax 801-583-2963.

CETI - Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
Developers of the "Patterson Power Cell" (TM), Dallas, Texas. TEL 214-982-8340, FAX 214-982-8349.

Clustron Sciences Corporation
Clustron has developed a new model of the atomic nucleus, the Nucleon Cluster Model. This model leads to a new understanding of nuclear phenomena, including transmutation and cold fusion. Clustron has patents pending on several potential commercial applications based on the model. For more information, see the Clustron web site at: www.gslink.com/~ncmcn/Clustron/ or contact Ron Brightsen at 703-845-8531. [June 4, 1999.]

ENECO: is in the business of commercializing the exciting new field of low energy induced nuclear reactions in solids via patent licensing, joint-ventures, and co-operative research. ENECO, University of Utah Research Park, 391-B Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 USA. Contact Fred Jaeger, Voice 801-583-2000, Fax 801-583-6245. Email: jaeger@ENECO-USA.com. [June 4, 1999.]

E-Quest Sciences
Exploring "The Micro-Fusion (TM)" process. Seeking qualified research partners for their sonoluminesence program. Contact Russ George, FAX 415-851-8489. [June 4, 1999.]

Fusion Information Center (FIC)
Research and development of new energy systems. The world's most complete resource depository for cold fusion research information, as well as other new energy research including zero-point energy; space energy research; electronic, electromagnetic, and mechanical over unity devices and transmutation. We are the publishers for New Energy News, and the Journal of New Energy. Voice 801-466-8680, Fax 801-466-8668. Contact Hal Fox, email halfox@slkc.uswest.net. [June 4, 1999.]

German Association for Vacuum Field Energy
DVS-Secretariat, Feyermuehler Str. 12, D-53894 Merchernich, Germany. Tel: 011-49/(0)2443-8246 Fax: 011-49/(0) 2443-901880 E-mail: dvs@gptec.com Website: www.gptec.com/dvs. [June 4, 1999.]

Holotec AG
Clean Energy Technology. Contact Andre' Wasner, General Manager, Bireggstrasse 14, CH-6003, Luzern, Switzerland. TEL 011 41-41 360 4485, or FAX 011 41-41 360 4486. [June 4, 1999.]

Hydro Dynamics, Inc.
Hydrosonic Pump, heat-producing systems using electrical input with high thermal efficiencies. Rome, Georgia. Contact James Griggs, TEL 706-234-4111, FAX 706-234-0702. [June 4, 1999.]

JET Energy Technology, Inc.
Energy Production and Utilization and Control. Weston, MA. Contact Dr. Mitchell Swartz, TEL 617-237-3625. FAX 617-237-3625. www.world.std.com/~mica/jet.html. [June 4, 1999.]

Labofex, Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics
R&D of PAGD (Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge) plasma technology. Developments include protable power supplies, electric vehicles and autonomous housing. Licensing. Ontario, Canada. Contact Dr. Paulo N. Correa. TEL 905-660-1040, FAX 905-738-8427. [June 4, 1999.]

Magnetic Power Inc.
The Joint Venture partner with Sciex (UK) for Takahashi supermagnets and supermotors in North America. Sebastopol, CA. Contact Mark Goldes, TEL 707-829-9391, FAX 707-829-1002. [June 4, 1999.]

Nova Resources Group, Inc.
Design and manufacture ETC (Electro Thermal Cell), EG (commercial power cogeneration module), and IE (Integrated Electrolytic system). Denver, CO. Call Chip Ransford, TEL 303-433-5582. [June 4, 1999.]

Trenergy, Inc.
Trenergy, Inc., has acquired rights to develop and produce a new-type of thermal power based on the controlled production of clean nuclear reactions from plasma injected transmutation. Contact at 3084 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, Voice 801-466-8680, FAX 801-466-8668. [June 4, 1999.]

UV Enhanced Ultrasound
Cold Fusion Principle being used for an ultrasonic water purifier. Hong Kong. FAX 852-2338-3057. [June 4, 1999.]

A scientific-commercial company, to manufacture, licence, and conduct research and developement of water-based generators: thermal (5 sizes), electrothermal (up to 2 MW), and 'quantum' types. President: Dr. Yuri S. Potapov, 277012 Kishinev, Moldova. Phone and Fax 011-3732-233318. [June 4, 1999.]

Zenergy Corporation (Zpower)
Founded in 1996 to facilitate the introduction of commercially viable energy alternatives. (formerly Power Cell Technologies). Contact Reed Huish: 390 South Robins Way, Chandler, AZ 85225. Contact Reed Huish, TEL 602-814-7865, FAX 602-821-0967; E-mail info@zenergy.com; website zpower.net. [June 4, 1999.]

Note: The Fusion Information Center has been acting as an information source to many of these companies. We expect to augment our international service to provide contacts, information, and business opportunities to companies considering an entry into the enhanced energy market.

[The above list of commercial companies will be growing.]

Send any additional information sources that you would like to include on this list to: New Energy News, 3084 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84158, Email halfox@slkc.uswest.net.

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