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First Global Workshop on the

Nature and Structure of the Aether

Continued into 1998!

To Participate, contact either:

Millennium Twain
PO Box 21-972,
Henderson, West Auckland
New Zealand


Jim Hodges
Ether Drift Club,
2 Gunyah Court
Melton, VIC 3337


Still Seeking further Global Co-Facilitators!!

(Send recommendations to Millennuim Twain at above addresss.
We are in particular need of aether theorist/experimentors
in Asia and Latin America. No formalists please.)

Zero Point Energy?

Space-Time Continuum?

Generalized Mach Principle?

Faraday's Vibrating Magnetic Field Lines?

Electromagnetodynamic Particle Sea?

Post-Relativistic Velocity Plenum?

Unified Inertial Vortex Field?



Together let us converge our diverse definitions
and experiences of the Aether.

Develop a common language without
unnecessary idiom and formalism.

Overview and share the many theories
created by ourselves and others.

Reference and discuss the varied
experiments around the world.

Focus on the dynamic structure of the continuum --
gravitational, electric, magnetic, strong & weak --
how it manifests as light and electron; proton,
nucleus, atom and molecule. . . Plasma, gas, liquid and solid . . .
at all scales from the picoscopic to the cosmic!

Refine our aether-structure theories,
and specify new experiments.

Publish a consensus perspective on aether
definition, language, structure, and experiment.

May 1998

Waiatarua, West Auckland

New Zealand

As this is a global, cooperative, workshop; attendance is not required. Papers, references and resources of the participants will be shared in advance. Pre-workshop collaboration on definitions, language, theory, and experiment will take place via telephone, mail, and internet. A dedicated WebPage to chronicle and post the results will be created. A report will be released -- Web and hardcopy.

A special emphasis will be placed on VISUALIZATION (illustration) of the AETHER continuum, in its unbounded frequency plenum, and multifaceted helical vortex topology.

This 2-3 day Workshop will be equal-participatory. The goal is to bring together all contacts, references, perspectives, theories and experiments; to find and refine the many unasked questions on Aether structure, build some answers, and discover further questions. To advance all of our individual perspectives, and create greater collective physical understanding and technical capability.

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A second 1998 Global Aether Workshop is tentatively planned for:

November 1998

Melbourne, Australia

revised, 16 January 1998

Note that we received about thirty contributed papers to the Workshop in 1997, but the contributors did not have the time to read and critique each others papers -- and to then look to find the common truth within them. That is the goal of the 1998 Collaboration, to seek more participants -- but particularly to focus on each other's works, find our common agreements and divergences, and build a statement of a shared (broad and deep) understanding of the aether plenum of experience.

Millennium, 16 January 1998

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Jan. 22, 1998.

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