April 13, 2020


Personal Assistance and Development
Through Research and Acquired Knowledge

Technical Applications Worldwide

Dr. Patrick Bailey, President


The Goal is to Learn, Integrate, and Acquire Knowledge, Strength, and Wisdom.

The Application is in the areas of Advanced Technology and Personal Growth.

We are able to assemble a Technical Swat Team for any Advanced Technical Application, Worldwide.

My Goal - Your Invitation

Invitation to Join an Alchemy Group via BCC Email and A Private Group to Create and Obtain The White and Red Philosophers’ Stones

Presentations Made in 2016 and 2018

United States Psychotronics Association Presentation on July 21, 2018
New Energy Technologies and the Scientific Basis of Alchemy
By Dr. Patrck G. Bailey, Invited Presentation (60 minute PPT Presentation)
USPA Invited Presentation on July 21, 2018, Deerfield, IL

Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR)
Free Energy Devices and UFOs: Status and In Depth Reviews
By Dr. Patrick G. Bailey (90 minute PPT Presentation)
FMBR Invited Presentation on June 24, 2016, Palo Alto, CA

Other PADRAK websites of possible interest include:

Coronavirus - Data History Plots, Website Links, Call Centers, Status, Prevention, Treatment, Humor, Parody Songs, Penalties and Reporting, Political Views, and Emails from Businesses!

Institute for New Energy - Advanced Energy Conversion Technologies, Patents, and Overt Government Suppression!

Dangers, Health, and Healing Due to 5G & EM Radiation, and Lists of Useful Energy Conversion Inventions!

Robert C. Beck Technologies - Including Detailed Plans to Make the Beck Black Box, the Plant Stimulator, The Magnetic Pulse Generator, and the Colloidal Silver Generator!

Alternative Information on a Variety of Subjects - Including the USA War And Emergency Powers Act! And the REAL Wizard of Oz!

Books on 9-11, Including Detailed Summary Information From Each Book!

Lots of TRUTHFUL Information on UFOs and ETs. Includes what Neil Armstrong REALLY saw and said on the Moon!

Wonderful Trailer! And Summary of the Movie Moon Rising by Jose Escamilla. NASA quoted as saying "We lied about everything!"

Main Website for the OneCoin USA Group. Includes Lots of Data and 3 Additional Pages!

Main Website for PADRAK OneCoin - Information, Statistics, and Historical Details!

More useful websites of some of our friends include:

Neil Armstrong Sees A UFO Disk on the Moon and Is Afraid to Get Out of the Lander

Contact Has Begun, and "Contact Has Begun Part II".

The [REAL] Wizard of Oz (Story) (Screenplay) (BANK)

The Demise of the American Constitutional Republic

INSIGHTS INTO THE PROPRIETARY SYNDROME - All of the Good Devices and Patents are Classified!

The Complete WAR AND EMEREGENCY POWERS ACT of the USA - Forming a Classified Government!

TWA 800 Crash Damage Analysis: Parts 1 & 2 - Presents Overwhelming Evidence That TWA 800 Was Destroyed By A Missile

Divided We Stand - A Biography of New York's World Trade Center - Stating that the World Trade Center Must Be Destroyed - A Year before 9-11-01

Inside Job - Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies - Yes It Was, With the Help of Other Friendly Countries